Diseases are a part of our test

  • What is the reason behind the diseases?

Diseases are one of those things in our lives reminding us of how weak we truly are. Our perfectly protected bodies can be severely impaired by a tiny bacteria or a virus that is invisible to naked eye. Actually a little thinking will make us understand that it is surprising for our bodies to be so heavily affected by a bacteria. It is so, because Allah created our body with flawless protection systems,  especially our immune system.  It can be comfortably called a ‘strong army’ fighting against the enemies of our body. However, despite all these protective systems, humans can’t help but fall ill very frequently. This should make us understand that Allah could have created us in such a way  that we would never get ill. Viruses, bacteria would not affect us at all, or these tiny ‘enemies’ specially prepared would not have existed at all. However, any person, at any time, can find himself struggling with a health problem for no apparent reason. For example, one virus entering the body through a small cut on the skin can spread throughout  the body in a short amount of time. No matter how advanced the technology is,  the simplest virus can overpower us very easily.

These are not far-fetched scenarios, they can happen to anyone at anytime; this should make everyone ponder on these facts thoroughly. Just like all other weaknesses, diseases also are specially created by Allah for us. Man has a tendency to be arrogant and conceited, forgetful of his weaknesses. These diseases help man see and understand his weaknesses and also see the true, undesirable nature of this life.

The diseases are tests created by Allah so that Muslims will long for heaven, contemplate the blessings, the gift of health granted to them by Allah and give thanks to Him and also realize how weak they are, which should make them surrender to Allah with all their hearts.

Man tends to take many things for granted in life. However, all those things in this world that we love so much are simply the blessings created by Almighty Allah.

For example, many people forget that it is a huge blessing that every morning we are able to get up and stand and walk easily on our  feet. However, a tiny problem in one foot could cause a big problem, impeding daily activities. A person who has a foot ache will then be able to better appreciate the thousand steps he takes during the day without feeling any pain.  

A devout Muslim takes this and many other seemingly unimportant things as opportunities to give thanks to Allah and get closer to Him. He remembers that Allah gave him a great blessing by making him a healthy person. He also sees one more time that it is Allah that gives the disease and only Allah can heal him, and therefore turns to Allah for recovery. Every moment when there is a feeling of pain, he remembers Allah and keeps his heart focused on Allah all the time.  

He who created me and guides me;

He who gives me food and gives me drink;

and when I am ill, it is He who heals me;

He who will cause my death, then give me life;

He who I sincerely hope will forgive my mistakes on the Day of Reckoning.

My Lord, give me right judgment and unite me with the salihun;

and make me highly esteemed among the later peoples;

and make me one of the inheritors of the Garden of Delight," (Ash-Shu‘ara’, 78-85)

Diseases make us understand that being attached to this world is utterly pointless. They also show us that everything we have is a part of  our test.  in this way we can understand that  we are only the poor servants of Allah and can be easily defeated and even killed by germs. Allah created us, and He protects us from all kinds of dangers surrounding us. No matter how much one tries to think otherwise and try to persuade himself that he is powerful, he can never help or even protect himself if Allah doesn’t wish it. If Allah wills it, Allah can give one diseases and create other weaknesses in his body that will perfectly make him understand his frailty .

This life is a place of testing created by Allah. Every person is responsible for spending his life in a way that pleases Allah and is tested constantly for this purpose. Those who are following the orders of Allah and display good morals will deserve to live in heaven forever. However, those who continue to be arrogant and prefer a couple of decades of this life over eternal heaven will not be able to rid themselves from weaknesses, troubles and problems both in this world and in the hereafter.

Mr. Adnan Oktar explains this life is a place for being tested

ADNAN OKTAR: There won’t be an end to the diseases. This life is the stage for our test. Almost every day a person gets ill. Or almost everyone gets ill or feels week every week or  every 10 days. There are so many different diseases. And Allah tests His servants with those. Very natural. So when Allah creates the disease, He also creates the cure. The disease is very complex and detailed. Allah creates infection, for example an infection in the chest, which makes one cough, makes him uncomfortable. And when we look at the bacteria, the germs causing it, we see an amazingly complex world under the microscope. They are furnished with very fine details, systems, they have perfectly designed techniques, employing breathtaking methods, and they are almost conscious, wise beings.  To fight those, we go to the pharmacy, for a cure, Allah created perfect, immaculate drug boxes. We open the box and Allah placed drugs inside a perfect, clean cup.

Allah inspired perfect texts, the explanations written on it. Explaining to us how we can use it. We look at the molecular structure of the drugs and it is perfectly neat, complicated, detailed and finely tuned. When one takes that with food or drinks, the molecules in the drug get inside the bacteria. It knows the weaknesses of the bacteria. It just destroys the bacteria. Allah created it that way. Allah creates both. Allah sometimes creates the cure, and sometimes He does not. But there is this immaculate system as a part of our test. Sometimes the drugs are even more complicated than the disease itself. I was looking at a pharmacy on the way here. There are so many different drugs. Allah created all of them, tens of thousands of different types . And thousands of different diseases. It’s so many, it’s like it is endless. And so many different drugs. For example one has a headache, Allah creates that headache with a special system. There is a medication for it, which goes to the nervous system, somehow affects the molecular structure, completely changes it and saves one from the headache and brings relief. 

Mr. Adnan Oktar explains that Allah creates weaknesses especially for the trial of human beings and It is Allah Who creates the disease, the medication, the cure, the hospitals and everything used for the treatment.

ADNAN OKTAR: ...We need to be weak, so that we can be tested. For example, we have to feel cold when it is cold, get ill, catch a flu, cold or cancer, otherwise there would be no test. We have to encounter difficulties. The body has to have problems, because the perfect body can only be in heaven. If the body was perfect, this would be like heaven, wouldn’t it? The skin has to get old, the bones should weaken, the eyes should lose their sharpness, one should need a hearing device. Allah creates the hearing device. For example, there is conjunctivitis, they produce antiseptic drops for that. Allah creates the antiseptic drops. They think that Allah doesn’t create the drops and Allah creates only the eye. Actually it is Allah that creates the drops and the eye. For example, there is a problem in the brain, Allah creates the imaging equipment. Allah makes it visible under X-rays and Allah removes the problematic tissue through an operation. No doctor can remove anything from the brain with an operation. Allah removes them all.

No one can kill another person. Allah kills them all, Allah just makes human beings the means for that. Or Allah makes the diseases the means for that. They can’t see this truth, and therefore they have wrong ideas. For example, deafness, Allah creates the deafness, Allah creates the hearing device. The hearing device is very complicated, is made up of hundreds of different components. So everything is interlinked. For example, one catches a cold, there are many different drugs produced just to fight colds in the pharmacy. All packed nicely. Allah creates their packages as well. And Allah creates the bottle inside the package, all those drugs inside it, one by one. And then Allah makes the drugs the means for the recovery. And we can’t see them outside, they are pitch black. Allah gives them color and taste here, in our brains. Allah makes the cells in the body recognize them, Allah gives the drugs the needed effect. Allah makes the cells weak, they are created especially weak by Allah. But it won’t be like that in heaven.

Allah creates steel very strong, but human beings are not that strong, even the cockroaches are very strong. For example, scorpions are very strong, they are very healthy, they don’t get ill, nothing happens to them, they are not affected by anything.  Many living things are like that, they are very strong. But Allah says for human beings that  “humans are created weak” and they are weak. So Allah created the weakness and all those systems that will help us overcome the weakness. For example, some people have difficulty in breathing and Allah created an oxygen equipment. For example, a man has asthma and there is a spray to fight that. Asthma and the spray are all created by Allah, Allah creates the asthma and the spray. Allah gives that power to the spray to fight asthma.  For example, one coughs, Allah creates the coughing, and the medication to stop coughing. Allah creates a headache and then creates a small pill to fight that. Allah creates that medication, the directions to use it, all of it. They were created together with the headache.

There would be no test if there was no headache. There would be no test if there was no cold, or flu. There would be no test if there are no challenges. For example, he has a heart problem, or a blood pressure problem, he gets a blood pressure medication and makes it okay. Normally it is a miracle that the blood pressure stays at normal levels in humans, normally it should be killing every human being, but it doesn’t. it stays at perfectly balanced levels. Diastolic, systolic, they are all perfect. Who adjusts it? Who keeps it under control? There is a special mechanism in the body. If that mechanism loses its control a bit, only slightly, the blood pressure would immediately tear our brain, heart, everything apart. Allah created a perfect system that keeps everything  in check all the time, and the pressure is kept at the right levels all the time. Not too low, not too high. If it is too low, the person will fall into a coma, but Almighty Allah doesn’t make it too low or too high. But when it gets high, there is a small pill, a  pill you place under your tongue, or another one and the blood pressure immediately recognizes that pill, Allah makes it the means and it immediately stops. Allah creates both of them. For example, people have blood pressure measurement  devices, Allah creates them. A measuring device is created together with the blood pressure. For example, dentist and toothache are created together. For example, the equipment used to treat the toothache, they are more complex than the tooth, in terms of the general appearance. Of course, the fine details of the tooth are so complicated, it is breathtaking.

No materialist can even attempt to explain it. But when you look from outside the equipment is so detailed, complex, fantastic. As the tooth starts decaying, those tools are created, the dentist is created. Or for example, something happens to a leg,  wheelchairs are created. Allah creates the wheelchairs and the problem. The vehicle is created together with the problem. So many things are created at the same time, everyone thinks they are independent. They are all created at the same time. For example, glasses are created together with an eye problem.  He puts on his glasses and no more problems. You know they operate on eyes now, and they correct the eyes in these operations. Allah corrects it, and cures it. But these are created as we have to think, otherwise there would be no test. There is no second system for our test, there is no other system, this is the only way.

Just think about it, without these, people wouldn’t have known about patience, compassion, forgiveness, helpfulness, endurance or perseverance in the face of difficulties. We would be very simple, just a creature that eats. But Allah, with these details, makes us very complicated, intense and detailed human beings.

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