Ramadan 2014, The 15th Day

Masjid al-Haram) the same as believing in Allah and the Last Day and striving in the Way of Allah? They are not equal in the sight of Allah. Allah does not guide wrongdoing people. (Surat at-Tawba, 19)

Narrated Abu Hurairah: Allah’s Messenger said, “Wealth is not diminished by giving (in charity). Allah augments the honour of one who forgives; and one who displays humility towards another seeking the Pleasure of Allah, Allah exalts him in ranks.” (Muslim)

Being attached to this world is a great incident. Being attached to this world is, excuse me but, nothing but being idiocy. A person must be insane to be attached to this world. There is only enough time for being a servant to Allah. It is explicitly seen that this is the most reasonable method. Let’s say that there are a few insane in the world, the fact that 99 percent of them is in this state is a very weird situation. This is always stated in the verse, “A majority of people do not believe”. “A majority of people do not give thanks.” Allah always states this. (A9 TV, March 17, 2012)

Purity Of Heart: An Invalid Excuse Made From Worldly Desires

It is the way that people suppress their consciences that prevents most of them genuinely turning to Allah and that keeps them from abiding by the moral values commanded by Him.

“My heart is pure, so Allah will forgive me.” We often hear such words from those around us. This highly distorted logic that in fact consists of an excuse made up by people themselves is used in order to suppress the voice of the conscience. What does this “purity of heart” actually mean? According to Qur’anic moral values, is “not doing anyone any harm” sufficient justification for ignoring the responsibilities revealed to us by Allah?

We are informed in the Qur'an that Allah considers people's hearts, as He reveals in "But only he [will prosper] who brings to Allah a sound heart." (Surat ash-Shu’ara, 89) The Qur'anic concept of a "sound heart" is not the pureness of heart that some people understand it to be, for the Qur'an defines a sound heart as turning to and submitting fully to Allah.

People with sound hearts, in the Qur'anic sense, have faith in Allah, observe the limits and prohibitions that He has established, and submit to Him fully. In the Islamic sense, there is no other form of a sound heart, for the Qur'an defines a person with a sound heart as someone who constantly brings Allah to mind and feels at peace with His remembrance. The following verse makes this quite clear:

Those who believe and whose hearts find peace in the remembrance of Allah. Only in the remembrance of Allah can the heart find peace. (Surat ar-Rad, 28)

In another verse, Allah describes believers as those "whose hearts quake at the mention of Allah" (Surat al-Hajj, 35)

A very important characteristic of believers is sensitivity of the heart that enables them to derive pleasure from the Qur'an's morality and to feel a great pleasure and peace in obeying Allah. Allah describes this sensitivity as "Allah's guidance". (Surat az-Zumar, 23)

Consequently, a truly sound heart in the Islamic context means a heart that is purified from all forms of impurity that draw one away from Allah. Such people stay away from worldly greed, selfishness, fears, and insecurity. As a result, they do not become attached to any person or thing other than Allah or feel a type of love for them that is independent of Allah.

It is of course important and excellent for someone to be known in the community for “being good and having a pure heart.” However, basing oneself on the importance in society of “having a pure heart” and then saying, “I do no harm to anyone, I give food to animals in the street or I get along well with my neighbors” does not mean that one is fully living by the moral values of the Qur’an. And these are of course good behaviors. But the way to avoid eternal suffering in Hell, the way to attain the approval and mercy of Allah, lies not in being known as “a good person,” but in being a true believer in the manner described by Allah in the Qur’an.

An act or an attitude that is accepted as a good deed by a society remote from the Qur’anic morality, although it is not based upon the Qur'an's values, may not be worthy in Allah's sight. The main criterion that renders a deed good and worthy in His sight is the degree of its conformity with Allah’s good pleasure.

It is not devoutness to turn your faces to the East or to the West. Rather, those with true devoutness are those who believe in Allah and the Last Day, the Angels, the Book and the Prophets, and who, despite their love for it, give away their wealth to their relatives and to orphans and the very poor, and to travelers and beggars and to set slaves free, and who establish prayer and pay alms; those who honor their contracts when they make them, and are steadfast in poverty and illness and in battle. Those are the people who are true. They are the people who guard against evil. (Surat al-Baqara, 177)

Those who live by the logic of “my heart is pure, so there is no need for me to completely adhere to the requirements of religious moral values” and who persist in that way of thinking may imagine that they thus deceive other people, but they are in fact only deceiving themselves. Saying such a thing is the mistaken mentality of someone who avoids fully adhering to the moral requirements of the Qur’an and who seeks to portray a mistaken lifestyle as being a Muslim one. Such insincere attitudes can never be acceptable. Because Allah is He Who knows what lies concealed in people’s hearts. We are told in one verse from the Qur’an that, …Allah knows what your hearts contain. (Surah Al‘Imran, 119)

Britons Want Creation To Be Taught In Schools

Great Britain, Darwin’s own homeland, now rejects evolution. For years the bastion of Darwinism, Britain has come to oppose evolution extraordinarily quickly over the past few years. The country heads the list of those in which the fact of creation is spreading the quickest, and the public, as recent newspaper headlines show, now want students to learn about the fact of creation in schools.

Richard Dawkins, who has recently stepped up his pro-Darwinist and atheist activities in Britain, imagined that Darwinism, the worst deception in the world, would be strengthened with atheist camps and demagoguery. Dawkins has been engaged in wide-ranging activities to that end for many years now, and has expressed his concern at the spread of Creationist belief, and has set these fears out in his latest book in such a clear manner that they cannot be denied. Rather than providing any scientific evidence to support his claims, Dawkins makes far from scientific accusations, writes slogans on the sides of public buses, seeks to attract interest by performing impersonations on talk shows and most recently sought shelter behind the idea of aliens. He truly imagined that these false and demagogic methods would work. His latest book, in which he claims to “provide evidence for evolution,” actually contains not a single piece of scientific evidence, only demagoguery, but he actually thinks that this outdated method going back 150 years can still influence people today.

The fact is, however, that Dawkins’ efforts in this direction have been in vain and have enabled people to better see the true face of evolution. According to the results of an opinion poll conducted last year, only 25% of British people believe in evolution. Parents have now objected to the state of affairs in which evolution alone has been taught in schools and that has persisted for many years, and have now said, “Creation should also be taught in schools.” The increasingly rapid turning toward Allah in Britain in particular has fundamentally undermined and demolished the bastion of Darwinism. Dawkins must have been amazed to see the turning toward the fact of Creation among the British people in whom he had placed so much faith, since he had no hesitations over ignorantly describing his own people as “ignorant.”
Those who went along with superstition and failed to comprehend the sublime might and power of Allah have always fallen into the error into which Dawkins and other Darwinists have fallen. They have believed that a claim put forward in opposition to Allah, a mass deception, could muster support and grow using corrupt and false methods. They imagined that the more propaganda was made, the more effective it would be. They imagined they could make good their lack of scientific evidence by indulging in impersonations on chat shows, putting posters up on the sides of buses and entering into debates with middle school students. The fact is, however, that by doing so they have made the great mistake committed by everyone who has ever striven against Allah. Allah has always thwarted the plans of those who strove against the truth with superstition and led them to failure. Under the law of our Almighty Lord, those who do this in the future will also be condemned to failure. Almighty Allah tells us in His verses:

... Allah is our Lord and your Lord. We have our actions and you have your actions. There is no debate between us and you. Allah will gather us all together. He is our final destination.’ The argument of those who argue about Allah, once He has been acknowledged, has no basis whatsoever with their Lord… (Surat ash-Shura, 15-16)

The Mahdi Will Be Descended From Our Prophet’s (saas) Line

Even if there remains only one day for the world, Allah, the Exalted, will send a man from the Ahl al-bayt (People of the House). (Sunan Abu Dawud, 5:92)

Days and nights will not end until an individual from my Ahl al-bayt rules the world. (al-Uqayli)

The Mahdi is from the line of my daughter Fatima. (Sunan Ibn Majah, 10:348)

Be told the good news of the Mahdi. He is one from the Quraysh and from my Ahl al-bayt. (Al-Muttaqi al-Hindi, Al-Burhan fi Alamat al-Mahdi, p. 13)

The Mahdi is one of my children. His face is like a star shining in the sky. (Ali b. al-Sultan Muhammad al-Harawi al-Hanafi, Risaletul Mesreb elverdi fi mezhebil Mahdi)

All prophets are related to one another. As stated in the hadiths, the Mahdi will also be of that line. These descendants are popularly known as “sayyid,” and so the Mahdi will also be a “sayyid.”

In the Qur’an Allah refers to messengers being descended from one another. These verses may also indicate that the Mahdi will be descended from that line. (Allah knows the truth.)

Allah chose Adam and Nuh, the family of Ibrahim, and the family of ‘Imran over all other beings – descendants one of the other. Allah is All-Hearing, All-Knowing. (Surah Al ‘Imran, 33-34)

Our Lord, make us both Muslims submitted to You, and our descendants a Muslim community submitted to You. Show us our rites of worship and turn toward us. You are the Ever-Returning, the Most Merciful. (Surat al-Baqara, 128)

And some of their forebears, descendants and brothers; We chose them and guided them to a straight path. (Surat al- An‘am, 87)


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