Ramadan 2014, The 19th Day

Turn to your Lord and submit to Him before punishment comes upon you, for then you cannot be helped. Follow the best that has been sent down to you from your Lord before the punishment comes upon you suddenly when you are not expecting it. (Surat az-Zumar: 54-55)

“When you survive till the evening, do not expect to be alive till the morning; and when you survive till the morning do not except to be alive till the evening; (Do good deeds) when your are in good health before you fall sick, and (do good deeds) as long as you are alive before death strikes.” (Al-Bukhari)

As I have already said, Allah provides evidence that will make people doubt Him, and other evidence that will make them believe. That is the nature of the test. They concentrate on the evidence that will cause doubts. Believers, however, concentrate on the evidence for Allah’s existence, and thus have faith. What is the criterion involved? Conscience. (A9 TV, February 25, 2012)

To Display The Manners And The Attitude Of A Muslim Who Is Ready To Die

Think that today you are living the last day of your life. Or the last few weeks or months… 

Give this a quick thought; "What kind of a person would you be?"...

Which of those matters that occupy your mind have lost all its importance in an instant? Which of those matters – without giving any thought to it- would you dismiss from your mind?... 

When the majority of the people who do not believe in Allah or (Allah is beyond that) whose hearths are full of doubts, feel the closeness of death that does not cause a big difference in their opinions. Just like they have been doing all their lives, they will only think about the order they have in their lives and about the things they will leave behind. Their biggest restlessness would be the physical pain that they will endure while they go to their death and the spiritual pain stemming from parting from the life of this world. 

Believers on the other hand have a completely different point of view. For a Muslim to learn that he will die in a short while, would change all his life fundamentally.  A Muslim is in a preparation towards death and Hereafter ever since the first moment he gains faith.  Consequently no big change will take place in that respect. But since he fears Allah greatly and since his conscience is wide open, when he gets such a news, he reconsiders all his life, his morality, his conscience, his attitude, his thoughts once more to the core. With all the means he has, he tries to spend all his remaining time by doing good without wasting even a second of it.

This is the morality that a person who fears Allah and who believes in Allah and Hereafter without any doubt would live by all his life.  He should have a profound faith which would make him feel the closeness of death and the Hereafter without receiving the news of a deadly disease, without being in a situation which would make him know that there is only a very short time left in his life.  

A person who feels the closeness of death, who knows that he will die, directly tends towards Allah and all he ever wants is to gain the approval and love of Allah. He aims to come closer to Allah with his every word. He uses all his power to be instrumental in making everyone beside him, feel the Might of Allah more sharply and in reminding them the reality and closeness of death and the Hereafter.

Such a person would overcome the earthly matters that he may have difficulty in getting rid off for months or even years, in an instant and without even feeling the need to think about them. This is because such matters almost lose all their importance when compared to him gaining his real life that awaits him.

Every second counts backwards and draws him closer to death.  With every moment passing by, he is left with a shorter period of time to do good.  He would have an excitement on him, in the positive meaning, which stems from feeling this truth in the most profound manner. He uses all his power both spiritually and physically in order to be able to perform his services more, to be able to fear Allah more deeply, to be able to pray to Allah more candidly, to be able to repent with a more sincere heart, to beautify his morality almost like morality of the prophets, to be able to display his love and respect towards the Muslims in the most perfect manner, to be able to serve Allah, Islam and Muslims with the most candid manner.

Death is close for every person, every moment.  A perfectly healthy person can die before someone who has learnt that he will soon die.  Death, Hereafter, Heaven and Hell is very close to that person. For that reason, there is no need for one to wait for being informed about his approaching death in order to beautify his morality.

Allah had informed us in the Qur'an about the situation of people who come to their senses when they face death and who ask Allah for permission to turn back to this world and do good deeds.

When death comes to one of them, he says, ‘My Lord, send me back again. so that perhaps I may act rightly regarding the things I failed to do!’ No indeed! It is just words he utters. Before them there is an interspace until the Day they are raised up. (Surat al-Muminun, 99-100)

Bees That Have Technological Knowledge

·      How do wasps collect solar energy?

·      How does the solar energy system of wasps work?

·      What is the secret of wasps’ computer system that works faster than the direction finding  computers people use?

·      What is the special system which wasps have to reach the nectar in flowers speedily?

Bees, which are a large family composed of twenty thousand species, are among the beings that have the most striking knowledge of engineering and architecture, posess social lives  which are quite different from many other animals and that leave the scientists who examine them in astonishment at their communication skills. Bees have great technological knowledge as well as their honey-making ability, which is one of their most well-known  and miraculous abilities. Bees behave according to Allah’s inspiration, just like all other beings on earth. Allah Who created everything reveals His sovereignty over living things in Surah Hud as such:

“... There is no creature He does not hold by the forelock. My Lord is on a Straight Path.“ (Surah Hud, 56)

Wasps That Collect and Use Solar Energy

The “Eastern Wasp” (Vespa orientalis), which is a bee species living in the region between the Near East and India, is most active in the hottest hours of the day in comparison to other insect species that are more active in the morning. This is because this bee species sets up their nests under the ground and collects the rays from the Sun thanks to a special structure in its stomach, and they use this as an energy stock through a pigment created by Almighty Allah. The answers to the questions that scientists have been pondering for a long time as to the function of the yellow bands on their  abdomens, and why their active hours are so very different from their relatives, are hidden in this structure.

Almighty Allah Created the Body Structure of Wasps in Compliance with Collecting Solar Energy

Allah, the Lord of the worlds, created the brown section of the hard caticula layer of the outer skeleton that surrenders the body of this bee species out of hard riffles with a  height of 160 nanometers. The structure of the section, where the yellow band is, is more different. Here an oval shaped ledge at a height of 50 nanometers is interlocked with another one. This structure prevents the reflection of sun light and obtains energy by capturing light in this region.

Another characteristic Almighty Allah created for these beings to collect solar energy is  their pigment cells. The melanin pigment inside the cuticula is brown, while the xanthopterin pigment is yellow. This yellow pigment turns the light into electrical energy and functions as a worker that harvests light.

When one contemplates these facts  in the light of this information, a very important conclusion is arrived at. This bee species did not gain the ability to collect solar energy using its own will or by coincidence. Knowing that the hottest hours of the day are at noon is not something bees could ascertain. All of the knowledge bees have is inspired by Almighty Allah. In one verse, this truth is revealed as such:

“He is Allah – the Creator, the Maker, the Giver of Form. To Him belong the Most Beautiful Names.Everything in the heavens and earth glorifies Him.He is the Almighty, the All-Wise.”(Surat al-Hashr, 24)

Bees That Solve Problems Faster Than Computers

Computers are used in many areas of daily life, mainly in communication, gathering data, engineering and research. Today computers are used in the solving of many problems. The help of computers are resorted to  in order to find the shortest way in terms of time and distance. Computers compare the length of possible routes and choose the shortest one for solving this complicated mathematical problem. However, they can never do it in a rapid fashion. But bees, which have a brain as tiny as a grass seed, can find the shortest route without the help of any devices . This is because bees looking for food solve the problem of finding the shortest way in the shortest time, which computers find difficult to solve, every day routinely. Every day, bees travel around the flowers found in many different regions; they must use lots of energy to fly and for this reason they find a route that will keep their flight to a minimum. For this they first discover the location of flowers. Then, they immediately learn to fly on the best route in order to save energy and time. So, how do bees’ tiny brains solve this problem of finding this perfect short way, in comparison to people’s technological assistants depending on traffic flow, internet knowledge and road computers? The answer of this question is again the same. Our Almighty Lord created all beings with His infinite might and knowledge and bestowed the most appropriate features for their environments. In one verse it is revealed as such:

“The Originator of the heavens and earth. When He decides on something, He just says to it, ‘Be!’ and it is.”(Surat al-Baqara, 117)

Bees That Have Ultraviolet Vision

When bees fly into a garden, they see  flowers very differently than people do. This is because they detect ultraviolet light as an additional color and when they look at flowers, they see different patterns than people do. These patterns are not formed randomly. Our Almighty Lord has created different patterns on every flower specially. The characteristic of these patterns is to direct the bees to where the nectar is, just like the lines on an  airport runway. In this way, bees can reach the flowers’ nectar rapidly.

There is a very important connection between flowers and bees. Both creatures act according to Allah’s inspiration and so attract one another. For example, flowers that need to be fertilized by bees secrete the nectar that will attract the bees. Allah bestowed on flowers the characteristics that will attract bees with their scents and vibrant colors. But the characteristics Allah bestowed on flowers are not limited to these; this is because flowers also have lines that help the bees reach the nectar easily.

This relationship between bees and flowers is very important in terms of human beings. This is because beekeeping is very important for agricultural purposes. Many fruit trees and flowers are fertilized through bees. Therefore, some specialists recognize this support provided by  bees as a contribution far more important than honey production. When this information is considered, one immediately thinks about the verses about the honeybee in Surat an-Nahl. Allah draws attention that bees eat from all fruits in these verses:

“Your Lord revealed to the bees: ‘Build dwellings in the mountains and the trees, and also in the structures which men erect. Then eat from every kind of fruit and travel the paths of your Lord, which have been made easy for you to follow.’ From inside them comes a drink of varying colours, containing healing for mankind. There is certainly a Sign in that for people who reflect.” (Surat an-Nahl, 68-69)

Bees Act With Allah’s Inspiration Just Like All Other Creatures

The  perfect systems in bees and abilities such as rational behavior, calculation, planning, construction and technological knowledge clearly prove that it is impossible for a bee to be formed and maintain its existence through coincidences. Therefore, evolutionists’ theories of coincidence have no validity. This is because even these examples given in this article show that bees are created all at once, and with the systems they possess. Allah created bees with superior qualities, just like all other living things. And He granted bees technological abilities to produce honey in amounts more than they need and gave them to the service of human beings. So these characteristics show one truth: Allah is the One Who grants these features and amazing abilities to the bees.  Allah shows us His infinite knowledge and matchless creation just as in all other beings. For a person who witnesses this creation, the only thing to do is to praise our Lord and surrender to Him. In one verse, He reveals the importance of evidences of creation as follows:

“And in your creation and all the creatures He has spread about there are Signs for people with certainty.” (Surat al-Jathiyya, 4)

Portents And Features Of The Mahdı (as)’s Coming

"Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will not appear until a village in the land of Sham known asHaresta is destroyed." (Mer'iy ibn Yusuf ibn Abu Bakr ibn Ahmad ibn Yusuf al-Maqdi'si "Faraid al-Fawaid al-Fikr Fi al-Imam Al-Mahdi Al-Muntadhar")

“When a bridge is built to Baghdad and comets appear from the east, then the cavalry of an army will be killed on the bridge.” (Muhtasar-u Basair ad-Darajat p. 237 and At Tashrif Bil Menun p. 367 and Bihar Vol. 41 p. 178)

The Harasta region appeared just like that, “There will be disorder in the region of Harasta and a bridge in Baghdad will be torn down,” he says. Look at the detail, “A fire that will illuminate the necks of camels.” It has all come true. But people do not generally make big changes without big signs. That is why in order for the way of the Mahdi to come about Allah will bring about great signs in the days to come. Great things will happen, insha’Allah. People will say, “Something extraordinary is going on.”

 They imagine that someone will do something very clever and then will emerge as the Mahdi and rule the world. Not at all. Nobody can appear who is not destined to do so. Whoever rules, is the person who is destined to rule. You may think the person emerged by chance, but he will be the person appointed in destiny, insha’Allah.


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