Atalay Girgin is mistaken: Darwinism is dead and there is a mass turning to belief in Allah

The Turkish daily Radikal carried a report by Atalay Girgin on its website. In summary, Girgin interprets the belief in Allah in different forms and divides and says that Darwin opposed belief in Allah, the Creator of all things from nothing, the Almighty and the free of all imperfection. 

Darwinism is certainly an ideology put forward in order to oppose belief in Allah and instill a heretical theory about how living things come into being into people’s minds. But the point needing to be clarified here is this; Darwinism is absolutely opposed to belief in Allah. Those who say ‘Allah created through evolution’ are mistaken. Darwinism unequivocally rejects the existence of a Creator (Allah is beyond this), and deifies chance instead.  Atalay Girgin is mistaken on this subject. Further detail follows in this paper. 

But first we need to consider the false belief in Allah that Atalay Girgin sets out in his article. 

Almighty Allah is Omnipotent and Free of All Imperfections

Some people fall into error when they look at the climate of test in this world, and harbor doubts concerning it. The existence of imperfections as a requirement of that test, the existence of wicked people and bad behavior, the fact that the world and their own bodies are created with inherent weaknesses and the fact they have to spend their whole lives struggling against earthly desires lead these people to fail to appreciate Allah properly. People look at all this and fall into the error of thinking that Allah Who is free of all imperfection could never create such a life (Allah is beyond this). They imagine that the life of this world is the only one people have and fail to realize they are subjected to the test. Whereas our Lord has said:

He Who created death and life to test which of you is best in action.    He is the Almighty, the Ever-Forgiving. (Surat al-Mulk, 2)

Allah expands provision to anyone He wills and restricts it. They rejoice in the life of this world. Yet the life of this world, compared to the Hereafter, is only fleeting enjoyment. (Surat ar-Ra’d, 26)

People enter this world in order to be tested. Everything they do, their every deed, thought or word will eventually be revealed in the presence of Allah. People are tested through what they do and will eventually inevitably die. The Hereafter, Paradise and Hell, will then be their eternal abode as a recompense in the sight of Allah for what they did.

As a requirement of this test, the life of this world has been created with deficiencies and weaknesses.  This is Almighty Allah’s creative artistry. Allah, Who creates fruit of such beauty, with fresh scents and delicious flavors, from dirty soil, is certainly mighty enough to create all things to be perfect. Flaws exist so that people can be tested. Allah is mighty enough to create human beings to be free of disease and all imperfections, and they will certainly never fall ill in Paradise. Allah shows us an example of this in this world. Sharks never contract cancer, for instance. But human beings face the specter of cancer throughout their lives.  If Allah so willed He could create human beings free of disease and afflictions. The fact that human beings are not created like that is so Allah can test them by seeing their attitude toward him. Those who harbor doubts regarding Allah’s sublime power and flawless Creation, who imagine this transient place of testing to be their true abode and who fail to recognize the hereafter, are mistaken when it comes to flaws and imperfections.

If Allah wills, He may test people through fears, difficulties and snares in this world. That is part of the test. All these things are created for the Hereafter, which is itself created to be perfect and flawless.

If Allah so willed, Allah could create us to be immortal. Allah shows us immortality in the life of the Hereafter. Paradise and Hell are eternal. People will taste immortality there. As revealed in the verse “He Who created death and life to test which of you is best in action. He is the Almighty, the Ever-Forgiving,” death exists for people to be tested. 

In Paradise
,  everything is created to be perfect, in line with the Glory of Almighty Allah. There is no imperfection, weakness or flaw of any kind there. And there are no natural causes. Everything is created in the most perfect form at the moment of Allah’s choosing. It is enough for a person to imagine a thing for it to be created. Paradise is the place where our Great Lord’s names of Quddus (the immaculate, He Who is free of all imperfection) and Bari (He Who creates without error) are manifested. 

Allah Shows the Magnificence of His Creation on Earth

Our Lord shows us countless proofs of His creation and of His omnipotence in this world. The most obvious evidence of this are living things. A single piece of DNA in a human cell is a wondrous miracle. Not one single protein can be artificially manufactured. Allah shows us how He can create from nothing and in perfect form through all the glory in an atom in a tiny speck of matter. Yet people generally ignore this wonder and are taken in by the deficiencies deliberately created for the test. But this is a terrible mistake to make.

There are examples of the glorious creative artistry of ALMIGHTY ALLAH, THE OMNIPOTENT, in the equilibrium in the vastness of the universe, the way the planets remain in their orbits, in the balances that are instrumental in the presence of life on Earth, in the existence of a single cell, in the amazing systems in all the different forms of life, in the human body, in the heart that beats at every moment, in the kidneys that perform in seconds functions beyond the capacities of machines the size of entire rooms, in the brain, the secrets of which nobody has been able to unravel, and in the soul that is inspired by Allah and loves, thinks, understands, rejoices and longs.

Our Lord tells us in one verse:

He is Allah – the Creator, the Maker, the Giver of Form. To Him belong the Most Beautiful Names. Everything in the heavens and Earth glorifies Him. He is the Almighty, the All-Wise. (Surat al-Hashr, 24)

Good and Bad Are Set out in the Qur’an and People Are Tested through Them

Allah has created the entire universe, the Earth and everything on it. This world is a place of testing. Allah is of course mighty enough to rule this place of testing He created in the form He wills. The claims made by Girgin and others who harbor doubts on the subject are therefore invalid. As the Creator and Lord of all things, Allah makes such actions as He wills lawful or unlawful, in the manner and at the time He wills. The fact that the behavior of the Prophet Adem (as) and his children was not unlawful at the time but is now unlawful in the eyes of the Qur’an is so because that is what Allah has ordained.

Whether they wish or not, people are subjected to testing in this environment created by Allah, and are responsible for all the lawful or unlawful deeds, as revealed in the Qur’an, they commit.  People’s questioning this changes nothing (Allah is beyond this). They will still be held responsible for everything they should have done according to the Qur’an and will be held to account for all their actions.

Darwinism Is a Pagan Religion That Denies Allah

Darwinism is founded on denial of Allah. In deceiving huge masses of people, it set up the false deity of chance and sought to turn people away from belief in Allah.  In saying that he felt as if he were confessing a murder , Darwin knew that his theory was a source of irreligiousness, denial of Allah and heresy. Darwin is the founder of the system of the Dajjal that has inflicted atheism, wars, terrorism, genocide, perverted ideologies such as communism and fascism, moral degeneration, lovelessness, hatred and anger on the world.
Seeing the present collapse of their theory, some Darwinists have come up with the idea that Allah uses evolution as an instrument in Creation, in order to attract support from people who are becoming ever more aware and devout. But this is a monstrous lie. The false deity of Darwinism is chance. And the ideology of Darwinism is unequivocally founded on denial of Allah (Allah is beyond this). (Click HERE for more detail.)

People who properly appreciate Allah and who are aware of His sublime might and power will naturally react against Darwinism. Since Darwinism is founded upon denial of Allah, true believers will naturally do all they can to crush this heretical religion.  And this important work has borne fruit. This heretical faith known as Darwinism has collapsed. The worst mass deception of the century, perpetrated under the name of science, has collapsed in the face of concrete and incontrovertible scientific evidence. People have seen for themselves that living things have not evolved, but have remained unchanged over millions of years. More than 100 million fossils have proved Creation.  That is why Darwinists are now in such a panic. 

Conclusion: Proper Appreciation of Allah’s Omnipotence

Our Lord is He Who is mighty enough to do anything, the Lord of all, He Who can create in perfect forms. Our Lord is free of all imperfection. Human beings experience imperfection, and needs and helplessness in this world, but Allah is the Lord of all, in perfection and eternity, and is free from all imperfection. He creates all these. Our Lord is aware of all that His servants do. He has created them all. He has appointed destinies for them all. All His servants live according to the destinies ordained and created by Almighty Allah in this world.

Darwin tried to eradicate belief in Allah. In doing so, he wreaked terrible harm of society and mankind. And that is also destiny, of course. As a requirement of the destiny created by Allah, Darwin has failed and been defeated.  Masses of people have abandoned Darwinism and begun turning to Allah. The number of people converting to Islam has risen 10-fold in Britain, Darwin’s homeland, and that is also ordained in destiny. The reason is this; Allah’s glorious and sublime art of Creation is plain for all to see. As they are freed from the blinkers that Darwinism had placed them in, they have begun seeing this manifest Creation. They have realized that a glorious Creation is on display on Earth, that they are not created for no purpose, that they are living temporary lives that will come to an end with death, that they are entities with souls that will live for ever in the Hereafter, and that they will have to account for themselves to our Lord. That is why such vast numbers of people are turning to belief in Allah. As Girgin says in his article, “YET the light of reason and science has not been lost on a great many people.” These people with enlightened minds have seen that Darwinism is utter nonsense. They have seen that never again can they be deceived by the heretical religion of Darwinism and the only entity that creates from nothing is Our Lord, Almighty Allah. The light of reason and science has enabled them to see the truth.

Our advice to Atalay Girgin is that he must realize that the mass of people in the world have seen the truth and that he liberate himself from the false influence of Darwinism without further loss of time.  
2009-02-26 02:00:11

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