Interview with Mr. Adnan Oktar by Edward Campbell, February 12th 2009

Darwinists are raving all over the media about the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin.  One noteworthy media outlet claims "Modern biology would be totally incomprehensible without Darwins' [sic] enormous contributions.  From a scientific point of view, is that a true statement?  Is biology comprehensible without Darwin?  Is there any serious opposition to Darwinism within the scientific community?
ADNAN OKTAR: It is obvious that a theory unable to explain how the living cell, or even a single protein formed can contribute nothing to biology. That is an empty slogan. Anyone with any understanding of biology can see that. The use of such slogans is one of Darwinists’ best-known tactics. By making such statements they intend to prevent people seeing the truth and to eliminate any research, thought or independent evaluation of the data, in other words to manage people as they want. Darwinism is a hindrance rather than a support to countless branches of science, such as biology, paleontology, zoology and genetics. It is an ideology that has led hundreds of scientists and thousands of students to spend decades following a lie, to millions of dollars beings spent on trying to prove Darwin’s irrational and unscientific claims, and in short to a waste of time, money and energy. The death of Darwinism is a liberation for biology and other branches of science and an opening of the way to freedom of thought, broad thinking and the ability to research and enquire free of pressure. The only reason why the great majority of scientists say they believe in Darwinism is the pressure from the Darwinist global mafia. How else can one account for a rational person espousing a theory that even a primary school student would never believe? Darwinists have literally constructed a global dictatorship and Darwinist imposition reigns supreme. They never leave in peace any scientist or academic who does not think like them, who does not espouse evolution or who makes statements even hinting at opposition to evolution. It is impossible for any scientist who says he is against evolution to rise in his career, make himself heard, or come by the means needed to perform the research he wishes. A great many professors have been removed from their posts as a requirement of this imposition of Darwinism for defending the fact of Creation. The most recent example of this is Michael Reiss, erstwhile director of Education at the British Royal Academy, who suggested that Creation should be taught in schools. There are many others.

A colleague of mine, a journalism student, is obsessed with exposing the Freemasons and this drive is the principle reason he decided to go to journalism school.  There are many people who have trepidation over the existence of this cult, but under the current political climate most people who talk about the dangers of Freemasonry are dismissed as kooks.  But from what I understand the neophyte to that religion is threatened with physical violence should he ever reveal the secrets of his brothers. 
The oath of a Master Mason in part says: "I will keep a worthy brother Master Mason's secrets inviolable, when communicated to and received by me as such, murder and treason excepted."  This obligates a Freemason to remain silent on crimes committed by another Mason, even in a court of law, and to a whole host of possible crimes.  The neophyte is threatened should be break this oath to have his tongue torn out, his left breast torn open, his throat cut from ear to ear, etc.
Is that oath to Freemasonry real or is it just drama?  Would a Masonic lodge actually carry out these threats?  Besides succumbing to Shirk through the practices of Freemasonry, what is the principle danger of Freemasonry to the peace loving world?
ADNAN OKTAR: This is a classic masonic tactic. It is a tactic of depicting these things as illusory concepts that could never happen in real life and that have nothing to do with them in order to conceal the satanic aspect of freemasonry from the public. Freemasonry is an organization that has direct links to satan, and they describe this in their own journals. They describe satan as a beacon lighting their way. And the spilling of blood is an important ritual for freemasonry. There are many instances of masonic killings, both historical and in the present day. But people tend not to have a wide-ranging knowledge of freemasonry, although Allah has made my books instrumental in their now being much better informed. My book Judaism and Freemasonry is the most effective and striking work on the subject. People used not to know what atheist zionism was, and it was important for people to have comprehensive information about freemasonry. There were books about freemasonry, but they were largely defamatory or fantastical accounts. My book was a very satisfying one, fully documented and with technical descriptions based on scientific evidence. This was the first time the Turkish nation came to have a comprehensive understanding of freemasonry, and the book caused a huge furor. I can say there was hardly a home in Turkey without a copy. I described the difference between Judaism and atheist zionism in great detail, as well as the oppression inflicted by atheist zionists and fully documenting the links between them and the freemasons. It was very satisfying in that sense.
Even at middle and high school I suspected that the wars, revolutions and conflict in the world were not spontaneous. As I researched the matter I came across freemasonry. I had found the answer. I saw that these things were not spontaneous, that wars and revolutions were organized, and that wars were planned right down to their beginnings and ends. I saw also applied to revolutions. Masons admit that themselves. Many people are unaware that Karl Marx was a freemason. And Lenin. Nobody realized that Hitler was a great admirer of freemasonry and had close ties to it. Nobody realizes the connection between Mussolini and freemasonry. Nobody knows what lodge he was registered with. One imagines all these things were random events, but they were not. It was the masons who set the French Revolution in motion. The masons even executed their own kind during the French Revolution. That is how fanatical they were. That is how sinister freemasonry is. It is an organization with tentacles all over the world, and as a Muslim, I cannot ignore it. Because freemasonry directly targets devout Muslims, Christians and Jews. It regards religious people as the main threat. The masons’ success in spreading strife and corruption is well hidden. They constantly and covertly organize and manage troubles and problems. It is the masons who direct the communists. And masons who direct terror. It was the masons who managed Saddam. They used the man and then cast him off like an old shoe. They first used him in the commission of massacres. Saddam was nothing without masonic backing. He was powerless. It all came to an end when the masons decided he should be destroyed. Freemasonry is a very sinister system. Very secretive. It enters the body like a bacterium and gradually eats it away and kills it. The disease has to be accurately diagnosed if there is to be any cure. It is essential therefore that it be exposed. I have exposed this evil organization in my works, insha’Allah.

My personal impression of Freemasonry is that it is a principle disseminator of Zionist ideology.  From what I understand both Christians and Jews are allowed to join.  For instance the candidate needs only to profess one's faith in God, but is not required to believe that Jesus was the Messiah.  From what I understand however Muslims are not permitted by the Masonic lodge, of course Islam itself prohibits the practices of Freemasonry, but Freemasonry is discriminatory.  For instance the Masonic lodges that go by the initials AF & AM does not permit black people either.  Albert Pike, the author of the Masonic textbook Morals and Dogma, was a Confederate General.
Isn't Freemasonry in addition to being a secretive cult which threatens its member also a manifestly racist organization?  Is the so-called "Southern Jurisdiction" of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, which propounds Albert Pike's book, connected to any other racist organizations like the KKK?
ADNAN OKTAR: Let me make it plain that communism, fascism, racism, terror and anarchy are all scourges organized and disseminated by freemasonry. Masons do not hide this fact, but describe what they go in their own publications quite shamelessly. They describe how they kill, spread anarchy, cause wars, incite revolutions and darken the lives of thousands of people.
Freemasonry is widespread in Arab countries, too, and in other Muslim countries. It is true that the Qur’an, the Torah and the Gospels are kept in masonic lodges, but the masons use these scriptures to hide their own irreligiousness. They try to give the impression they are not opposed to religion. They do not therefore reveal their true faces to novices. As you know, freemasonry consists of many ranks and grades, and one of the main principles of freemasonry is “gradually shedding light on the sleeping eye.” In other words, the novice mason is not told everything at once. They turn him away from religious virtues, a healthy conscience and spiritual values only gradually, and with every new grade one becomes more disposed to establishing direct links with satan. Masons are terrified of satan. They fear him in the way God is feared. They do whatever satan says. If he tells them to shed blood, they shed blood. If he tells them to incite conflict, they incite conflict. If he wants wars, they start wars. That is why freemasonry sets up all kinds of racist, fascist, communist and terrorist organizations, directs and supports them. There is nothing surprising in that. It is freemasonry’s whole raison d’être.
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