An 84-million-year-old seal skull that demolishes the 'ancestor of the seal' deception

A brand new subject reported on 22 April, 2009, in Nature magazine, and reprinted thereafter in publishing organs such as Associated Press, Reuters, BBC news and National Geographic News, as well as on Turkish web sites such as Radikal and Haber Türk, was the claim that “the supposed terrestrial ancestor of the seal has been discovered.” A fossil belonging to an extinct land-dwelling animal was once again made the tool of Darwinist speculation and a scenario regarding the fossil based on extensive use of the imagination resulted. This land-dweller, given the name of “Puijila Darwin” and possessed of four legs and a tail, was described as a transitional form “swimming with four feet” and “with a tail serving no purpose” in order to fit in with the Darwinist scenario. 

The scientific evidence that refutes this huge deception may be set out as follows:

With this fossil, Darwinists maintain that the fictitious “terrestrial” ancestor of the seal was a semi-developed transitional form that lived on land some 24 million years ago. Just two of the millions of proofs that this claim IS A HUGE FRAUD are enough to definitively refute this false claim. These are:







These living things ARE ALL COMPLETE, PERFECT AND FLAWLESS “SEALS.” Yet as Darwinists dream up their scenarios of “land-dwelling forebears” dating back 20 million years, seals were in existence, identical to their present-day form, 84 million years ago, and were living in the seas just like their counterparts today. 

If people had not been told that present-day seals were also in existence 84 million years ago, and that they appeared suddenly with no forebears behind them and have survived unchanged right down to the present day, then Darwinists could easily have deceived those people with no knowledge of the subject that the fictitious land-dwelling ancestor of the seal had lived 20 million years ago, without putting forth any scientific evidence. Darwinist deception is based on this method; scientific facts are concealed, and an imaginary scenario is dreamed up and shamelessly depicted as the truth. 

However, it has once again been revealed that Darwinists are now no longer able to mislead anyone. Because every one of their fictitious transitional fossil claims is confronted by perfect living fossils that totally refute their claims, in other words, by GENUINE SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE. 

2.    One fossil has been presented as a Potamotherium. However, previously discovered Potamotherium fossils are all an extinct kind of otter with perfect flippers and physical features ideally suited to life in water. These animals are almost identical to modern-day otters. Enaliarctos fossils (an extinct form of sea-lion), included in the same class  date back to the Oligocene Period 33.7 million years ago and are all also perfect swimmers. The newly discovered Pujilla is a fossil dating back to the Miocene Period, 24 million years ago. Therefore, while declaring that 33-million-year-old otter and sea-lion species, perfect swimmers, represent transitional forms, Darwinists are also trying to include a 20-million-year-old terrestrial life form with no physical features suited to life in water in the same category.

3.    Darwinists maintain that since Puijila has been found in Greenland and areas close to the North Pole seals must have supposedly evolved in those regions.  The fact is, however, that the places where other life forms portrayed as supposed transitional forms have emerged are totally different to one another. One has been found in Greenland, another in Europe, and a third along the northwest coast of North America. Since every fossil discovered has been found in a different location, Darwinists have had to invent a different scenario for each one. Since the place where this new fossil was discovered does not match any of the others, they are trying to deceive readers by inventing a new scenario about a new life form.

Darwinists have clearly declared any land-dwelling animal they have found to be the ancestor of the seal solely because “that is what they want it to be” and “just in order to be able to produce another false piece of evidence for the theory of evolution.”  In order to be able to maintain that the animal lived in the sea, in place of on land, they have gone so far as to suggest that it used its four legs for swimming rather than for walking on dry land and that its tail was useless. Darwinists no longer recognize any bounds when it comes to dreaming up scenarios. Yet all the creatures they claim are transitional forms are all complete and perfect life forms with complete limbs and organs. Had the transitional life forms that Darwinists claim once lived really existed, then one should encounter a great many strange-looking fossils in the layers of the earth. Yet all the fossils discovered belong to perfectly formed living things. As the fact that Darwinism has collapsed spreads across the whole world, they have sought a way out in depicting these false transitional forms as reality.

As we have previously made clear many times over, the 100 million fossils hidden away by Darwinists for so many years but that have recently been brought out into the light of day have unequivocally announced the collapse of Darwinism. Every time that Darwinists have come up with a “transitional form” they have inevitably been confronted by perfect fossil specimens dating back millions of years. Perfect 68- and 84-million-year seal fossils are themselves sufficient to clearly demonstrate the invalidity of Darwinists’ claims. It is no longer possible for Darwinists to deceive anyone. We advise the publications in question to put an end to their misleading scenarios and behave in the light of the scientific facts.  

2009-04-26 22:04:21

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