The Turkish-Islamic union is a union that will be founded on sincerity, honesty and love, not on cold, intellectual words

The Turkish-Islamic Union is a coalition that both Turkey and the Turkish people and Azerbaijan and the Azeri people are longing for and wish to see established with all their hearts. Through this union, both Azerbaijan and Turkey, which will be two states but a single nation, and also the other states and nations that will take their place within the union will attain peace, well-being and happiness. Because this union is essentially one of love, friendship, brotherhood and solidarity. In addition, not just Azerbaijan and Turkey, but a whole range of states and peoples across a wide region from the Adriatic to China will enjoy the true taste of love, brotherhood, friendship and peace through the Turkish-Islamic Union. 

The Turkish-Islamic Union is a union of hearts that will be founded on profound love, brotherly relations, friendship, understanding and tolerance, the waiving of rights if necessary, and on behaving in a forgiving and mature way. Complete honesty and sincerity, true desire, enthusiasm and fervor are essential if the union is to be established. In order for the Turkish-Islamic Union to be established, for peoples and states to desire this union, they need to be in a state of unity of spirit, in a state of total honesty, love, friendship and honesty. Within this sincere approach there is no room for useless, intellectual words, harsh and impulsive outbursts, protests that will do no good or the usual old popular demonstrations. 

Feelings of love and friendship need to be reinforced and these bonds strengthened in order for a sound friendship to be established between Azerbaijan, Turkey and Armenia in particular, for the occupation of Azeri territory to end and for Armenians, Azeris and Turks to live as brothers, and for these nations to attain the peace and well-being they deserve. Both parties must put the questions of the past to one side; it is of the greatest importance for them to concentrate on the peace and security that the Turkish-Islamic Union will bring them, without mentioning any hatred or rancor stemming from the past. Not only Muslim, Turkic states will find the friendship, brotherhood, peace and love they long for in the Turkish-Islamic Union, but also members of different faiths speaking different languages, such as the Armenians. The Armenian people lived for centuries alongside the Turks and Azeris, and are their friends and brothers.

That applies to the Azeri and Turkish peoples as well as the Armenians. It is not these people who are behind the artificial conflict and disputes that are being attempted to be established between the Azeri and Armenian people, but atheist zionists and freemasons who have inflicted oppression, chaos and war on the world down the ages and have set brother against brother.

Our Armenian brothers are exceptionally polite, modest, tolerant, loyal, virtuous and determined people. They are a valuable people we lived side by side within for many years under the umbrella of the Ottoman Empire and whom we honored with the title of “millet-i sıdıka”, or the loyal nation.

In the same way, our Azeri brothers are highly rational, humble, modest, pleasant, affable, honest, peaceful and lovable. There is a huge predisposition toward love and respect and mutual toleration between the two peoples, for forget the events of the past and make a brand new start with the best of intentions.

However, the efforts that have been made to date to alter the climate of moderation that has always existed between the Turkish and Armenian peoples, to damage the moderation between the two peoples by setting up sudden tensions, raising voices and speaking tense and angry words, to engage in activities that will raise the temperature in the region – for no reason and with no justification – to refuse to abandon cold, distant and very formal relations, can only harm efforts aimed at bringing in peace and security and raising the quality of life and well-being of both communities.

Protracted, unwise, cold and peculiar talk at such a sensitive time, instead of love, affection, dialogue and talk of peace can only encourage international selfishness and provoke racist feelings. In that event, both sides might start looking solely to their own interests, abandoning friendship, brotherhood and even a climate of peace. A state that considers only its own interests and never thinks about its neighbors’ interests, well-being or security, will start using all its resources for armaments, increasing military spending, gathering allies around it to support it in military terms and following aggressive policies that eventually end in war. Official state policy immediately abandons peaceful relations and adopts a repressive, oppressive and bloody line based on the Darwinist error that “stronger will win.” As a result of all this, developments take place that damage the interests of both parties concerned. 

It must not be forgotten that tensions in relations between communities can end in invasions, conflict or even war. If problems and disputes had been resolved with relations based on love, friendship and brotherhood, without people being caught up in panic and fear, then the picture in many parts of the world would be very different to what it is today. Poor mothers would not now be weeping for their children. It is therefore very important to learn from history and the experiences of other societies, not to seek solutions using the methods of the past, in other words the kind of language that will raise tensions, but, on the other hand, to look for a solutions within the framework of such religious virtues as friendship, brotherhood, love, respect, tolerance, kindness and altruism.

First and foremost, there is a need for a voice between our Azeri and Armenian brothers to say: “We are brothers and friends, and have shared the same lands for hundreds of years, have fought for that land side by side, have been one another’s neighbors and have eaten at one another’s tables. Nobody can set us against one another. Let us be friends and brothers. We love one another.” That voice is the powerful and placid voice of the Turkish-Islamic Union. 

Both the Azeri and Armenian peoples need peace, security and love. Our Azeri brothers need to be able to come to Turkey without being caught up by bureaucratic obstacles such as visa and passport requirements and to make the dream of “two states, one nation” a reality. And our Armenian brothers, who are squeezed into a very small area of land, need to attain space, well-being and freedom. To that end, the borders on either side need to be opened up at once, and the Azeri and Armenian peoples need to embrace Turkey and the Turks.

As with the lifting of all bureaucratic obstacles between Turkey and Azerbaijan, and with the immediate unification of Turkey and Azerbaijan, the question of the opening of the Armenian border and the ability of the two peoples to cross from one side to the other, Turkey needs to emphasize its conception of profound love, affection and compassion toward those who are not part of its own race, faith or language. And just like our Azeri brothers, the Armenians are an inseparable part of the Turkish nation and, as in the past under the Ottoman Empire, it will be perfectly natural for them to live side by side in peace and understanding with Muslim Turkic peoples under the umbrella of the Turkish-Islamic Union.

The problems that have been experienced over the last more than 100 years, ever since the 19th century, have strengthened and raised the awareness of the Turkish-Islamic world. There has been a huge spread of religious moral values in the region. There appears to be an ideal framework for the unification so eagerly and enthusiastically awaited by the Turkish-Islamic world. It is essential that advantage be taken at once of this favorable environment and that the necessary steps be taken. For that reason, all rational people of good conscience must leave behind all ways of thinking that encourage prejudices, closed minds or disputes, and work honestly, lovingly, enthusiastically and excitedly and to the best of their means toward the foundation of the Turkish-Islamic Union. The Turkish-Islamic Union is destiny, and Allah will certainly bring that union about. The important thing at this holy time is for true and honest people to use all their means and do all in their power and, by Allah’s leave, to enjoy the honor of bringing the foundation of the Turkish-Islamic Union about.
2009-05-09 21:16:34

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