RAMADAN 2009 - The 6th Day

As can be seen from the many various signs in the hadiths, the period we are in is the "End Times." It is clear from the hadiths of the Prophet (saas) that the End Times are taking place now and, by Allah's leave, the return to Earth of the Prophet 'Isa (as) is also to be expected in this period. Just as we are told in the hadiths, the Dajjal is making his corruption felt in the End Times we are living in, and rebellion, evil, division and degeneration is spreading across the world. Many people have gone along with the corruption of the Dajjal, turned their backs on proper moral values and accepted a devilish system based on denial.

The greatest corruption of the Dajjal, in ideological terms, in the End Times is Darwinism. Darwinist ideology, the worst nonsense of the 19th century, was initially criticized. But it spread throughout society during the 20th century under the influence of the Dajjal, misled vast masses of people into believing in it, gathered a great deal of support and found its way into school text books and the scientific literature. Despite being a terrible lie and devoid of any scientific evidence even though it claims to be scientific, it managed to deceive the world under the influence of the Dajjal. Again under the Dajjal’s influence, people regarded something non-existent as actually existing and adopted a theory with no scientific nature as "an explanation of the origin of life." Children began learning about Darwin’s theory of evolution right from primary school, the most-watched pro-Darwinian television channels emphasized false scenarios of evolution as "scientific research," and university professors espoused this fraud with all their might and main. This is a false system of belief through and through.

Darwinism emerged as a false religion, huge efforts went into making people blindly believe in it, and those who did not believe in it were excluded and silenced. There has been no scientific evidence in favor of the theory for 1.5 centuries. And it is impossible for there to be any. But since Darwinism is a false belief system, false evidence is constantly produced to support the theory of evolution and the real scientific evidence that repudiates evolution is covered up. The scale of this fraud is truly enormous and, as a perverted and false belief system based on denial of Allah, it is a known plot of the Dajjal's, and one expected in the End Times according to what is revealed in the hadiths.

This false belief system, which claims that living things came into being by chance, which maintains that apes are the ancestors of human beings, which seeks to convince human beings they are animals with no responsibilities, which has led to mass slaughter and has initiated wars through the twisted idea that the strong must crush the weak, and which regards human beings as worthless and inferior, is actually Darwinism, one of the Dajjal's worst plots. However, having persisted for the last 150 years, it has finally been thwarted in the early 21st century. The Dajjal's plot is over, and the Dajjal is dead. Mass deception has come to an end. False religion has been crushed in the face of the true faith of Allah. There is no doubt that Allah will make His faith prevail. Our Lord reveals in one verse:

Allah confirms the Truth by His words, even though the evildoers hate it. (Surah Yunus, 82)

The Octopus


The octopus is an eight-armed hunter. It uses a most interesting method of concealing itself from other animals: camouflage. The cells which make up its skin automatically adapt to its surroundings and replicate, just like a mirror, their color and texture.

The octopus' eyes are very sharp. It can identify changes in its surroundings most effectively, and thus changes the color and pattern of its skin in accordance with its surroundings. Its skin is covered in special pigment-containing cells known as “chromatophores.” These cells in the skin expand or shrink when stimulated by the nervous system, creating color patterns that can be changed instantly. Different cells carry different color pigments and these allow countless color combinations and patterns to form.

The creature most frequently hunted by the octopus is the crab. The octopus expertly defends itself from the crab's powerful pincers, and its teeth are strong enough to break the crab's shell.

With its superior features, this hunter, which consists of moving muscles, is a perfect creature which conceals itself in the finest possible way.

It is impossible for the octopus to have felt the need to conceal itself from other creatures and then to have installed special color cells in its skin. This splendid camouflage system possessed by the octopus is, without doubt, an example of the flawless creation of the All-Knowing God.


As with all aspects of evolutionary nonsense, we have for a long time been describing the same scientific facts whenever the myth of birds evolving from dinosaurs has been raised:

    -    Such a passage is totally impossible because of the unique structural difference between birds and reptiles,

    -    There is not a single piece of scientific evidence to support this claim, and Darwinists are unable to produce a single transitional fossil,

    -    Every dino-bird that Darwinists have proposed as a transitional form fossil has been proven to be a fraud, and Darwinists have even been known to attach feathers to dinosaur fossils to that end,

    -    They have attempted to depict perfect living fossils, scientifically proved to constitute no evidence for evolution, as transitional forms in order to legitimize their position,

    -    Many Darwinists have described the claim as an embarrassment,

    -    And, most important of all, there exist perfect fossil birds far older than dinosaurs and the life forms that Darwinists claim to be transitional forms.

We have described, many times and with definitive supporting evidence, how all these things TOTALLY REFUTE THE DARWINIST MYTH OF A TRANSITION FROM LAND TO AIR. Darwinists now admit the invalidity of this impossible scenario.

“The findings add to a growing body of evidence in the past two decades that challenge some of the most widely-held beliefs about animal evolution.”

These words belong to two Darwinist scientists from Oregon State University!  In a study published in the journal Morphology, Devon Quick and John Ruben dealt a lethal blow to speculation regarding the deception that birds evolved from dinosaurs.

The research conducted involved birds’ femurs, or thigh bones. According to the results of the study, in contrast to terrestrial life forms, the bird femur is predominantly immobile. Terrestrial forms use the mobile femur in order to walk and run, while birds use the lower part of their legs. Devon Quick’s research revealed that this static femur in birds and their different gait and muscular systems were of vital importance in preventing their air sacs from collapsing when they breathe.

Quick sets out the position:

“This is fundamental to bird physiology. It’s really strange that no-one realized this before. The position of the thigh bone and muscles in birds is critical to their lung function, which in turn is what gives them enough lung capacity for flight.”

The point being emphasized here is that dinosaurs lack such a static femur. The Oregon State University zoologist Professor John Ruben provides this account:

“Theropod dinosaurs had a moving femur and therefore could not have had a lung that worked like that in birds. Their abdominal air sac, if they had one, would have collapsed. That undercuts a critical piece of supporting evidence for the dinosaur-bird link.”

Ruben continues:

“It’s really kind of amazing that after centuries of studying birds and flight we still didn’t understand a basic aspect of bird biology.”

Ruben also states that the way those who maintain that dinosaurs evolved into birds ignore the appearance of birds in the fossil record prior to dinosaurs represents a “serious problem” that has been deliberately ignored. He is saying that the similarity in the bird and dinosaur lung structures that the supporters of the claim in question point to as the greatest evidence for the Darwinist position has disappeared with the finding revealed.

Ruben also sums up the reason why this important fact has been deliberately ignored by Darwinist scientists:

“Frankly, there’s a lot of museum politics involved in this, a lot of careers committed to a particular point of view even if new scientific evidence raises questions.”

In the study in question, the same scientists also underline that birds possess other “special features” that enable them to receive the levels of oxygen needed for flight and that although these are present in modern-day birds, THEY ARE DEFINITIVELY ABSENT IN DINOSAURS.

Darwinists’ dilemma is that the theory of evolution is a deception

These findings are of course significant in showing the invalidity of the nonsense that birds evolved from dinosaurs. Another striking element that makes these statements significant is that the admissions in question come from Darwinists. But there is another point that requires clarification here: the difficulties involved in any life form turning into a bird go far beyond the profound differences in the lungs.

Allah created living things along with the features best suited to their environment. The anatomy of a creature that lives on land is in perfect harmony with life on land.

Because Allah creates it with its habitat. There is therefore a perfect harmony between them. A bird is created with the extraordinary ability to fly. It is not just the fact it has wings etc. that makes this possible. Every detail, from its lungs to its bones, from its air sacs to its feathers, is especially present for flight. Because it is our Almighty Lord, Allah, the creator of the earth and sky, who creates it to be able to fly in the air.

Therefore, this enormous difference in the femurs is just one of the HUNDREDS of differences between terrestrial life forms and birds. In order for any terrestrial life form (all those that Darwinists propose for the nonsense of a passage ‘from land to air’) to turn into a bird, unconscious, random and blind coincidences would have to identify each of these countless differences and then make the necessary changes. But modern science has proved that any single random intervention in a living organism will lead to that organism’s death. Therefore, Darwinists’ sole dilemma lies not in birds’ lungs or femurs, BUT IN THE FALSE THEORY OF EVOLUTION ITSELF.

Almighty Allah has created all living things with a glorious perfection and flawlessness. Darwinists’ greatest dilemma is their inability to account for this perfection in terms of chance.  And Allah has created such a glorious complexity that the theory of evolution is demolished in the face of just a single protein. This is a peerless trap set by our Lord for the Darwinist ideology manifested with this heretical belief and that seeks to deceive all mankind.  As the perfection in living things emerges and as the fact that Darwinism is unsupported by even a single transitional fossil spreads, the collapse of Darwinism has now become inescapable, by Allah’s will.

Notes from Andrew Marr's Interview with Adnan Oktar - 22.02.2009
United Kingdom/The Mail on Sunday

On 22 February, 2009, The Mail on Sunday, one of Britain’s most popular newspapers with a circulation of over 2 million, carried a preview of Andrew Marr's BBC2 film "Darwin's Dangerous Idea" to be shown on BBC 2. The presenter on the film, Andrew Marr, set out his ideas that arose before his meeting with Adnan Oktar:

“... Millions of Muslims, as well as Christians - half the people of Britain, according to one survey - reject Darwin's teaching. One author even asserts Darwinists were responsible for 9/11.

... Another place we visited was Istanbul, where TURKISH AUTHOR ADNAN OKTAR has some claim to be AMONG THE MOST INFLUENTIAL CREATIONISTS ON THE PLANET.

He argues that Darwinism is by its very nature a violent creed because of its insistence on the importance of conflict or struggle. For this Muslim, who wants to convert Europe to Islam, the 9/11 terrorists 'were in reality Darwinists'.”

(You can watch the full interview of Mr. Adnan Oktar, here.)

Islam Is Rising Rapidly in America / Islamonline/Yeni Asya Newspaper / 10.03.2009

A study by the Gallup Center for Muslim Studies in the United States of America has provided wide-ranging information about American Islam.

The report, the result of a lengthy study last year in the United States of America as a whole and involving interviews with 319,000 Muslims, showed that Islam in the USA is rising fast. Center’s executive director Dalia Mogahed said, “Our study reveals an ethnically heterogeneous, politically diverse, well-educated and uniquely American Muslim community.” Ahmed Younis, a senior analyst of the center, said: “Muslim women are at least as likely as Muslim men to hold a college or post-graduate degree, and Muslim women are more likely to work in a professional environment than women from most other US religious groups. ... Forty-two percent of Muslim women had degrees compared with 39 percent of Muslim men in the United States.” It is estimated there are some 7-8 million Muslims of different races and ethnic backgrounds living in America.

In another study conducted in the USA it emerged that the number of Muslims in the country is rising. According to one wide-ranging study by the American Religious Identity research center, the level of Christians in the country has dropped, while the number of Americans describing themselves as Muslims has risen to 0.6%. The growth of eastern religions such as Buddhism has slowed. 


Age: 100 million years old

Size: 76 centimeters (30 in)

Location: Asia

Period: Cretaceous

Crocodiles have left many fossils behind. Their bodies emerged all of a sudden in flawless form (crocodile fossils date back 140 million years) and have reached the present day without undergoing any changes. There exists no difference between the 100-million-year-old crocodile pictured and a counterpart living today, which stresses this fact once again.


The Witness

Say: “ Allah is a sufficient witness between me and you. He is certainly aware of and sees His servants.” ( Surat al-Isra', 96)

Allah has no beginning and no end, is the sole absolute Being, and is not bound by such human concepts as time or space. Therefore, everything that ever happens, regardless of whether it happened in the past, the present, or the future, are the same in—and are fully known to—His Sight.

He knows everything, whether it is done in secret or in public, in darkness or in light, while alone or while in a crowd. Being ignorant, people assume that what they do at night might conceal their sins and hide them as well. But such hopes are futile, for the Qur'an states:

Do you not see that Allah knows what is in the heavens and on Earth? Three men cannot confer together secretly without Him being the fourth, or five without Him being the sixth, or fewer than that or more without Him being with them wherever they are. Then He will inform them on the Day of Rising of what they did. Allah has knowledge of all things. ( Surat al-Mujadala, 7)

Allah is fully knowledgeable of everyone's intentions, thoughts, and deeds at every one moment. Each of us will be called to account for all of these on the Day of Judgment. People who deny these truths will understand their mistake on the Day of Judgment. As “On the Day Allah raises up all of them together, He will inform them of what they did. Allah has recorded it while they have forgotten it. Allah is a Witness of all things” ( Surat al-Mujadala, 6) maintains, in the Hereafter we will be repaid for each one of our deeds:

You do not engage in any matter, recite any of the Qur'an, or do any action without Our witnessing you while you are occupied with it. Not even the smallest speck eludes your Lord, either on Earth or in heaven. Nor is there anything smaller than that, or larger, which is not in a Clear Book. (Surah Yunus, 61)
But Allah bears witness to what He has sent down to you. He has sent it down with His knowledge. The angels bear witness as well. And Allah suffices as a Witness. ( Surat an-Nisa', 166)

Whether We show you something of what We have promised them or take you back to Us, they will still return to Us. Then Allah will be witness against what they are doing. (Surah Yunus, 46)

We will show them Our Signs on the horizon and within themselves until it is clear to them that it is the truth. Is it not enough for your Lord that He is a witness of everything? (Surah Fussilat, 53)


What He Said

Kanal Malatya, January 7-2009

Adnan Oktar: “IT IS A SIN FOR MUSLIMS TO BE FRAGMENTED. IT IS A SIN FOR MUSLIMS NOT TO UNITE. MUSLIMS CAN HAVE NO POWER WHILE THIS SIN IS BEING COMMITTED. UNITY AMONG MUSLIMS IS ALLAH’S COMMAND, A RELIGIOUS OBLIGATION. It is compulsory, like the namaz(prayer) or fasting. Division is forbidden, like eating pork or drinking wine. There is no difference. There will be no such problems and they will be completely resolved when Muslims are united and unified. The Messenger of Allah (saas) saw all these things as if looking in a mirror and described them exactly. He spoke of Muslim blood flowing, of such things taking place at this time, of terrible strife and corruption, of the shedding of the blood of the innocent, of even children and women, of even pregnant women being killed. But our Prophet (saas) says that after that, this will all be reversed with the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (as), one of his descendants, and an age of well-being, abundance, peace, plenty and beauty will follow. This will all happen.”

“This is now that time. THE TIME HAS COME TO CONCENTRATE ON THE TURKISH-ISLAMIC UNION AND ESTABLISH IT ON THE AGENDA. It is forbidden for Muslims to weep and lament. It is incompatible with Islam. It is incompatible with the moral values of the Qur’an. What we must do is to establish the Turkish-Islamic Union at once and put a total end to this corruption.”

What Happened

Timeturk, February 5-2009

A historic address by President Gul

Turkish President Abdullah Gül: Division among Palestinians is the greatest obstacle to Palestinian independence.  FROM THAT POINT OF VIEW, THE FIRST QUESTION IS FOR US TO HAVE THE NECESSARY AWARENESS FOR PALESTINIANS, THE WHOLE ARAB WORLD AND THE ISLAMIC WORLD TO UNITE AND ACT AS ONE IN THE FACE OF MAJOR PROBLEMS.  We all watched the events in Gaza. But the world today is not what it was before. We all watch what goes on, live, in our own homes. I believe that we will enjoy significant co-operation on this matter. I am delighted to see support for my views from Saudi Arabia. 


Our bodies work non-stop 24 hours a day as a blessing for us. Do not forget, however, that everything you read in this site entitled The Human Miracle takes place not only in your own body, but in those of your parents, siblings, children, spouse, relatives and neighbors—in short in all the other human beings in the world. These systems have also been present, fully formed and wholly functional, in the bodies of everyone who has ever lived—and by Allah’s leave, in all those who live in the future. This is the creation of Allah, the Lord of the Worlds! Allah’s might is infinite. Those able to using their reason and conscience, who can see this manifest truth, will live with the sole aim of pleasing their Lord.

In the Qur’an, Allah tells us that talking with others about religion is one of the most important acts of worship that believers can perform. This worship encompasses ever aspect of life. In their words, demeanor, and attitudes, believers are responsible every moment for telling others about the good moral life and for representing of Islam.

Their conversations among themselves are actually mutual communications of religion. They call upon each other to follow the Qur’an’s commands and to show its morality in their lives. In short, communicating religion is part of each believer’s identity. On the other hand, as the Qur’an tells us, arguing belongs to the unbelievers’ general make-up. Therefore, believers must always be careful of how they spread religion so that such efforts do not tend toward argument. Arguing has no place in the Qur’anic morality.

In this book, we will examine with detailed reference to the Qur’an the methods and rationale that believers should use when communicating religion to others and see the satanic nature of arguing.

No Transitional Forms Have Ever Been Found in the Fossil Record

The theory of evolution claims that the transition from one species to another takes place from the primitive (simple) to the more complex-progressively, and in stages. According to this claim, bizarre, monstrous creatures known as "transitional forms" must have existed during this progress from one species to another. For example, there must have existed half-fish and half-amphibian creatures that, despite still having fish characteristics, had also acquired some amphibious ones, as well as half-human, half-ape creatures, and half-reptile, half-bird life forms.

If any such transitional species had really existed, then their remains should be encountered in the fossil record. But in over a century, there is still not the slightest trace of such intermediate forms that paleontologists have searched for with such great eagerness.

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