Religious Affairs Minister Mehmet Görmez: ''Alawism is the Way of Islam''


In a statement, Mehmet Görmez said, 'Alawism is the way of Islam. No soul can deny that.”

Minister Görmez made important statements and went on to say that he would oppose anyone who said that ''Alawism is not part of Islam.'' He then continued;

''Our Alawite brothers have been distressed by certain imputations. Anatolia in fact belongs to our Alawite citizens. Nobody has the right to suggest they have minority status. The Alawite meeting places are something we are constantly discussing. We must not be divided on the subject of Alawite meeting places and mosques.''

Görmez cited a German philosopher during his talk, saying, ''Borders extend as far as a language is spoken.” He then continued; ''I know a language that knows no bounds. It makes the whole world yours. The language of the heart. We have such a language of the heart that when we speak it is impossible for us not to understand one another. Muhammad (saas) is the prophet of us all. ''

Görmez suggested that controversial issues should be set aside and that those issues shared in common need to be emphasized, ''We have a common culture in sorrow and in joy. We were created from the same essence in Anatolia. We published Alawite books for the first time, and I read something very fine in one of them. I like the way the land is modest and generous.''

Alawite elder Yusuf Garib expressed his happiness at the visit, albeit a late one, of theReligious Affairs Minister to an Alawite meeting house.

Garib quoted verses from the Qur’an in his address. After the visit he spoke to journalists and criticized those people who regard Alawism as not part of Islam, saying, ''Alawism is part of Islam.''

2012-12-17 10:34:32

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