" Therefore be patient with a patience which is beautiful.(Surat Al-Ma‘arij, 5)

Patience is one of the most important characteristics of a believer. Patience is very valuable when it is a patience which is beautiful. Almighty Allah creates events, for which one needs to show patience in many moments of a Muslim’s life. Weaknesses of the life of this world, diseases, people whom Allah creates for the training of one’s inner self, actions and the words of unbelievers are some of these. It is a great beauty to live with a hope for the Garden that Allah created as a perfect manifestation of the infinite beauties revealed in the Koran and the hadiths. While a Muslim hopes for the exquisitely beautiful Garden from Allah, he or she also shows a beautiful patience for the weaknesses of the life of this world, which is created with many deficiencies for a special purpose.

One of the most important characteristics of a beautiful patience is that the person endures with a satisfied heart. While being patient, the person is absolutely sure that all the things Allah showed them were created in the best, most fortunate and the most erudite way. This can be seen from the person’s facial expression, the serenity of their souls and the way they talk. On their faces there is the peaceful expression of patience and in their statements there is the maturity and submission of this patience.

A person who is patient  endures with the consciousness that he or she is patient for the good pleasure of Allah and with pleasure. Just as a person tries to thank Allah in the best way possible, use that blessing in the best way and thank Allah with a sincere heart and words when faced with a prosperity of blessings, they  should consider everything as a blessing granted by Allah when faced with incidents that need to be endured. They  should know that incidents are created by Allah with the reasons of paving the way for many beauties and act knowingly that all things are  granted  by Allah and live this beauty and pleasure while being patient.

One of the reasons behind this beautiful patience is that it makes the person closer to Allah and it increases a sincere Muslim’s love for Allah. A person who is patient about a hardship, a trouble or a disease knows that every second of that patience is very precious in the sight of Allah. The return for a deed, which is carried out with beautiful patience, and a deed, which is carried out with no effort or in very comfortable circumstances, may not be the same in the hereafter. If a person works for the good pleasure of Allah and is patient about something at the same time, this morality of theirs may render this deed more valuable. For example, a sacrifice in a time of sickness and a sacrifice in a time of health may not be equal. If a person sacrifices in a time of sickness for the good pleasure of Allah, he or she experiences the deep and sincere beauty of patience at the same time by Allah’s will. Therefore, Muslims are patient in the most beautiful manner as revealed in the Qur’an, behave in the best way and live by hoping to earn the good pleasure of Allah as a result of this beautiful patience until the moment they die.



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