"Baq'ır", the Title of King Messiah (Hazrat Mahdi [pbuh])

  The meaning of the "Baq'ır":

Tabaqqur, which is an Arabic word, comes from the word root tawassu, which means "vastness" or "immensity". One of the meanings of the word "baq'ir", which is derived from the same root with "tabaqqur", is "THE ONE WHO CREATES KNOWLEDGE". Its another meaning is "THE ONE WHO EXPANDS KNOWLEDGE."


  King Messiah's title of "Baq'ır" in the Zohar:

It is related in the Zohar that, just as Prophet Moses' splitting of the Red Sea with his staff, King Messiah (pbuh) will also split the sea of wisdom:

"During the Exodus, Moses split the physical sea with his staff. For the final redemption, the staff will split open the "sea of wisdom." (Tikkuney Zohar #21, p.43a)

The commentaries point out that the Zohar's teaching refers to the revelation of deep Torah knowledge (i.e. the Torah of Atik) which will be revealed in the Future. During the final redemption (to which King Messiah will be instrumental) the staff, which is the quill – the written revelation of these deep mysteries – will split open the "sea of wisdom" for all mankind to perceive Godliness. (cf. Likutey Halakhot Pikadon 5:40-42).


  Hazrat Ali (pbuh) remebers Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) with this title "Baq'ır"

Hazrat Ali (pbuh) stated the following: "Those people will come in the End Times. They are like the clouds of the fall. From every nation, there will be one, two, three of them, and ultimately their number will be nine. I swear in the name of Allah that I know their charges, names and their destinations. Then he stood up and said: "Baq'ir (the splitting One), Baq'ir, Baq'ir!" Then he said: "He is a person of my lineage. He will split the hadith."


  Why and when is the title "Baq'ir" given to a person?

Example: During the time he served as an imam, Muhammed Baq'ir (pbuh), initiated the revolution of knowledge. He published the facts of Islam, the delicacies of Islam and in brief, the Islamic disciplines.

In the book Lisan al-Arab, it is stated thus: "Imam Baq'ir is known by this title because he is the one splitting the knowledge. He knew the basis of the Islamic sciences, deeply grasped its details and expanded them."


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