Lovelessness brings about serious chaos and ruin in the World


Why is lovelessness a big problem for unbelievers?

What does one need to do for real love?

How did Mr. Adnan Oktar define the problem of lovelessness in the majority of the world?

Lack of love and trust, which are one of the most important problems of our day, are one of the important reasons behind the wars, massacres, selfishness and destruction in the world. People live in fear and stress with no trust for one another all over the world. When there is fear, love is impossible to have. In today’s society, people do not greet one another or leer at  greetings because of this lack of trust in a loveless environment.

Lovelessness Is One of the Causes of Economic Crisis

In a world where most people do not love one another, people hate even their closest friends, brothers are enemies with each other and economic crisis is inevitable. This is because lovelessness also brings poor quality production and plenty of profit in a short time. but acting selfishly and not sharing revenues with others. However, the manifestation of a deep love for Allah on Allah’s creations will develop the sense of mutual assistance among people and it would lead to residual goods being used for charity. In such a system it is clear that the world will reach harmony. Thanks to this cooperation and justice, people’s level of economic strength rises. It would lead to a rich society.

Lovelessness Is at the Root of A Lack of Mercy and Avoiding Helping Others

People’s lack of mercy and their cruelty is also based on lovelessness. Such people can flee after running down a person with car or abandon an injured person whom they see lying on the street remorselessly. That some restaurant owners do not have any concern for hygiene in their kitchens, that there is no gratitude for the elderly, that emergency patients die because of neglect, that the needy are looked down on, that millions of people are killed for a small piece of land, that small children are molested, that women are violently and sexually assaulted, that people are aggressive and hateful against one another are all based on lovelessness.

Moreover these people who are afar from love could easily murder someone if that is compatible with their interests or due to hatred for someone. The number of people who can kill someone unjustly, commit serial murders in cold blood, kill a complete stranger or someone they know as a result of a sudden rage or jealousy, and even those who kill people as a profession are quite high in the irreligious societies of today. Homicide stories in papers and on television are clear indicators of lovelessness and degeneracy in society.

Unbelievers Lack the Sentiment of Love

The source of real love is a respectful fear and deep love of Allah, because only those who fear Allah and avoid a morality that displeases Him could live real love. A person who truly fears Allah is always careful for the plots and evil of his inner self. This is because the inner self is always calling a person to evil as revealed in the verses about the Prophet Joseph (pbuh):

“I do not say my self was free from blame. The self indeed commands to evil acts – except for those my Lord has mercy on…” (Surah Yusuf, 53)

On the other hand, a person who has no or little fear of Allah, or who avoids the fact that Allah will judge his actions in this world and do whatever his inner self wills, would know no limits to evil deeds. It is revealed in the Qur’an that the inner self whispers limitless evil and believers who cleanse their inner selves find salvation and those who support the evil suggested by satan will be destroyed as such:

And inspired it with depravity or fear, he who purifies it has succeeded, he who covers it up has failed.” (Surat ash-Shams, 8-10)

Those who do not have faith and live loveless lives harm themselves and others both materially and spiritually throughout their existence. This is because;

* Loveless people try to satisfy their own interests, needs and wants in the world as much as they can and spend their short lifetime without any responsibilities.

* Mothers and fathers who do not show enough love and attention to their children, and children who do not show enough respect and gratitude to their mothers and fathers –as a result of the negative effects of their surroundings- are the most explicit examples of this negative suggestion. Children like these could bear a mentality that talks aggressively to their parents, easily lie and see their parents only as a tool to reach their own wants and desires.

* In lovelessness, people do not sacrifice and values like cooperation and generosity are completely eliminated. First of all people do not respect one another for being human.

* No one would think about the health, comfort and peace of others; no one would worry about or try to prevent any harm to other people.

* It is not possible to trust a person who does not set any boundaries for his inner self that whispers evil to him all the time. It cannot be expected that such a person would be a man of his word since there is no reason why this person would not be honest or true.

* A person with no sentiment of love cannot oversee the natural weaknesses of other people or tolerate even the simplest mistakes. He or she can pick a fight over petty issues. What is important is his comfort so when he is unhappy, he would not want even the people he claims to love to be happy.

“Faith” is the sole power that can bring a true friendship and alliance among people in the world. With their friendships, believers who fear the Day of Judgment lay the foundations of a solid alliance that begins in this world and lasts for eternity in the hereafter. They love each other and become friends, with no expectation of self-interest or profit, only for the good pleasure of Allah. With the exception of Allah’s will, this bond based on love and fear of Allah could not possibly be broken.

True and Lasting Love Is Possible Only With the Morality of Religion

The word Islam is a word derived from the root “slm” and “salam”. Slm means peace, trust, harmony and love, salam means happiness, health and safety. Therefore, a Muslim is a person who is for peace and against bloodshed, enmity and cruelty and who wants love and compassion instead. Since faith brings love of Allah, this would have a very positive and good effect on people. Everyone would have good morals to earn the good pleasure of Allah; love and respect one another for the good pleasure of Allah. Compassion, mercy and tolerance prevail throughout society. People would race to do good deeds as Allah commands. They know that all human beings and living things are created by Allah and see them as manifestations of Allah and show their love of Allah on His manifestations. Our Lord pointed to the importance of love in the Qur’an and commanded that Muslims should love one another and all other living things as such:

 “It is not devoutness to turn your faces to the East or to the West. Rather, those with true devoutness are those who have faith in Allah and the Last Day, the Angels, the Book and the Prophets, and who, despite their love for it, give away their wealth to their relatives and to orphans and the very poor, and to travelers and beggars and to set slaves free, and who establish prayer and pay alms; those who honor their contracts when they make them, and are steadfast in poverty and illness and in battle. Those are the people who are true. They are the people who have fear of Allah.” (Surat al-Baqara, 177)

In loveless societies, selfish, frozen, robotic, impudent and inconsiderate generations that avoid eye-contact and greeting one another, that do not help the needy as they live with the mentality of “let sleeping dogs lie” and that prioritize their own needs and interests are brought up. The real source of the degeneration, which rapidly increases in the End Times, is this lack of love in societies.

Lovelessness Kills Body Cells

ADNAN OKTAR: When one’s faith is weak, the person’s flesh and bones rot, his foot rots, his hair rots, his head rots; he loses his mind and brains. He rots all over. This is because lack of love and compassion kills body cells. It causes a toxic effect. The body cannot take it. It takes it once or twice but then those beautiful girls and boys begin to rot. They become devastated. He sleeps till the evening; then wakes up and does not know what to do. His mouth rots, his brains are lost, his memory is corrupted; they are devastated. Satan cast his spell like this. He took faith from people and when faith is gone, the human body collapsed. Brain functions crushed. Attention is lost; memory is lost; the ability to think is lost. The body began to attack its own cells this time. Their skin and teeth also rot; they are destroyed.

When there is faith the cells are delighted. Hair cells, eyebrow cells, nose, mouth, tongue, everywhere would be delighted. This is because faith is like a sherbet for the cell. The cell is not fed only with blood because the soul commands the body. It is the soul that keeps it alive by Allah’s leave. The soul is also fed with faith. When you take faith away from the soul, the soul becomes devastated and it begins to attack the body. It cannot stay inside the body; it is crushed.

The soul is Allah’s soul. It is innocent but it is destroyed in the face of disbelief and wants to get rid of the body. Then it begins to attack the body and then the person is destroyed. It makes people go mad. Because when we were created at the beginning, we are created according to faith. We are created in a way to survive with faith. When faith is lost, all those nervous and physical breakdowns begin. An individual is devastated as much as his or her faith is lost. Lack of faith makes the person go mad. An individual is as healthy, good, beautiful, relaxed and open to the extent that he or she has faith. Therefore Allah reveals in the verse, “We will give him good in the world”; both richness and comfort and ease. Almighty Allah says, “We gave Abraham good in the world”, masha’Allah. (from Mr. Adnan Oktar’s Interview dated April 25, 2012 on A9)

As long as an individual expects true love from people who do not love Allah or follow the good morals described in the Qur’an, the same thing will happen every time. People who ascribe partners to Allah (Allah is beyond that) instead of asking for love from Allah Who is the true owner of love only find an imitation of that true love and are disappointed throughout their lives.

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