Random mutations destroy life and cannot produce mutually compatible organs

Darwinists maintain that living things evolve as a result of chance mutations and that blind and unconscious mutations gave rise to all the glorious variety of life we see on the Earth today. 

This claim represents a serious logical inconsistency.

Mutations are breakages, impairments and displacement as a result of radiation of chemical effects in the DNA in the nucleus of the living cell that contains all its genetic information. NINETY-NINE PERCENT OF ALL MUTATIONS DAMAGE THE ORGANISM. While the remaining 1% have no effect at all. NO MUTATION HAS EVER BEEN OBSERVED TO BENEFIT any organism. Moreover,

•    According to Darwinist claims, mutation has to produce changes that are proportional and mutually compatible everywhere in the body.

•    For example, according to evolutionist claims, if an ear formed on the right side through mutation in the manner they suggest, then random mutations must also produce a second, functional ear on the left side, possessed of the same characteristics. The anvil, cup and stirrup must form perfectly in both.

•    Random mutations also have to establish coronary valves on both sides. According to Darwinist claims, mutations would have to produce all the valves in perfect form and exactly the right places, at the same time and in equal harmony.

•    Otherwise there will be a huge imbalance, and the result should be peculiar structures such as one upside-down ear, one different tooth, or one eye on the nose and the other in the forehead. But since there is no such imbalance in life, Darwinist claims mean that mutations must produce everything in a symmetrical and mutually compatible form.

•    But the fact that mutations are 99% deleterious and 1% ineffective makes it impossible for them to be able to produce rational, harmonious and symmetrical organs at exactly the same time.

•    The effect that mutations have on a regular structure is like firing a machine gun at it. Randomly firing at a healthy object will destroy it. The fact that one bullet has no effect or destroys an infection already existing in the body and thus cures it does not change anything. The organism has in any case been destroyed by the other 99 bullets that strike it.
2009-08-27 01:36:36

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