Darwinists could not speculate on the hand fish


  • The fins on the hand fish’s chest are quite well developed and resemble a hand.
  • The hand fish uses its hands to move across the sea bed.
  • Just like the Coelacanth, this animal is a bottom-dwelling fish that inhabits the ocean deeps.
  • If the fish were extinct and Darwinists had discovered its remains, evolutionists would have no hesitation about claiming that it was an intermediate form in the passage from water to dry land and that its highly developed fins were legs in the course of development.
  • But since it is a perfect fish still living today, such likely claims are eliminated.
  • The life forms that Darwinists propose as intermediate forms are perfect and flawless, just like the hand fish. The only difference between them is that the former are extinct, for which reason it is easy for them to be used as tools for Darwinist speculation.
2009-08-29 18:40:53

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