The glorious irreducible complexity in the synthesis of a single protein

  • Sixty special proteins acting as enzymes are needed to make a single protein inside the cell.
  • If just one of these enzymes needed for protein synthesis is missing, the cell cannot produce proteins.
  • The proteins that serve in protein synthesis are therefore indispensible, they all have to be present in order to manufacture a single protein and they all constitute an irreducibly complex system. 


  • In addition, it is not enough for these 60 enzymes to exist at the same time, they all also have to be present in the same small region within the cell.  
  • They all have to be co-ordinated and directed in the right location.
  • Furthermore, all the organelles inside the cell have to be in the right place and have to fully discharge their functions for this. Because all the organelles in the cell are involved in all the stages of protein synthesis. If the other organelles do not perform all their functions, then protein synthesis cannot happen since important functions will not take place.
  • The formation of a single protein in an single cell exhibits a glorious irreducible complexity. And Darwinists are unable to account for the events that take place for a single protein.   
  • They are unable to, because all the worlds created, down to a single atom in the giant planets in the universe, reveal the sublime might and creation of Allah.
Reference: William Dembski, Jonathan Wells, How to be an intellectually fulfilled atheist (or not), Intercollegiate Studies Institute, 2008, p. 52

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