There will be no war between Iran and Israel, it is inappropriate to occupy the agenda by falsified news

Certain press organs under the inducement of freemasons, are trying to lay the ground for war and defeatism by unnecessary indignation. They’re striving for an environment of conflict by spreading the news that a clash between Iran and Israel is a matter of time. Putting forward the idea that “a war will break out” which harasses people for nothing, they aim to stir unease in societies, ,set masses against one another, and attain their targets in an environment of conflict .  

This is a vile and empty trick.

In the period to come, there will be a time of peace and tranquility in which the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) and Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will lead. The prevalence of this peace and tranquility of this blessed period is imminent. In this blessed period, WARS WILL COME TO AN END, NO MORE BLOOD WILL BE SPILLED. The Gog and Magog defeatism, the Armageddon War, temporary peace time... which some Evangelical Christians have been waiting, have all come true. In this period yet to come, NEITHER IRAN- ISRAEL NOR ANY OTHER WAR WILL TAKE PLACE. This period, during when we will witness the appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and the Prophet Jesus (pbuh), will be the Golden Age, the period of ease, peace, security, love and friendship.

War and massacre hearsays are nothing more than artificial indignation put forward by freemasonry which is the system of the antichrist. Consequently it is erroneous to give credit to such false news.

You can read the article related to the termination of wars during the time of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) and Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) here.
2009-09-26 13:06:32

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