Adnan Oktar's interview on Al-Khabar, Morocco

1- Which ideas and thoughts do you mainly work on in your organization?
This is not an organization. We have a community of friends who love Allah very much and seek love, brotherhood, friendship and kindness to prevail throughout the world. Allah wants us to be forgiving, loving, helpful, self-sacrificing, unconventional and well spoken. We want these moral values to prevail in the world. There is a philosophical ground that estranges people from good morality, makes them selfish and justifies conflict. Darwinism, which claims that life is a result of blind coincidences and one needs to be strong and crush the weak in order to survive, was the greatest obstacle in the way of sincere faith and goodness prevailing throughout the world. With my books, articles and documentaries, I have destroyed this idol, by Allah’s leave. Today no one esteems the unscientific claims of Darwinism. Only a handful of people support this fallen theory due to some ideological concerns, but they will soon admit the truth.
2- How many disciples do you have? Approximately?
I am no sheikh or imam and my friends are not disciples. We have a bond of love and friendship between us. We love each other and tell people about the moral values of the Qur’an for the good pleasure of Allah. I don't have many friends; around 300; but there are millions of people who read my books and sympathize with my works and me, and sincerely support my works, both in Turkey and several countries around the world. My books are translated into 73 different languages and millions of copies are sold every year. Every month eight to ten million people visit my web sites published in these different languages. Many thanks to Allah, this is a success story granted by Allah as a blessing. Allah grants success and goodness to anyone who is sincere.
3- Why do you use the alias Harun Yahya in your books? And who don't you use your own name?
Allah supported the Prophet Moses (pbuh) with the Prophet Haroon (pbuh) against the Pharaoh and the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) with the Prophet John (pbuh) against the unbelievers of the time. Out of respect for the memories of two prophets who struggled against disbelief, I used a combination of their names as an alias to cherish their memories. My purpose in writing these books is to earn the good pleasure of Allah and invite my readers to only follow the Qur’an and the exemplary moral values of our Prophet (saas). Therefore, I have no intention of being in the forefront. I don’t earn anything from these books. What is important is to convey the religion to the people.
4- Your name shined in the Arab world at a specific time, especially at the time of the Atlas of Creation; could you elaborate on that?
The Atlas of Creation has had a huge impact. As well as the Atlas of Creation, all of my other books and documentaries have always captured great attention in the Arab and Islamic world. Many Muslim communities use only my books for their religious activities, because in these books there is not even a single word that could mislead people about religion or confuse their minds. The wording is very open and plain and most importantly, it is very sincere and to the point, and invites people to think honestly. Starting with the Atlas of Creation, all of my books, which prove the invalidity of the theory of evolution, are based not on demagoguery but on solid scientific facts. It is impossible that a person who reads these books could believe in evolution any more, because it is not possible for them to scientifically oppose any of the evidence I have stated in a reasonable and scientific manner. Besides my books, the broadcasts of the A9 Channel are watched closely both in Turkey and the world. The live shows I attend are simultaneously translated into English, French, German and Russian on the Internet and they have very high ratings. Our brothers and sisters can follow Channel A9  in English from the address and in Arabic from the address
5- As far as I know you have not gone outside Turkey ever. What is the reason for this?
Since 1979 I have been in an intellectual struggle. When I was a college student, I began my intellectual struggle by publishing a thin brochure, which explained the fallacy of the theory of evolution, and distributing it to all the students and academic personnel. Since that day on, I have never had a vacation. I have aimed to achieve the most in earning Allah’s good pleasure every minute of my life. When there is so much pain in the world, and people are suffering to such a great extent, I think that it would be a great indecency for someone to think of his own comfort and pleasure only.
6- Do you think that the real reason of the recent political and social troubles in Turkey could be a hidden hand? What are your views on this? And who do you think is right in the conflict between Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the Community?
In our day, the things that happen in a country are never a reflection solely of the internal balance aspects of that country. International structures and big states certainly have a plan, a strategy for Turkey as they do for every country. However, if there are circles that seek to weaken, divide and downgrade Turkey, they should not forget that the only plan that will be realized is the plan Allah creates. There are the Islamic Union and the system of the Mahdi in the plan Allah created: There are good days where the world is surrounded with love, compassion and mercy and democracy and human rights are exercised fully, insha’Allah. Muslims always evaluate every incident according to the Qur’an. Allah commands in the Qur’an that when there is a conflict between two Muslim communities, you must reconcile and settle the dispute. (49/9) Our Prophet (saas) tells us in many hadiths that there should not be hard feelings between Muslims and a sense of brotherhood must be strengthened. Therefore every Muslim has to reconcile, make peace and strive to be united. Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan has done very good services for Turkey. Both economically and socially, he has helped Turkey progress. Most importantly in the time of the current government, many crucial steps were taken in the way of democratization. Besides these, there is now a Turkey that gives a helping hand to Muslims everywhere, from Somalia to Rakhine. A strong Turkey is essential and valuable for the Islamic world. If this government has made some mistakes, then the people will answer these mistakes within the framework of democratic methods used in modern states of law. When such undemocratic means to overthrow a government are adopted once, then this would open the door to adopt a wrong, misguided path not only for the AK Party, but all parties and peoples from every kind of thought in Turkey and the Turkish people would not have that. If there were a crime, and if there were someone who took graft, then this would be assessed by the judicial system, and that person(s) would be tried and if proven, they would be punished according to the law. But pronouncing people guilty without any trial would be a violation of their basic rights.
7- As a writer how do you evaluate the civil wars in the Arab world and the Arab Spring?
The actual spring of the Arab world and Islamic world will come with the system of the Mahdi. What is happening now is the birth pains; a herald for the good days to come. Our Prophet (saas) told us about the incidents happening today in hadiths in great detail. He told us in his hadiths that Iraq would be occupied, Baghdad will burn in flames; there will be conflicts in Syria and about what happened in Egypt. If our readers would visit the web site they can read all the details given by our Prophet (saas) in detail. Our Prophet (saas) told us about these for a reason. The Messenger (saas) is telling us, “When you see that these happen, understand that you are in the era of the Mahdi.” And he is showing us a way to search for and find the Mahdi. If Muslims ignore this path shown by Allah and His Messenger (saas) and say, “We know better” instead of accepting the solution Allah shows us, then this suffering and conflict will not end.
8- There is a question always asked to you and this question has three aspects. Firstly; what is the reaction you get because of the amazing girls in your programs? Secondly; why do you always talk about the Mahdi? And thirdly; what are the financial resources of your organization?
Until now there was only a single image that came to people’s minds when one said “Muslim”, and this image was especially forged by those who were against Islam. When one said “Muslim”, one thought of people who don't understand art, are against science, are unable to appreciate beauty, are unclean, ragged, of poor quality and coarse, aggressive, unhappy and lack manners. However, this is not the Islam spoken of in the Qur’an. This is not the Islam our Prophet (saas) lived. Our Prophet (saas) was the most modern and quality person of his time. He had a quality understanding that was beyond time. He was always very elegant and stylish. He was preaching the religion to all sorts of people, including women at the Ukas Market. Some Muslims who seek to suffocate this enlightened and beautiful aspect of Islam with superstitions and bigotry have caused Islam the greatest harm. Among my friends, there are both women who wear the burka and those who prefer low-cut dresses: All of them are Muslims. All of them cite Allah’s name with enthusiasm and love. And they also respond to people citing Allah’s name.
Our Prophet (saas) commands us to tell of the Mahdi: "HEAR THE GLAD TIDINGS OF HAZRAT MAHDI (AS). He is one from the Quraysh and from my Ahl al-Bayt."(Al-Muttaqi al-Hindi, Al-Burhan fi Alamat al-Mahdi Akhir az-Zaman, p. 13) So I am following this command of the Prophet (saas). What is strange is that some scholars are not talking about the Mahdi. This is actually a sign foretold by the Prophet (saas). The Messenger (saas) says that in the sermons they will not talk about the portents of the End Times and the dajjal. Careful about this: until this century, all scholars talked about the system of the Mahdi but in this period, strangely, they have come together like a chorus saying that the Mahdi will not come. An increase in the statement that the Mahdi will not come is actually a good tiding that the Mahdi has come.
Like I said in the beginning, we are not an organization. My friends and I are engaging in several trading activities. I don't have any worldly ambitions. I spend the property granted by Allah again in the way of Allah; therefore, Allah makes it prosper, Alhamdulillah.
9- Has Hazrat Mahdi come to the world? And is he in Turkey?
Yes. Both Hz Mahdi (pbuh) and the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) are here and on duty, insha’Allah. I’m not saying this; but the hadiths of our Prophet (saas) and the statements of major Islamic scholars are saying this. We are at the final chapter of the world. Our Prophet (saas) has told us with his hadiths that the life-span of the Muslim community (ummah) is 7,000 years and 5,600 years have passed since the time of our Prophet (saas) clearly. If the life-span of the world is 7,000 years and 5,600 years have passed, then only 1,400 years  remain.  (You can read the hadiths from this link:) 
Another important detail is that hundreds of portents of the End Times told by our Prophet (saas) have been realized within the last 30 years since the beginning of the year Hijri 1400.
Just like our Prophet (saas) foretold; Afghanistan was occupied, blood was shed in the Kabaa, solar and lunar eclipses took place in the month of Ramadan; there was a comet with two tails like a horn (Comet Lulin); Baghdat was in flames; the army of Iraq was lost; there was turmoil in Syria and Egypt; the Euphrates was halted; earthquakes increased; there was much corruption one after the other; there was the Iran-Iraq war and more than 600 other portents that I am not mentioning here have happened. Our Prophet (saas) tells us that the Mahdi will emerge in Istanbul:
Narrated by ibn 'Amr: … The Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) said, “O Ummah! Six things will happen before the Hour … The sixth is the conquest of Medina.” 
He was asked, “O Messenger of Allah, which medina [city]?”
He said, “Constantinople [Istanbul].”   
(*) This is the conquest of Constantinople by Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). 
(Signs of the Last Day, p. 204; Ramuz al-Ahadith, 296) 
10- Can we get a little detail about your daily life?
I live every day for Allah. It has been 30 years and I’ve never had a vacation. I’ve never spent a single day for my personal use. I spend every minute for preaching the religion, talking to my friends, working on my books and television programs, and thanks to Allah, and all of my days  are very fruitful. Of course I have new works; new books are on the way. I am preparing new volumes of the Atlas of Creation. I have a new book explaining the conflicting views and misconceptions of bigotry. It is about to be finished, insha'Allah.
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