We Must Put An End To The Violence In Urumqi

Yesterday China announced a new operation in East Turkestan in which thousands of Uighur Turks were loaded into busses and taken to an unknown location. Since there is no free communication with Urumqi, it is not possible to get up-to-date information about the situation of these brothers and sisters. The Uighur Turks have maintained their existence under harsh conditions for some 60 years now. Their history is full of much pain and massacres. Now when China has begun to open up to the world, it is very disturbing to witness practices, which remind the oppressive days of the 50s. The memory of millions of martyrs is still fresh in our minds and it is of paramount importance that the Chinese government enlightens the public about this situation and immediately addresses the oppressive situation. If China wants to entirely overcome the obstacles to energy resources, economic loss, loss of lands, or disintegration utterly, she must accomplish these goals, not by frightening people, but by taking measures to respect the various ethnic groups within her borders, regardless of race. It is easy for the Chinese and the Uighur Turks to co-exist in peace and the path to peace has been discussed in detail in another publication. See http://harunyahya.com/en/Articles/15320/uyghurs-and-chinese-can-live. Uighur Turks exemplify the moral virtues of Islam--- nonviolence, forgiveness, compassion, peace; they respect other beliefs and thoughts, and they are known to treat people based on moral virtues, regardless of race. The Chinese government can likewise adopt a more conciliatory attitude, which is consistent with universal human rights and which accommodates the problems and just demands of the Uighur Turks. If China follows a path of pressure, intimidation and fear, it will only harm herself. We ask the Chinese government to put us at rest; to explain the recent situation in Urumqi, candidly and completely, and to explain with proof the whereabouts of the lost Uighur Turks from whom any news can not be received. We also ask China to put an end to the human rights violations in Urumqi.

2014-06-05 08:04:54

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