Muslims are like members of a large family

God reveals in many verses of the Qur’an that He will bestow abundance, peace and security on believers when they are in a state of unity, solidarity and brotherhood; otherwise they will taste fear, pain and suffering. Therefore, we can clearly see in the light of the Qur’an the reason why fragmented Muslims are expressing such oppression and difficulty.

By the leave of God, the blessed age before us will be one when believers’ foresight is made keener, when the veils before them are lifted and when the need for and importance of unity is understood.

Our Almighty Lord has forbidden the Muslim community to be divided among itself, and when God addresses Muslims in the Qur’an, He addresses a single community. Verses 92 and 93 of Surah an-Anbiya’ reveal that; This nation of yours is one nation and I am your Lord, so worship Me. But they disagreed and split into different sects. Each one will return to Us.

Ignoring this commandment in the face of all these facts is without doubt the source of great troubles. It is clear that if we espouse division and speak in favor of such statements, and if we are not inclusive and unifying, God will not bestow happiness upon us. Our Almighty Lord only bestows plenty and strength on those who abide by His commands and follow the path of brotherhood. Believers must be on their guard against this ruse of Satan, he who seeks to weaken us at every opportunity. God tells Muslims to be united as follows in another verse:

Hold fast to the rope of God all together, and do not separate. (Surah al-‘Imran, 103)

In another, God reveals that God loves those who fight in His Way in ranks like well-built walls. (Surah as-Saff, 4). God commands Muslims to be ‘ well-built walls’ yet Muslims who should be like brothers are currently divided among themselves. Brotherhood should prevail, yet Muslims are currently divided into several different communities.

God reveals in one verse that:

Those who are unbelievers are the friends and protectors of one another. If you do not act in this way there will be turmoil in the land and great corruption. (Surah al-Anfal, 73)

This verse actually reveals a very important secret. One of the main reasons why Muslim countries are being crushed, despite their population of 1.5 billion, rich underground resources and important geopolitical positions, is that Muslims are not protecting and watching over one another; they are divided, in other words. Deniers, on the other hand, are powerful and effective despite their smaller numbers because they protect one another; are allies in other words, and act as one.

In Verse 46 of Surah al-Anfal God reveals that, Obey God and His Messenger and do not quarrel among yourselves lest you lose heart and your momentum disappear...”

The way that Muslims are becoming caught up in utterly pointless arguments and are ruthlessly fighting one another, and even turning their weapons against their brothers when they should be standing up for and protecting one another in the knowledge that they are brothers, is the greatest scourge currently afflicting the Islamic world. The way out of that scourge is clear: God commands us to be united, to unite in the face of dissolution. A Muslim must be scrupulous to abide by this commandment of God. In any event, as a result of the moral values beloved of God, love, compassion and a spirit of justice, no Muslim could ever accept disunity.

It is perfectly natural for Muslims to act with a spirit of unity in the face of all events and, most importantly, that is what is compatible with the Qur’an. God recommends unity and togetherness because there is goodness in them. Muslims are like members of a large family. When there is powerful love and compassion there, the best behavior is to treat any errors within that family with compassion, to strive to compensate for that error and to correct it with kindness rather than exposing it for all to see. That is the morality that God desires of us.

Adnan Oktar's piece on Harakah Daily:

2014-09-26 16:50:38

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