Pseudo Intellectual Sycophants who Infiltrate Muslims

Recently some people who are presenting themselves as “Muslims” while not possessing the proper characteristics of a Muslim, are given significant attention with their articles being published in European and American media. The distinctive feature of these people is that they have an intense admiration for Western life-style which reveals itself in every word they write and everything they say. Inferiority complex, pretentiousness and snobbery are among the easily observed characteristics of such writers.


These people are also invited to programs on television channels whenever there is a development in the Islamic world and their articles are given wide coverage in the newspapers, columns, and various periodicals. Interestingly however the reason for this coverage is neither because these "writers" are advocating the religion of Islam or the rights of Muslims, nor their having extensive information about these topics.  The reason is the language they use and their argumentative manners and most importantly their unconditional submission to every demand of these Western circles because of their desire to ingratiate themselves with these circles.


These pseudo-intellectual sycophant writers see no harm in carrying out team work with anti-Islam European and American groups. They act almost like a mafia group and act as their spokesmen for the Islamic world.  To lay the ground for such a role, they appear as if they are defending Muslims when necessary.  In this way they can infiltrate into Muslim communities, attend their meetings and their discourses. Of course their real intention is not to establish friendly relations or to work for the interests of Islam. Their goal is to meet the demands of their European-American partners and to try to spread their negative opinions among Muslims. To that end they locate people with such pretentious characteristics like themselves and number such people among themselves with various promises.


Their admiration for their European or American partners can easily be understood from every word they utter and from their attitudes in their effort to imitate them and from their snobbish and pretentious language. This can clearly be seen in the way they use social media. Despite their “Muslim” identity they use statements that are in conflict with Islam without any discomfort on their part, make jokes that are not compliant with respect towards our sacred values and share such caricatures. They present this as a “so-called” modernity within their own diminutive and pretentious understanding.


One of the most important characteristics of these sycophants is to embrace the attitudes that are thought to be valuable in the Western culture, which in fact have no meaning. They take photos holding wine glasses or cigars, and frequently emphasize that they visit the cafes, which are deemed important in this pseudo-intellectual culture. They think it is a great success to be taken into consideration by well-known types from this circle, to have conversation with them, or to take photos with them. Thus they talk about these experiences wherever they go.


With all these, they imagine that they are easing the inferiority complex that pervades their character. One of the many well-known characteristics of such pretentious people is that they feel ashamed of Muslims while being completely comfortable and peaceful among groups with half-irreligious tendencies, pretentious communists who in their own minds mock Islam, snobbish writers and arrogant individuals who give snobbish speeches. That is why the only thing they ever think of is to make themselves loved and to sell themselves among these circles.


Being taken into consideration by people who they imagine are important is considered a great success for such people. The European-American circles treat these pretentious types as if they protect and watch over them and praise their thoughts and their writings, making these people imagine that they are very important personalities. Actually such people’s articles are written or edited by others most of the time.  This way the ideas of anti-Islamic circles in Europe and America are voiced by those people who pretend to be Muslim and thus spread among Islamic world.


Once such pseudo intellectuals are accepted by the Muslim communities, carrying out policy or plotting becomes very easy.  Some circles can say ‘Let Turkey divide’, others can say ‘The Islamic countries should never unite.’  Some people write or say ‘We should support dictators’, still others write articles, full of nonsense from the beginning to the end showing ‘Arming the terrorist organizations is a path to peace’. When they think they are gaining fame, they are in fact serving the secret bosses who try to stir the Islamic world.


The reason for all these efforts is to misrepresent Islam, to pacify Muslims, to weaken them, to discourage their enthusiasm, to remove their love of service. These sycophant characters in question fulfill these duties knowingly or unknowingly.


This is a secret disease that many people are not even aware of, yet it spreads far and wide every single day. Particularly, many people with Pakistan, Indian and Bangladesh origins living in Western countries are being used by the American-European secret deep state in this respect.  Many of them, without even realizing, are thus giving harm to their brothers in religion, to the Islamic community they may have been serving for years and be instrumental in the spreading of these harmful ideas. We need to be very cautious about this danger and should definitely take all necessary precautions. And to do that we should be supporting individuals, scholars and authors who fully appreciate the beauties of the Islamic morality, strive to make real Islamic morality prevail in the world and ensure the unity in between Muslims. This is of crucial importance.

2014-11-17 09:06:17

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