The Left is the wrong option for Europe

The politics of promises! That is the sole method employed by the leftist policies that have failed for hundreds of years. This type of politics that the left, or rather the Marxist mindset, has developed over the years by concentrating on the economy has always disappointed many people in times of economic crisis. That is because Marxism has a spirit of social equality that has never been capable of implementation and has always ended in disappointment. The idea of taking from the rich and giving to the poor, eliminating inequalities and establishing a fair system is a very justified and also attractive aim. Those people who have fallen for that promise have always eventually come to realize what Marxism really aims at through social equality, and have always lived to regret it.

History is repeating itself with the same content but a different appearance in our own time. People are placing their hopes for a solution to the economic crisis in the left, particularly in Europe.

As readers will recall, and as I have often stated here, some Eurozone countries experiencing severe stagnation after the economic crisis have regarded countries they perceive as materially weak to be a burden in various ways. Anti-migrant feeling was soon added to that discontent. They sought to make a few hundred wretched souls who had sought refuge in these countries in despair pay the price for the financial crisis in these countries. Anti-migrant protests began occurring in some European countries in order to bring down unemployment levels from as high as around 40%. There was a huge explosion in the vote share of anti-immigration radical parties in the European Parliament elections in May 2014. Yet the level of unemployment in Turkey, which had admitted some 2 million refugees during that same period and which had a much lower GNP than Europe, was only around 9%. So people being unemployed or experiencing material difficulties in prosperous Europe had nothing to do with admitting a few hundred guests.

Some Europeans adopted a false strategy against the economic crisis. They believed that socialist and Marxist talk of social equality could be a savior in such times. The victory of Syriza in Greece, a country in a state of economic collapse, was perhaps the clearest example of this. While there has been much discussion of the Marxist, atheist Tsipras, there are also other atheist leaders in Europe who have come to power with promises of social equality. These include Zoran Milanović, president of Croatia, 90% of whose population are devout believers, French President Francois Hollande and the president of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko. There are also indecisive ones including Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico and Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt, who does not belief in eternal life or paradise and hell.1

Everyone is free whether to believe. Our purpose here is not to judge people because of their beliefs, but to criticize the way that European people look for a solution in Marxist and atheism-based policies. The concept of social justice in Marxism is in fact based on a kind of exploitation. The system generally involves a minority who have seized control of the state and a majority who give their earnings and labor to the state. Of course people must be rewarded for their own work. This means that the individual works all the time and under the most difficult conditions, while elderly, sick and weak people who have no means of work cannot receive any recompense as they are unable to work. That is the main reason why the handicapped and elderly were regarded as burdens in Soviet Russia and Mao’s China.

While people enjoy equal status under this system, it is an equality of increasing poverty. The only group who are not equal with the masses are the minority who govern them. In countries run along Marxist lines, the mass of people are wretched while the minority live in luxury. That is why the ideal of social equality in Marxism has always ended up in the people being exploited, impoverished and wretched. The concept of social equality being used year is a grave deception.

It is difficult for this system to become settled in Europe as it stands, but on the basis of their similar mentality and the experience of the past it is clearly illogical to expect a solution to the European economy from Marxist parties. The reason why lovely Europe is being increasingly led toward the scourge of division, why popular levels of dissatisfaction are increasing and why degeneration and protests are growing is not, contrary to what people think, an economic one. It is in fact the mistaken perspective of liberalism, in which European societies imagine that insults represent freedom of expression and that moral degeneration and irreligion are the height of modernity, which has led to this economic crisis, talk of division and unhappiness. In general terms, Europe’s problem is one of being influenced and even pressurized by a group of people who think that it can become even more modern by turning away from religion. It is utterly futile to expect a solution from Marxism to problems caused by the false liberal perspective.

Let me make this clear, Allah will never, ever bestow allow systems that defy Him to flourish. That is why states with Marxist foundations have always collapsed. If Europe thinks that it can achieve peace and prosperity by turning away from religion, its essence and the reason for its existence, then it is sadly mistaken. Europe may have to pay a heavy price for the false fashion of modernity established by turning away from religion and moral values. Lovelessness may become extremely painful, and lack of conscience may become impossible to resolve. Defamation under the guise of freedom of expression and perversion under the guise of modernity may become more widespread. That will devastate Europe, which should be a role model for the world.

People acquire value the more they hold onto their moral values, and are thus able to establish a human society. The social equality that people seek is in fact set out in the Qur’an. Under that system of social equality there is no injustice, and everyone becomes wealthy together, through mutual aid, giving and self-sacrifice. If that is the conception of equality that is desired, then people need religion, not atheistic, Marxist systems. History shows us how expensive mistakes can be. Lovely Europe must not fall into that error again. The world needs a Europe that is a role model with its culture, quality and democracy.


Adnan Oktar's piece on Daily Mail:

2015-03-16 15:33:16

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