Have faith in happiness

HALF of the world is anxious and upset. Many people are uncomfortable with the country they live in, their workplace, their home and some of them with their family, spouse and some with the existence of other people. There is a prominent deficiency of joy and happiness. Although the real reason remains unrecognised, economic troubles are frequently considered the reason for the growing unhappiness. 
However, when we examine matters more closely, we see that some people who do not have any economic troubles and have all the facilities available in the world are defeated by unhappiness and thus either commit suicide or become addicted to drugs or alcohol. This shows that the reason for happiness or unhappiness does not depend entirely on people’s economic condition. 
When creating us, Our Lord has sent down to the world the manual of how to use the world, our soul, and our body: the Quran. When we do not use the world as God defined for us, the whole system of the world breaks down and this broken system begins to burn us because when creating the world, God created our harmony with the world accordingly just as He created everything in a balance and order. God determined how much oxygen we need when creating air or what our cells need when creating our cells. God created countless details such as the moon, the sun, stars and the atmosphere with a balance. Even a little imbalance or a disorder that is in conflict with the creation in the universe would mean the order in the world would be ruined. 
Likewise, in the Quran, God informs us about what our soul needs, how we should behave and He also informs us of the extent of the moral breakdown that will occur if His words are not heeded and how this new system will begin to hurt us. A new device you bought might burn if you plug it in without reading the instructions; the same thing is also valid for the human soul. Therefore, when people do not comply with the way of life and morality described in the Quran and instead try to solve every problem with hatred and fighting and not with love and affection, it is inevitable that unhappiness will spread. The only thing that would bring happiness to one is to comply with the religion of God; that person’s spiritual values, faith and religion. 
The world, as some claim, is not idle and aimless. The world with its seas, lakes, oceans, flowers, trees and mountains is a place of trial God has created where people are tried whether they fulfil their obligation to God or not. The universe, all the systems in the universe, stars, planets and all other heavenly bodies are also created for people to see our Lord’s greatness and infinite power and to appreciate His power. Similarly, all the events one experiences, all the places he has been, and all the people he meets are included in his trial in this world. God informs us about the fact that the reason for man’s creation and being in the world is a trial in a verse: “Verily We created Man from a drop of mingled sperm, in order to try him: So We gave him (the gifts) of hearing and sight.” (Surat al-‘Insan, 2) 
In this testing environment, a person is responsible for heeding God’s commands and prohibitions at every moment and acting in such a way as to earn His approval. God wants us to be happy. He wants to be loved and wants us to love each other. The real reason for the creation of both the world and people is love: without loving God and being close to Him at heart, it is impossible for people to be comfortable in the world and to love each other. 
Not thanking God for giving us all the countless beautiful blessings in our lives while we use all the means He has given to us is unacceptable. While God creates fruits, vegetables, cars, homes, the technology we use every day, televisions and radios for us, it is unacceptable to forget to thank our Lord for giving us all these means and blessings. If the soul become so desensitised, it is not surprising that unhappiness spreads over the body like a plague. 
The economy, the arts, the sciences: everything is getting worse in the world. The number of suicides is increasing. People are losing the meaning of their life. People are becoming highly distressed; many of them cannot live without antidepressants. The reason for all of this is that people have turned away from God, from faith and they have forgotten the reason for man’s creation. In a verse, God informs us about the fact that people get into troubles when they turn away from Him: “But whosoever turns away from My Message, verily for him is a life narrowed down, and We shall raise him up blind on the Day of Judgment.” (Surah Taha, 124) 
Before it’s too late, everyone should turn towards God, He Who gives them countless blessings; they should love God and should comply with all the commands and advice which God conveys to us through the Quran so that happiness spreads all over the world. The mercy described in the Quran is pleasurable; compassion is pleasurable, forgiveness is pleasurable, generosity is pleasurable. Making a person happy, making a poor person happy is pleasurable. Seeing the happiness of people, the gleam of happiness in their eyes is pleasurable. The only problem of the world is the failure of practising the morality God conveys to us through the Quran and the prophets. 
Happiness is incessant for those who believe in God and the destiny He has created. No matter how difficult the situations they run into in their daily life, nothing can make believers upset, because they know that they live in a world where they are tested and because they submit themselves to destiny without making any concessions for their good morals. For a believer, there is nothing to be defined as “bad” throughout his life. Happiness is incessant for believers who know that their real abode is the hereafter and know that for every difficulty, God rewards them more. 
Forgetting this fact means life turning into a nightmare; a nightmare created by one’s own hands.

Adnan Oktar's piece on New Straits Times:


2015-08-07 11:05:43

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