Developments on our border with Syria and the situation of the Turkmens

Turkey needs to adopt an active policy and risk-reducing initiatives in the face of developments along its 911-km southern border with Syria. The greatest danger to Turkey is the PYD, an extension of the PKK terror organization, gaining a position of command on our southern border by establishing military superiority in the region. We can summarize the main risks in the event of that happening as follows:

  • Turkey’s borders will become highly open to attack, and PKK/PYD militants will easily be able to infiltrate the country and commit acts of terror.
  • A state apparatus on our southern border declared by the PKK/PYD terror organization will seek to unite with other affiliates within the country. That will worsen the danger of fragmentation by threatening Turkey’s integrity.
  • The 100-year plan of the U.S. and UK secret state apparatuses, intended to break Turkey up and severe its links to all Turkish-Islamic countries, will become a reality.
  • The danger of disintegration is misunderstood by many. The Kurdish initiatives declaring their own autonomy is not the question here as is assumed, but the desire on the part of a Marxist terror organization that uses the concept of Kurdishness to establish a communist state. That is why the danger this situation possesses is so very great.
  • This Marxist, communist state to be founded in our south will be backed by countries like North Korea, will be made a nuclear power and will represent a grave threat to Turkey and the world.


Of course the advances being made in the region by the PKK/PYD and the danger this represents are not happening independent from the world's covert politics. These developments are also a part of the Great Middle East project, intended to control the Middle East by breaking it up into small parts, and of the New Middle East project, which was developed and shaped later on and also intended to break up the Middle East into even smaller components. In this way, some secret state apparatuses that dominate the world and sinister forces that do not wish to see the emergence of a union of Islamic states similar to the European Union, will have achieved their aims. The most critical point here is the isolation of Turkey, which might be in a position to lead such a union, through internal and external weakening.

That is why the secret state apparatuses active in the region are using the PKK/PYD terror organization as the perpetrator of the separatist and destructive terrorist activities they needed. They are trying to create an artificial power in the region by giving this murderous organization all kinds of military, economic and social support. In this way they want to establish a line along our southern border right away by lifting all obstacles facing the PKK/PYD. In the next phase, they aim to make this illegal organization surround us entirely by reaching to the Mediterranean. In this way, they plan to cut Turkey off from its own history, and to sever all her links to the rest of the Islamic world.

The area that the illegal PKK/PYD structure wishes to take control of, on our South, at the moment is the region between Jarabulus and Azez. Although Turkey has been striving to establish a safe zone for this region right from the outset, no results have been achieved yet and it looks even more difficult now. The U.S. and the UK secret state apparatuses took the PKK out of Tal Abyad and moved it to the Tishrin Dam to the south of Kobani, supported it with war planes and is now extending the terror organization's reach to the Jarabulus-Azez line via Manbij westward from the Euphrates. As the U.S. and the UK secret state apparatuses are clearing the way for the PKK/PYD terror organization to expand from Rojava toward Jarabulus, the Russian secret state organization is transporting it from Afrin to Azez. As this perilous alliance clears the way for the PKK/PYD terror organization, it also makes it very difficult for Turkey to protect its borders.

The Turkmens are considered as the greatest obstacle to the PKK/PYD terror organization establishing control along our southern border and then expanding toward the Mediterranean: That is because the Turkmens who've lived in the region for some 1,000 years, currently live on strategic points opening onto the Mediterranean. That is why Turkmen villages, particularly those on Mount Turkmen, are being ceaselessly bombed by the Syrian regime and the forces of the Russian secret state apparatus, while land forces also move into the region.

Mount Turkmen is a mountainous, forested region standing directly opposite the Yayladağı district of Hatay. The Bujak part of this region, also known as Bayirbujak, represents that part of Mount Turkmen that extends to the coast. This area is in the hands of units loyal to the Syrian regime. The region of Bayir, on the other hand, represents the eastern part of the peaks known as Mount Turkmen. This region, the scene of fierce fighting, is only five kilometers from Turkey. Kızıldağ (Red Mountain), being the highest point in the area is of great strategic importance. If the region falls, Mount Turkmen will be completely besieged by regime forces. Thereby, Idlib and Aleppo region, which open onto the Mediterranean as well, may then also fall.

The intense bombing of the Turkmen area is occurring on the pretext of the presence of ISIS units. The fact of the matter is that only Turkmens live there, and most of them have had to migrate. Before the war, there were 72 Turkmen villages and a population of 270,000 to 300,000 in the region. Now, there is almost no civilian population at all. The aim here is clearly to eliminate the Turkmen villages blocking access to the Mediterranean.

As can be seen, the plan to isolate, divide and control Turkey by removing the Turkmens from the region is going ahead step by step. There are not only Turkmens in this region, but also religious Kurdish and Arab tribes. These people are also being bombed and destroyed by members of secret state apparatuses in order to clear the way for the bloody PKK terror organization.

In the face of all this, it is essential that Turkey thwarts these plans at once by adopting an active domestic and foreign policy. In doing so, Turkey is expected to make no concessions from its longstanding, inclusive and pro-peace attitude that avoids escalating incidents. It needs to be known that countries, states and their leaders are never directly involved in sinister plans that are devised. Secret, covert state apparatuses are the players that all these factors are indebted to. For years now, they have thought that they can implement their plans through scenarios based on violence and division. In order to thwart these plans it is essential to become teachers of love and to eliminate, as much as possible, those elements that incite anger.

It is essential for Turkey to build good relations with other countries and to approach them in a spirit of love and friendship. At the same time, repairing our damaged relations with Islamic countries and establishing a love-based Islamic Union seems to be the most urgent matter at hand. To that end, what we need is not an understanding that seeks to shape the world and rebuild an Ottoman Empire that looks down on the nations around it, but an approach based on love, affection and modesty. We need to make the inclusive nature of Islam felt and to prove that we are friends with every country and every individual.

Such an upstanding strategy will put an end to the unjust criticisms towards Turkey and also allow the country to make its own position clear. Such an honest approach will also make it possible to tell the global public about the bloody Marxist, communist and Stalinist ideology of the PKK/PYD terror organization. We need to expose the killings and oppression of the peoples of the region committed by this illegal organization. In addition, we must build powerful coalitions against terror with other countries of the world, take deterrent measures against terror and, most important of all, implement the educational methods that are really the only solution to terror. We must provide for all the social and economic needs of all those who have suffered because of terror. Only in this way can the oppressed people in the region, and particularly the Turkmens, be liberated, and only in this way can Turkey preserve her territorial integrity and become the architect of a lasting world peace.

Adnan Oktar's piece in Daily Mail:

2016-01-04 01:07:44

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