A day that changed Turkey

Unity means strength. Nations or societies that lose their sense of unity are always susceptible to disorder and external instigation. 

Despite its horrible consequences and the wounds it inflicted, the coup attempt, which was certainly not anticipated by the people of Turkey, has brought with it a pleasant outcome. The long-hoped-for spirit of unity among the people of Turkey was achieved overnight. The discourses of the opposition parties condemning the coup and supporting the government distinctly proved that there is no place for coups in Turkey’s politics. The firm stand the opposition took on July 15 continues to remain strong.

Another interesting development is that people ensured that they carried only Turkey’s national flags on the streets because those on the streets are not party representatives but the masses of Turkey who stand united. From the first day onward, people were mindful of not hurting the spirit of solidarity. 

As the democracy watch continues, the democracy meeting hosted by the main opposition party, CHP to which all the parties were invited has made a notable contribution to this sense of solidarity. The summit President Erdogan held the very next day, to which all the party leaders were invited at the same time, is a significant symbol of the spirit of reconciliation. 

In Turkey, the sharp political tone that had become increasingly evident especially in the recent years, and the discrimination practiced by some people on the basis of political views, religious outlook and lifestyles had reached a dangerously critical level. Polarization had become worrisome for everyone and had an impact on the daily life. In those days, I had stated in one of these columns several times that such a political culture could cause serious harm. Through the latest major incidents, God reeducated the Turkish people. Henceforth, what is looked forward to is the spirit of brotherhood.

This should never be forgotten: The perfidious deeds like coups that insult the free will of the people take their strength from enmities and dissents within societies. Divided people or societies always benefit coup plotters, as they may find potential supporters among a section of a fragmented society. The existence of hotheaded, cold-hearted, cruel people within the society always provides the necessary basis for coup plotters; because, a coup plotter seeks to seize power by brutal force and cause bloodshed as this brute force necessitates. Giving him the atmosphere he desires will open the gates to grave dangers. 

Having gone through this experience, from now on, Turkey has to act more astutely and carefully. The newfound reconciliatory tone of the politicians should definitely continue. Bitter and caustic speeches should not be allowed in anyway. It should not be forgotten that such tone harms the people and democracy as well as enables those who seek to harm Turkey. Politicians should properly assess all these issues with care. Of course, they cannot fulfill everyone’s every wish, but it is always possible for them to find a middle ground that will please the majority. 

To that end, unity meetings, which have been off to a good start, should absolutely continue. It will be wonderful for the ruling party to aim for adopting a policy that will help them win over not only their audience, but also the audiences the opposition appeals to. In carrying out this policy, the government should not be concerned about losing its own audience; because winning over the majority of the people will bring the greatest benefit to both the government and Turkey. Turkey should become a country in which people of all views can live in peace and comfort. 

It is quite elating to see people shed their party flags and persistently stand together on public squares. For this spirit to live on, people must not heed to frantic voices. It is crucial to solve issues that might give rise to conflicts and contradictions. 

The people of Turkey have demonstrated to the entire world that love and unity have the power to prevent a horrendous and treacherous coup attempt. In fact, the Turkish people themselves witnessed in amazement how the power of unity thwarted the nefarious plan. Those who had not previously have faith in the power of love and solidarity witnessed it firsthand. 

The principle we will adhere to next should be eliminating the reasons that lead to the coup attempt. A Turkey that prioritizes modernism, science and arts will inevitably be impervious to any coup attempts. As we witnessed from the exemplary events of July 15, the strength and will of the people form a great barrier against coups. This can only be accomplished through practicing modernism, quality and arts in harmony with the true spirit of Islam. 

Adnan Oktar's piece in Arab News:


2016-07-30 12:24:52

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