Women Should Avoid The Shallow Life Style That Degenerate Cultural Values Have Produced

In today's world that is all but engulfed by violence, hatred, conflicts and fighting, moral degeneracy is also increasing day by day, tearing down all moral and spiritual values. Along with an enormous degeneracy, an awry social order where spirituality, good morals and virtuous behaviors are abandoned has started to prevail in every corner of the world. Besides, millions of people are influenced by drug, cigarette and alcohol consumption and are practicing numerous immoral activities such as illicit sexual relations and homosexuality. 

Immoral behaviors are openly displayed on television programs, movies, in printed and visual media and social media under the name of modernity. There is a large scale propaganda for degeneracy around the world calling it "freedom",  "democracy" and "human rights". Sexual perversions and illegitimate relationships not only go uncriticized, but are also introduced as a sign of bravery and imposed upon society. Deviant behaviors are praised in order to make them more attractive to the masses. As a result of all this, all aspects of society, especially women and children, are negatively affected by this degenerate culture. Women are one of these affected groups.

Numerous sociologists and cultural scientists are of the same opinion; namely, that the shallow style of living this culture of degeneracy produces has a considerable and harmful effect on women. The number of those who suggest that this culture produces "a classless model for women that creates individuals devoid of sound personality and character who look exactly the same in respect of both appearance and behavior" are quite considerable.

It is obvious that some specific programs on the television, which is in some way a window for a wider world, play a big part in this moral erosion. Some marriage and game shows reveal an opportunist, quarrelsome, gossipmongering, scheming female portrait far from gentility. Such shows create numerous negative influences on various spheres from standards of judgment to entertainment habits; from dressing styles to human relations. The fights that those attending such shows have among themselves, their use of offensive words, their opting for their pecuniary advantages, behaving greedily and humiliating themselves tarnish the image of women in the public eye.  Because of these shows presenting an aimless, idealless model for women who value material things instead of soul, who love and respect no one and who only look out for their own interests, creates a significant damage in social structure.

As a matter of fact, women are the most precious beings of this world. With their good morals, profundity, their understanding of cleanness and chastity, their thoughtful, self-sacrificing, loyal and good-tempered dispositions; they are very valuable beings resembling gentle flowers.   

The Thing That Makes A Woman Beautiful Is The Profundity In Her Soul

To be truthful, the beauty of women stems from the profundity of their soul and their good morals. What makes their character superior, their attitude impressive and their personality solid is the purity of their hearts, their self sacrificing nature, their being dignified, staid and respectable. Refraining from scheming, gossiping, jealousy, dissatisfied and grumpy attitudes, hypocrisy and other similar immoral behaviors exalts them. Acting in the way good morality, nobility and kindness demands instead of abiding by the demands of their lower-selves, deems them superior. Their disdaining to resort to crude behaviors, lies, petty interests and sarcasm; their honoring and praising others who have superior characteristics instead of feeling jealous, exalts them.

In short, as they show the most beautiful manners in every environment and under every circumstance, women attain great value. Their good morals decorate their words and manners and that beauty is reflected in every aspect of their lives.

On the other hand, the lives of those women who are under the influence of today's degenerate culture is full of vulgarity and shallowness. Shoddiness and banality manifest themselves in their every attitude and speech. They live in a frame of mind that is almost resigned to humiliation.  Their soul is never satisfied, they can never find the love they dream and receive the respect they want. They lead pretty much a fake life. The respect and attention they receive is, therefore, fake too. Such people are continuously humiliated. Due to their shallow, self-absorbed, cynical, jealous and aggressive characters, they are never respected in any environment they enter. They want to be held in high esteem and be loved, but they can never attain this because shallow and trivial people are never considered respectable in the society. 

Faith is the only way to get rid of such banality and shallowness

Everyone wants to be loved and respected. However, for this to happen, one needs to have morals worthy of respect and love. In order for one to be loved, one should be loving; to be respected, one should have a respectable character; to receive compassion, mercy and devotion, one should be compassionate, merciful and devoted. This is valid for both men and women without exception.

Vulgarity and shallowness is not something that can be cured with artificial efforts and temporary measures. Shallowness and sleaziness is not something only formal but is a problem that dominates the mind and soul of that person. Therefore, trying to fix  problematic behaviors and attitudes one by one is not a solution for this problem. In order for someone to be dignified and assume high quality, one needs a strong fear of God, a profound faith and good morals.

God gives a deep spiritual power, a solid character and a positive influence to those who fear Him, love Him and those who live for His good pleasure. This kind of person is respected, and even admired. A faithful, dignified, intelligent, profound, modest, compassionate and a brave woman with a strong spirituality is subject to a great respect and attention from the society, her attitude and behaviors are taken as examples and she is greeted with respect and admiration wherever she goes.

This can help one to be purged from every kind of dark and degenerate culture that pollutes one's soul, therefore it needs to be thought on very thoroughly. A person who realizes the harms of a mundane, materialistic and sleazy morality would want to get rid of these characteristics, and avoid thinking degenerately and displaying sleazy behaviors. Therefore, as God says with the verse "Do not give up and do not be downhearted. You shall be uppermost if you are a (true) believer." (Surah Al' Imran, 139) once can be the best by being cleaned from the filthiness that today's degenerate culture produces.

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