Turkey must unshackle itself from the 'coup d'etat mindset'

A military coup d'etat is an intervention in the national will and an infringement of individual rights in democratic societies. Beyond doubt, any country that has experienced a coup knows that it is a tragic imposition that sets societies and states back decades. However, none of the countries in the grip of this tradition can break free of this catastrophe. 

What we mean by "tradition" is the following: When we study recent history, we see that those nations under the rule of the military are certain countries that have certain characteristics and are located in certain regions. The Middle East, Africa and South America are examples of this. These countries have been under the auspices of certain Western countries and have largely remained as third world countries despite all their riches. Global economic exploitation directly operated through colonialism in the past years; today, it operates by way of creating unstable societies and causing these states to be dependent on "greater forces" by means of a coup and internal conflict.

Therefore, a coup is a persistent tradition we can observe in the Middle East, Africa, and South America. Orhan Erkanli, a member of the National Unity Committee that staged the 1960 coup in Turkey said, "Underdeveloped countries are occupied by their own armies."

Being a part of this system of exploitation does not mean that said countries have no power to stand against a coup or no responsibility in this regard. When the reasons for a coup are taken into consideration, it is possible to see that the biggest problem is, in fact, the states' making themselves susceptible to such intervention.

It is better to exemplify this coup tradition in Turkey. Despite its democratic regime, Turkey is a country that has been exposed to coups and coup attempts many times. Turkey has been subjected to coups once every ten years since 1960 and the silence that had been going on since the post-modern coup that forced the government to resign in 1997 and the unsuccessful e-memorandum in 2007 was broken by a bloody attempt on July 15. The fact that Turkey nearly encountered this catastrophe again, while everyone thought the country was largely freed of military tutelage, made everyone ask, "What happened to us not being a country of coups anymore?"

This atrocious coup attempt that we were faced with, when we thought we were no longer a country of coups, is evidence that some things have still not changed in our system as a country.

The Military System

It is better to start analyzing the issue from the military system. In the past, within the structure of the Turkish Army, which we refer to as the "Prophet's home," there had been a certain fraction who described themselves as leftists and regarded themselves superior to the common people by misinterpreting the concept of secularism. With this conviction, these soldiers considered secularism as a concept contradicts with religion; therefore, they believed that protecting this concept was to protect the state and they were trained with the belief that they could use their weapons "in the name of protecting this concept."

Regarding this issue, the former Chief of the General Staff Hilmi Ozkok said: "Armed forces' conditioning people starts as early as in high school. Military schools apply a curriculum in order to enable these goals. This curriculum indoctrinates the young for this purpose." Saying that he himself also had this manner of thinking due to this training style, Ozkok continued by saying, "At that age, I thought we wanted to intervene in politics. But now, my vision has changed."

Secularism means securing all religions and guaranteeing the freedom of belief of all members of all religions. It is not independent of religion; on the contrary, the religion of Islam is based on secularism. Our insistent explanation of the real meaning of secularism has changed the general perspective of the Turkish Army. The fact that the majority of the Army, particularly the Chief of the General Staff and the Commanders-in-Chief of the Armed Forces not partaking in the coup attempt on July 15th is sufficient proof of this.

The pro-coup mindset flourishing under a materialist ideology alone is not enough for coups to occur. The country has to be suitable for the foundation of this mindset. For instance, the countries in the aforementioned regions generally suffer from "a lack of quality" brought by a bigoted religious belief. Although Turkey is a country representing a modern democratic outlook, it harbors within a mindset that is estranged from quality and modernity under the influence of certain bigots. This has caused great damage to Turkey for years, and it still continues to do so. This condition is also unfavorable for the Turkish people who want to live the spirit of a democratic Turkey. The coup plotters and the deep state representatives who seek to keep the colonial system alive have always deemed this bigoted substructure and the spirit of shoddiness convenient for their evil plans.

The True Spirit of Islam

In order to make up for this deficiency, it is essential to explain the true spirit of Islam and build a society far removed from superstitions. The state should demonstrate that it attaches importance to art, music, painting, sculpture and science; it should foster democracy and the notion of freedom and attach particular importance to women. It should not be forgotten that those countries where women are regarded as second-class citizens can never develop and flourish: Such countries can never be the representative of a nation with liberal thinking and will always remain susceptible to coups. Ultimately, they will move towards absolute collapse.

In order to break free from the "coup tradition," states have to change their own systems. In this regard, we've been explaining the necessity of establishing a "Ministry of Quality" for a long time. When states adopt the right ideology and educate their societies in line with this ideal, and when they get free of the spirit of violence and conflict introduced by the materialist mindset, and most importantly, when they purify their own society from bigotry and reinforce quality and democracy within themselves, it would no longer be possible to carry out evil plans on those countries. No matter how great the coup-plotting secret powers are, they will be weak against such a state and society, and furthermore, they will not even dare to attempt an operation against a nation that has shown such a progress.

Adnan Oktar's piece on The China Post:


2016-08-26 14:23:14

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