Should We Accept Terrorism as a Part of Our Lives?

Terrorism is a perfidious, undeclared war that catches innocents in their most vulnerable moments and stabs blameless people in their backs. Groups that are unable to popularize their ideologies through communication, indoctrination and education resort to treacherous methods. They seek to impose their existence, life styles and ideologies through force and fear.

Terrorism rears its head sometimes under an anarchist identity, and sometimes under a radical one in the name of Islam. However it would be a mistake to think of terrorist organization as stray entities. Just like the anarchist leaders who spread terror, the decision-taking mechanisms of the modern terrorist organizations too are deeper mafia-like powers. These are the powers that hold influence over even the legal governments of countries, strategically share the world among each other, stake out a claim on many territories, and exploit terrorism as a means to achieve their ends. Such groups wage their intergovernmental battles through terrorist organizations. In fact, when we look at the various wars in which the states were involved in the 21st century, we witness the fact that the acts of terror have also increased at a parallel rate. For example, according to a study by the University of Chicago, no suicide attacks were carried out in the countries of the Middle East prior to the intervention of the Western coalition in the region in 2003, whereas after 2003, there were 2152 suicide bombings in Iraq, 1143 in Afghanistan, 513 in Pakistan, 259 in Syria, and 44 in Libya. In other words, as the struggles between countries intensify, so does the strength of terrorism.

As the deep powers lay a stake over the entire world, the terrorist groups which carry out these activities will be constantly nurtured. They will always emerge under different guises. Some will bomb mosques; some will raid nightclubs and rain bullets upon people. Thus, people's attention will be diverted to another debate. People will debate over "intervention on the life styles of others," and the term "radical terrorism" will be defined. This is a debate headline concocted by the said deep powers in the West to create the perception of a "common enemy." The goal here is to consolidate in this way the strategy of pitting Muslims against Muslims.

This employed strategy will give rise to terrified masses, and through it, governments will be labeled as "unstable," thus, putting these so-called unstable governments in a position of weakness and inability before both its own citizens and the other countries it enjoys good relations with.

This strategy aims to breed discouragement among the people and force them to give in. Through countless experiences throughout history, the deep powers are aware of the fact that disheartened and destitute societies have always been more susceptible to exploitation. It is this same picture that is aimed to be created right now.

This is a scheme. Countries subjected to terrorism should never be deceived by it. Nobody can and should become accustomed to living with terrorism. To give up on finding a solution for terrorism and accept defeat means to fall once more into the centuries-old trap. Anarchism and radical piety, both forms of radical terrorism, are two issues that have a solution. Both of them can be solved through education; and this education can be achieved by adopting quite basic methods.

The roots of radicalism lie in a false religious perception. Whereas, the true religion is simple. Preaching the true religion by grounding it on proofs is a significant education method that will eliminate the false religious perception. In this way, the masses who, by falling into the trap set by the deep powers, led to believe they are fighting for the sake of the religion can have the possibility of breaking free of this ploy.

The same is also true for the anarchists. Anarchists are ignorant communities who were made to believe that the dialectic materialist philosophy, which suggests that everything is in conflict with one another and these conflicts will ultimately lead progress, is the sole truth. Even a few scientific proofs offered against them will easily help them understand how faulty and illogical the dialectic materialist conception is.

However, an attentive mind will realize that these methods are somehow not given a try. This is because certain powers that seek to wage the intergovernmental struggle via terrorist organizations are unwilling to do so. They always favor the continuous existence of communities prone to deceit. Because, for them, ignorant communities always have the potential to be exploited as terrorists who will attack the nations, sects and ethnic groups those powers loath.

There are two ways to fight against terrorism. The first is to avoid falling into the trap of the dark powers that utilize terrorism and becoming a disheartened community. The societies who preserve their cheerfulness, joy, determination and solidarity, and who further consolidate these traits even in the face of terrorist acts will substantially weaken the terrorists and the treacherous powers that employ them. A society should never be taken over by a mournful atmosphere due to terrorism. On the contrary, this should strengthen the society's bonds of unity even further. It should never be forgotten that the first thing those who desire disorderly societies try to achieve is to sow discord within the society. Tight-knit nations have always defied the influence of those who wish to perform surgery on that nation.

The second is the activities that aim to educate the terrorist through every possible way. A terrorist who has realized the hollowness of his ideology with proofs will lose his spirit to carry out acts of terrorism. He will be deprived of the ideal, the sake of which he has been fighting for, and fail to maintain his fervor and resolve. It is quite easy and possible through accurate education to stop these masses that have taken up arms as the result of the false education they received. As states and nations that stand firmly against terrorism, the important thing is to immediately apply this method.

No one should become accustomed to a life with terrorism. Terrorism is a perfidious war for dominance built with artificial traps upon artificial ideologies. To become accustomed to terrorism is to surrender to this treacherous plan. Every scientific endeavor that shakes the foundations of the false terrorist ideology will strike at the heart of the foul groups that foster terrorism. This will at the same time destroy the very core of the strategy "to create frail societies through the policy of 'violence against violence'" pursued by the said powers.

Adnan Oktar's piece in American Herald Tribune & Daily Mail:

2017-04-01 03:00:25

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