Hypocrites' techniques of deception

They claim to want what is good, but they open their own masjid, imagining that they can harm Muslims



Although they cause corruption, they claim to be putting things right

When they are told, ‘Do not cause corruption on the earth,’ THEY SAY, ‘WE ARE ONLY PUTTING THINGS RIGHT.’ No indeed! THEY ARE THE CORRUPTERS,but they are not aware of it. (Surat al-Baqara, 11-12)


They try to depict themselves as people with good intentions who are unwilling to be involved in corruption

AMONG THEM ARE THERE SOME WHO SAY, ‘GIVE ME PERMISSION TO STAY. DO NOT PUT TEMPTATION IN MY WAY.’ Have they not fallen into that very temptation? … (Surat at-Tawba, 49)


They want Muslims to be fragmented

They are the people who say, ‘Do not spend on those who are with the Messenger of Allah, SO THAT THEY MAY GO AWAY.’ The treasuries of the heavens and earth belong to Allah. But the hypocrites do not understand this. (Surat al-Munafiqun, 7)


They foolishly imagine they can frighten believers

Those TO WHOM PEOPLE SAID, ‘THE PEOPLE HAVE GATHERED AGAINST YOU, SO FEAR THEM.’But that merely increased their belief and they said, ‘Allah is enough for us and the Best of Guardians.’ (Surah Al ’Imran, 173) 

And a group of them said, ‘PEOPLE OF YATHRIB, YOUR POSITION IS UNTENABLE SO RETURN!’some of them asked the Prophet to excuse them, saying, ‘Our houses are exposed,’ when they were not exposed; it was merely that they wanted to run away. (Surat al-Ahzab, 13) 

They put forward the lie that they cannot engage in the struggle because they have to look after their families, and they seek to give the impression they are well intentioned

Those Arabs who remained behind will say to you, ‘OUR WEALTH AND FAMILIES KEPT US OCCUPIED,so ask forgiveness for us.’ They say with their tongues what is not in their hearts. Say: ‘Who can control Allah for you in any way whether He wants harm for you or wants benefit for you?’ Allah is aware of what you do. (Surat al-Fath, 11)


They lie in claiming not to know how to struggle on Allah’s path, and seek to give the impression they are well intentioned

And so that He would know the hypocrites. They were told, ‘Come and fight in the Way of Allah or at least help defend us.’ THEY SAID, ‘IF WE KNEW HOW TO FIGHT, WE WOULD CERTAINLY FOLLOW YOU.’ They were closer to disbelief that day than to iman, saying with their mouths what was not in their hearts. And Allah knows best what they are hiding. (Surah Al ’Imran, 167)


They appear to consider the family important, but their sole aim is to avoid the struggle

And a group of them said, ‘People of Yathrib, Your position is untenable so return!’ some of them ASKED THE PROPHET TO EXCUSE THEM, SAYING, ‘OUR HOUSES ARE EXPOSED,’ WHEN THEY WERE NOT EXPOSED;it was merely that they wanted to run away. (Surat al-Ahzab, 13)


They rejoice at supposedly avoiding the struggle and foolishly imagine they are better off because of it, and seek to hinder believers

THOSE WHO WERE LEFT BEHIND WERE GLAD TO STAY BEHIND THE MESSENGER OF ALLAH. THEY DID NOT WANT TO STRUGGLE WITH THEIR WEALTH AND THEMSELVES IN THE WAY OF ALLAH. They said, ‘Do not go out to fight in the heat.’ Say: ‘The Fire of Hell is much hotter, if they only understood.’ (Surat at-Tawba, 81)


They hide behind their oaths and seek to obstruct Allah’s path

THEY HAVE MADE THEIR OATHS INTO A CLOAK AND BARRED THE WAY OF ALLAH.What they have done is truly evil. (Surat al-Munafiqun, 2)


In order to divide Muslims, they constantly call them to their sides by lying to them

ALLAH KNOWSthe obstructers among you AND THOSE WHO SAY TO THEIR BROTHERS, ‘COME TO US,’ and who only come to fight a very little, and are begrudging towards you. Then when fear comes, you see them looking at you, their eyes rolling like people scared to death. But when fear departs they flay you with sharp tongues, grasping for wealth. Such people have no faith and Allah will make their actions come to nothing. That is easy for Allah. (Surat al-Ahzab, 18-19) 

THEY ARE THOSE WHO SAID OF THEIR BROTHERS, WHEN THEY THEMSELVES HAD STAYED BEHIND, ‘IF THEY HAD ONLY OBEYED US, THEY WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN KILLED.’ Say, ‘Then ward off death from yourselves if you are telling the truth.’ (Surah Al ’Imran, 168)


They trust in the material power of deniers, repeat the lie that they are powerful and seek to make believers uneasy

They say, ‘IF WE RETURN TO MADINA, THE MIGHTIER WILL DRIVE OUT THE INFERIOR.’But all might belongs to Allah and to His Messenger and the believers. But the hypocrites do not know this. (Surat al-Munafiqun, 8) 

… DO THEY HOPE TO FIND POWER AND STRENGTH WITH THEM? Power and strength belong entirely to Allah. (Surat an-Nisa’, 139)


They foolishly seek to encourage believers to rebel against our Prophet (saas), but they behave like Muslims when they are with our Prophet (saas)  

DO YOU NOT SEEthose who were forbidden to confer together secretly returning to the very thing they were forbidden to do, and CONFERRING TOGETHER SECRETLY IN WRONGDOING AND ENMITY AND DISOBEDIENCE TO THE MESSENGER? AND WHEN THEY COME TO YOU THEY GREET YOU WITH WORDS ALLAH HAS NEVER USED IN GREETING YOU,and say to themselves ‘Why does Allah not punish us for what we say?’ Hell will be enough for them! They will roast in it. What an evil destination! (Surat al-Mujadala, 8) 


When they are with believers they appear to be Muslims and seek to deceive them

Among the people there are some who say, ‘WE HAVE FAITH IN ALLAH AND THE LAST DAY,’ WHEREAS THEY ARE NOT BELIEVERS. THEY THINK THEY DECEIVE ALLAH AND THOSE WHO HAVE FAITH. They deceive no one but themselves but they are not aware of it. There is a sickness in their hearts and Allah has increased their sickness. They will have a painful punishment on account of their denial. (Surat al-Baqara, 8-10) 

WHEN THEY MEET THOSE WHO HAVE IMAN, THEY SAY, ‘WE HAVE FAITH.’But then when they go apart with their demons, they say, ‘We are really with you. We were only mocking.’ (Surat al-Baqara, 14)


They seek to deceive people by calling upon Allah when they speak


Among the people there is someone whose words about the life of this world excite your admiration, AND HE CALLS ALLAH TO WITNESS WHAT IS IN HIS HEART, WHILE HE IS IN FACT THE MOST HOSTILE OF ADVERSARIES. (Surat al-Baqara, 204)

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