Developments in East Turkestan are encouraging. But true peace can only come when China finally abandons its Darwinist mindset

The destructive influence of the pagan religion that is Darwinism over the course of the last century led to two terrible world wars, countries exploiting one another, genocide, slaughter, murder and the resulting death and martyrdom of 350 million people. This perverted system caused millions of people to starve and suffer exile and live in fear, conflict, and oppression. Darwinism represented the intellectual foundation for Darwinist, communist and fascist leaders and bloodthirsty dictators in the 20th century. Darwinism is the most perverted and devilish system of the End Times in which we are living.

Like many other countries during those dark times, China was greatly influenced by the fraudulent Darwinist system that was astonishingly imposed on vast masses of people. Following the establishment of a communist system in the country, a policy of repression began, people were no longer regarded as human and human values were to a large extent terminated.

A great many countries that regard belief in Allah as a threat to their own societies (surely Allah is beyond that) have seen the error of their ways and renounced this terrifying system, but China is one of those nations that has persisted with it and has made the suffering caused by it felt in the most intense way for many years now. The sole origin of the oppression experienced and inflicted in China to date is this blind devotion to Darwinism, the system of the antichrist for the last two centuries.

The new measures from the Chinese Government regarding the people of East Turkestan are encouraging

We hope that China, crushed for years under the oppression wrought by Darwinism, has begun to see the negative effects of this terrible scourge. Images of and documents proving the ruthless slaughter of our worthy and innocent brothers in East Turkestan recently appeared on our web site. Immediately afterward, petitions concerning the need for an end to the oppression in East Turkestan accompanied by the images in question were sent to SOME 1000 ORGANIZATIONS AND INSTITUTIONS across the world, including the European Union and the United Nations. A LETTER FROM US TO THE EMBASSY OF THE PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, which had incited Mr. Adnan Oktar and various members of the BAV to visit China said that this invitation might be taken up, but that during such a visit we would wish to examine THE PLACES LIVED IN BY THE EAST TURKESTAN PEOPLE, TO BE SHOWN THE LOWER STORYS OF THE STREETS, POLICE STATIONS AND PRISONS, AND FOR THESE TO BE INSPECTED BY A DELEGATION.

In the wake of these developments, THE CHINESE ADMINISTRATION ADOPTED A SERIOUS CHANGE OF ATTITUDE TOWARD THE PEOPLE OF EAST TURKESTAN. Within a few months THE ROADS BEGAN BEING REBUILT, STREETS BEGAN BEING REPAIRED AND THE CHINESE POLICE BEGAN TREATING OUR UIGHUR BROTHERS MUCH BETTER. NEW BUILDINGS BEGAN BEING PUT UP AND APARTMENTS BEGAN TO BE GIVEN TO UIGHUR CITIZENS FREE OF CHARGE. These things happened IN THE SHORT SPACE OF JUST A FEW MONTHS. These developments are really most encouraging. The Chinese administration’s sensitivity on this subject, its heeding our requests and placing our innocent and virtuous Uighur brothers under protection is all to be applauded.

Covert murders, disappearances and oppression stemming from the Darwinist mindset must also come to a complete end
But despite all this progress, it is a fact that the oppression in East Turkestan has not yet come to a complete end. The Uighur people STILL DO NOT KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO THEIR FELLOW CITIZENS WHO HAD DISAPPEARED ON A  REGULAR BASIS. For a long time now various fanatical Chinese have been taking our Uighur brothers from their homes and NOTHING IS HEARD FROM THEM OR OF THEIR FATE EVER AGAIN. Our brothers cannot complain to any official body and cannot achieve any results. This measure, which has been around for a long time in China, has still not been totally abandoned. It is very important for the Chinese administration to stop all forms of persecution in the country and put an end to these sinister policies. The silent disappearance of our people in those lands is part and parcel of this policy and it appears not to have entirely ended yet. The necessary precautions must be taken at once and a solution found as a matter of urgency.

We also want the Chinese people to live in plenty, joy and happiness

The encouraging developments in East Turkestan are a significant sign that China has gradually begun abandoning the quicksands of Darwinism and is looking for change and novelty. But continuing reports of oppression show that there are still some people there who want to keep the Darwinist mindset alive. For that reason, it is essential that the Chinese administration and people be freed from the yoke of Darwinism and communism.

Like the citizens of East Turkestan, China’s own people have also suffered oppression for many years. The weariness and affliction of living as captives under dictate continues. There have been intense and despotic efforts, rather than ones based on knowledge and ideas, to convince them to live under a dictatorship.  This gives rise to feelings of hatred among some people, meanwhile the majority live their life without ever knowing its purpose. That is why the great majority of Chinese people have lost their joy, creativity, enjoyment of art and warmth. They refuse to live as captives, but the Darwinist-communist system forces them to do so. They live sullenly and unhappily, having abandoned all the true purpose of their lives.

From time to time the Chinese administration takes measures and promotes activities to raise the morale of its own people and cheer them up. The government hopes that as a result the public will shake off the unhappiness that has taken root over the years. The fact is, however, THAT IT IS IRRELIGION THAT IS MAKING THE CHINESE PEOPLE UNHAPPY, AND LIVING UNDER THE PESTILENCE OF DARWINISM.

The Chinese people can only be happy, optimistic and full of the joy of living with love shining from their faces through belief in Allah

BELIEF IN ALLAH is the only thing that will make the Chinese people happy, raise their spirits and give them joy of living, comfort and hope. To date, the Chinese administration has acted according to the ideas of Karl Marx, the figurehead for communist rulers, particularly during the Second World War (Surely Allah and Islam are beyond that). But the fact is that these perverted ideas are the nonsense of the Darwinist mindset in question that seeks to corrupt and destroy the world. All societies that act in the light of that logic have always been unhappy and oppressive.

Belief in Allah is the source of societies’ happiness, hope, joy, confidence, comfort and peace. Nothing but belief in Allah can bring joy and happiness to society. Nothing but belief in Allah can give rise to true art, love, friendship, compassion, fidelity, peace and joy. The Chinese administration is therefore wasting its time by providing an atheist education in its schools and hoping that society will then be happy and at peace, and wasting its time trying to raise its people’s spirits by artificial means. The Chinese government must abandon this outdated logic left over from the time of Karl Marx and must not fear belief in Allah prevailing among its people. Contrary to what China imagines, belief in Allah does not divide society or lead to bigotry. On the contrary, it is the main prerequisite for bringing communities together, strengthening them and allowing them to grow and live in material and psychological peace and security and that makes them a nation founded on solidarity.


It will be a blessing for everyone for China to exist as a powerful state under the protection of the Turkish-Islamic Union

The people of East Turkestan and the Chinese people can live as friends in joy and happiness. However, that is only possible if China abandons its Darwinist mindset. The growth and development of a China that abandons its sinister Darwinist mindset will be a matter of pride for us. Happiness appearing on people’s sullen faces, their attaining peace, and a Chinese society that produces works of art and that lives in warmth, hope, plenty and abundance will be a very excellent thing.

CHINA MUST ABANDON ITS GROUNDLESS FEARS IMPOSED BY PERVERTED DARWINIST LOGIC THAT IT HAS HELD FOR SO MANY YEARS. Nobody has any intention of fragmenting or dividing China. The aim, by Allah’s leave, is to place them, too, under the wings of the Turkish-Islamic Union and permit the people there to live in peace and at ease. But in order for these things to happen, CHINA MUST FIRST COMPLETELY LIFT ALL THE OPPRESSION GOING ON IN EAST TURKESTAN. In addition, it must put an end to the reign of the Darwinist mindset and to Darwinist education AND ALLOW PEOPLE TO KNOW AND UNDERSTAND BELIEF IN ALLAH BY TELLING THEM OF THE FACT OF CREATION. Only then will China acquire peace and ease, material and psychological strength, and plenty that it has desired for so many years.


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