The Christian belief that the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) is the son of Allah (Allah is beyond this), is a grave error - 1

The Christianity that was born among the Jews living in the Holy Land developed as devout Jews who lived according to the law of the Prophet Moses (pbuh)  came to follow the Prophet Jesus (pbuh). One characteristic of these Jews who followed the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) was that they believed in Allah as the one and only.

However, this monotheistic belief changed following the Prophet Jesus’ (pbuh) ascension into heaven and as Christianity spread into the pagan world, and the monotheistic belief that represented the basis of the law of the Prophet Moses (pbuh) underwent a major alteration. Because of the belief in the trinity that was subsequently made part of Christianity, the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) began to be regarded as divine (surely Allah is beyond that). The Christians in question began claiming that Almighty Allah appeared in the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) as a human body, and this belief spread widely.

Belief in the trinity is used in the sense of a belief in a tripartite Allah they maintain consists of “the Father, Son and Holy Ghost” (surely Allah is beyond that). (You can find further detail on the subject from here.) Led and supported by Constantine, the Roman emperor of the time, various people who wanted to alter Christian belief took passages from the Torah and the Gospels that mentioned “the son of God” and began using these as supposed evidence. The fact is, however, that the references to “the son of God” in the Torah and the Gospels are an excellent expression of the fact that all believers are beloved servants of Allah. This fact is made clear in the Gospel according to Matthew in the words,"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God" (Matthew, 5:9). This reference to the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) has the same meaning. The word “son” in the Gospels means a beloved servant of Allah, and not that the person is in fact the son of Allah (surely He is beyond that). This false and exceedingly dangerous belief that was made part of Christianity subsequently and was intended to destroy monotheistic belief gradually became the most important article of faith and precondition of Christianity, and those who rejected it were regarded as people who had abandoned the faith. Efforts were made, under the leadership of priests who espoused the trinity, to impose this mistaken belief on society by the use of force and pressure, and it was made part of Christianity by force. Anyone opposing belief in the trinity faced severe sanctions, and might be exiled or even killed. (You can read the historical details of how belief in the trinity was imposed on Christianity from here.)

The belief in the trinity that was subsequently included in Christianity, or the belief of the three in one as some Christians put it, appears nowhere in the Torah or the Gospels. There are no references to the trinity on the Gospels. Belief in the trinity, which grew as a superstition in this climate of duress and oppression, and the resulting description of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) as the son of God, is a grave danger and serious error that some Christians are living alongside even today. In the Qur’an, Almighty Allah describes this claim as a monstrous thing and sets out the scale of the danger as follows:

They say, ‘The All-Merciful has a son.’

They have devised a monstrous thing.

The heavens are all but rent apart and the earth split open and the mountains brought crashing down,

at their ascription of a son to the All-Merciful!

It is not fitting for the All-Merciful to have a son.

There is no one in the heavens and earth who will not come to the All-Merciful as a slave. (Surah Maryam 88-93)

Genuine Christians must see this terrible danger. They must realize that the belief in the trinity that was added to the Gospels hundreds of years later and despotically imposed despite all resistance in a terrible climate of corruption is in fact in total conflict with the Gospels. You can find other statements on the subject in our subsequent articles.

It is important for genuine Christians to understand the true purpose behind the articles about Christianity on this site


 Christian belief that the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) is the son of Allah (Allah is beyond this) is a grave error – (2)

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