News coverage by international media regarding the Atlas of Creation

Atlas of Creation at a Council of Europe Press Conference -  04.10.2007
France/The Council of Europe

Islamic Creationist and a Book Sent Round the World - 17.07.2007
USA/The New York Times

Islamic Creationism On The Rise - 02.12.2009
Australia/ABC1 TV

A Campaign about to Conquer Europe - 13.09.2007

Turkish Creationist Challenges Dawkins - 19.08.2008
United Kingdom/The Guardian Web Site

Praise for the Atlas of Creation from the German Weekly Stern - 29.03.2007

The Most Impressive Attack on Evolution: Atlas of Creation - 19.09.2007
Germany/Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger

Harun Yahya Is the Loudest Voice in the Debate over Evolution in the Islamic World - 12.12.2008

In Turkey, Fertile Ground for Creationism - 08.11.2009
USA/The Washington Post

Turkish Creationism Takes Root! - 09.06.2007
USA/The Washington Times

Nicolas Sarkozy Backs Creationism - 22.04.2008
France/La Libération

The Impact of Atlas of Creation in Italy - 04.06.2007
Italy/Corriere della Sera

An Empire of Turkish Creationism - 26.07.2007

'The Atlas of Creation Has Caused Great Excitement in French Schools' - 12.11.2008
France/La Croix

French Students Stand against the Theory of Evolution - 18.10.2007
France/Le Figaro

'Creationism's march will go on' - 02.11.2008
United Kingdom/The Observer

Mr. Adnan Oktar and the Atlas of Creation in Süddeutsche Zeitung - 08.07.2007
Germany/Süddeutsche Zeitung

Creationism Is Having an Increasing Impact in Europe - 18.11.2008
France/Le Monde

France Has Still Not Recovered From The Shock Of Atlas Of Creation - 01.12.2007
France/Science et Vie

Creationists are on the March in Europe - 03.05.2008
United Kingdom/New Humanist

Harun Yahya Is the Greatest Writer and Biggest Publisher in the Islamic World - 19.06.2008
United Kingdom/Reuters

The Collapse of the Theory of Evolution on the Russian Agenda - 18.10.2007
Russia/Komsomolskaya Pravda

Teachers in Belgian Schools Are Boycotting the Theory of Evolution - 15.04.2008
Italy/Corriere Della Sera

It Is Too Late to Save Darwinism Now! - 25.10.2007
France/Le Point

The Spread of Creationist Belief in Belgium - 07.02.2008
France/Le Monde

The Next Generation of Teachers Refuse to Teach the Theory of Evolution - 14.04.2008
Belgium/Le Soir

'Harun Yahya; Possesses the Valuable Ability to Produce Electric Shocks' - 00.05.2008

''Islamic Creationist Group Launches Glitzy, Global Blitz'' - 03.08.2007
USA/The Christian Science Monitor

International Newspapers Cover Adnan Oktar's Campaign against Darwin - 27.05.2008
ermany/Die Welt

Turkey will be entirely cleansed of belief in evolution! - 23.05.2007
Ireland/Irish Times

The “Atlas of Creation” in Science Magazine - 16.02.2007

Adnan Oktar's Activities Concerning Darwinism - 01.10.2006
USA/Seed Magazine

BAV’s Activities in Nature Magazine - 23.11.2006

'Harun Yahya is an international hero' - 22.04.2001
United Kingdom/New Scientist

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