The claim that Darwin was a scientist and evolution is a science

Darwinists maintain that Darwin was a scientist and evolution is a science. This position has for long been kept on the agenda by Darwinist circles. There is no doubt that the reason for this is that Darwin was not a scientist and evolution is not a science.

The fraud that Darwin was a scientist:

  • Darwin was merely a traveler with an interest in nature. He was educated at a school run by a clergyman. Apart from collecting insects he has nothing to do with the science of biology at all.
  • His voyage to the Galapagos Islands was the result of curiosity and a desire for adventure. As people around him stated many times in their works, he took an interest in collecting insects during that voyage, but then threw them away after collecting them.
  • The theory of evolution emerged in the form of various confused ideas that Darwin brought together and espoused out of his own depressed and unclear mindset, and with suicidal tendencies, and an ideology descended from the ancient Sumerians and that drew strength from the influence of various atheist circles.
  • Science was in any case very primitive in Darwin’s day. Darwin knew nothing about the cell and claimed that transitional forms would be found at a later date. He frequently expressed his alarm in the face of the complexity in living things.
  • For that reason, the claim that Darwin was a scientist who operated in the name of science is a grave deception.

Darwinists avoid science

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's live interview on Dem TV, October 30th, 2009

The false idea that evolution is a science:

  • The theory of evolution has been constantly refuted by science for the last 150 years. It represents the diametric opposite of the facts revealed by science.
  • Science has revealed the extraordinary complexity in the cell and that evolutionists are unable to account for the formation of even a single protein.
  • Science has made it possible for more than 300 million fossils to be unearthed and examined, and has demolished evolution by showing that not a single one is a transitional form.
  • Science has proved that living things never evolved by showing that all fossils belong to complete and perfect life forms.
  • Science has totally refuted the idea of chance by showing the complex systems in living things and the irreducible complexity within those systems.
  • Indeed, if science corroborated Darwinism, Darwinists would have no need to behave so aggressively, angrily and deceptively. The sole reason why Darwinists strive to silence opponents of evolution and act according to the instructions of the Darwinist dictatorship is that they have no scientific evidence whatsoever.
  • The only reason why Darwinists insist on portraying evolution as science is that they have discovered that they can only survive through trickery, fraud and lies.
  • Darwinism is a false and pagan religion that has deceived people for the last 150 years and should long since have been consigned to the history books.
  • But they are trying to prop it up for ideological reasons, for the sake of denying the existence of Allah. The sole reason why it is still in existence and persistently kept on the agenda is that it is protected in an organized manner by certain sinister forces.
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