Time Magazine: In France, a Muslim Offensive Against Evolution


Time, one of the most widely read news and politics magazines with a circulation of 4 million throughout the world, devoted a place to an article about the Harun Yahya conferences in France on its internet site on June 2nd, 2011. The magazine published the article written by Stéphanie le Bars in Le Monde newspaper from the cover page under the title “In France, a Muslim Offensive Against Evolution”. The news item, which introduced the Harun Yahya conferences in France as a new campaign and noted that the author would give 7 million dollars to the one who brings a single transitional form fossil that proves the theory of evolution, had the following lines:

... Harun Yahya, the pseudonym of Adnan Oktar, never presents himself in person, speaking either by video or through zealous representatives armed with grandiloquent tracts distributed for free. In France, he made himself known in 2007 when he attempted to introduce thousands of copies of his Atlas of Creation into French schools. His work purports to scientifically demonstrate "the frauds and dictatorship" of the evolution-of-species theory.


... Ali Sadun Engin, Yahya's representative in the current tour of French mosques, seems to have convinced the young girl. "I find his explanations logical," she says. Engin invoked Hitler and 9/11 in order to declare that "all Darwinists are not terrorists, but all terrorists are Darwinists."


2011-06-05 00:41:49

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