Ramadan 2011 - The 18th Day


Everything in the heavens and everything in the earth belongs to Allah. Whether you divulge what is in yourselves or keep it hidden, Allah will still call you to account for it. He forgives whoever He wills and He punishes whoever He wills. Allah has power over all things. (Surat al-Baqara, 284)


People's attitude in the face of trials reveal their devotion to Allah

Every self will taste death. We test you with both good and evil as a trial. And you will be returned to Us. (Surat al-Anbiya, 35)

As is stated in the verse above the world is a place of trial where Allah puts people to test with sometimes hardships and, at other times, with blessings. Those who pass this test are those who remain loyal to Allah in the face of every incident, display moral perfection whether Allah give them blessings or limit them, turn to Him at times of sickness and well-being and give thanks to Him and put their trust in Him under all circumstances.

People in this world are being tested unceasingly; this way, those who sincerely believe are distinguished from those who do not believe. Allah reveals this fact in one verse as follows:


Or did you imagine that you were going to enter the Garden without Allah knowing those among you who had struggled and knowing the steadfast? (Surah Al Imran, 142)

No doubt a person’s attitude in the face of trials reveals his loyalty to Allah and whether he has sincere love for Allah. If a person has a genuine love of Allah and willingly remains resigned to what He creates for him, he will display the best of attitude towards everything that comes from Him. A person who displays moral perfection even in the face of the hardest trials, and shows submission and perseverance no doubt loves Allah very much and is devoted to Him by heart. Allah describes the moral perfection of Muslims who prove their love and devotion to Him by displaying the morality of a believer when they are attacked by unbelievers and putting their trust in Him at hard times thus:

Those to whom people said, ‘The people have gathered against you, so fear them.’ But that merely increased their faith and they said, ‘Allah is enough for us and the Best of Guardians.’ (Surah Al Imran, 173)

On the other hand, it is another fact that Muslims grow mature by means of trials, attain profoundity in their fear of Allah and get ready for Paradise. No matter with what kind of hardship they may encounter, they attain the morality of people in Paradise by displaying a strong personality, never despairing when faced with hardship, meeting every test with putting trust in Allah and never boasting or displaying a spoiled character because they enjoy a lot of blessings. This beautiful character make them deserve Paradise, a place of glory and perfection that Allah creates with His infinite knowledge for His servants.


Do you know that the glass is liquid?

Many of us know "the three phases of the substance". One of the most well-known example given for this is "the water". Water is liquid when it is in normal condition, when it is freezed it goes into solid, when it is heated it goes into gas. Here, this condition change of the substance without losing its molecular structure is the three different phases of the substance. But every substance can not go into this three phases. For example, if you heat gunpowder, you can not reach its gas phase. When it is heated it explodes and become completely a different molecule. Glass can not get solid phase property when it is cooled, it only becomes rigid.

The reason why we suppose that the glass is solid is that it is very rigid. The reason why a thick glass layer on the lower parts of the ancient glass cups and vases is being formed is that the glass continuously flows down in invisible amounts. (Harun Yahya, The Miracle in the Atom)

Why is the glass liquid?

To understand this better, we should think this example. Water has the same molecular properties in gas, liquid and solid phases and it is described as the H2O formula. Molecules which form water slide over each other when it is in liquid phase, molecules spread over a wide area independently from each other when it is in gas phase. But when the water is in ice condition, molecules which form water arrenge in extremely symmetrical and flawless order and they "crystalise". Thus, ice is formed. When the substance is solidified it obtains an unique geometric shape, it is called the “crystalisation” of the substance. When the substance gets cold, if it doesn’t obtain this symmetrical order then this substance is not solid. That’s the reason why the glass can not be accepted as “solid”. When the molecules which form the glass are got cold, they can’t obtain a crystal structure. There is not a regular sequence in the molecules and atoms. A substance which can not obtain a sequence like this can never get crystalised, and therefore can never reach “solid” phase. Anyone who learns how atoms form all of the objects in the universe and think about it with conscience and wisdom will see Allah’s infinite might, mind and unique creation, and will succumb his inability in the face of Allah’s power. Allah informs us in the verses that He dominates everything as below:


“With Him are the keys of the unseen, the treasures that none knoweth but He. He knoweth whatever there is on the earth and in the sea. Not a leaf doth fall but with His knowledge: there is not a grain in the darkness (or depths) of the earth, nor anything fresh or dry (green or withered), but is (inscribed) in a record clear (to those who can read).” (Surah 6. Al-An'am, 59)

Evolutionists' transitional form deceit



Hz. Mahdi (as) will have wide shoulders, his bone configuration will be youthful


(Bihar V.13 p. 8,9,10,11,109,110,112,115,118,119,125,167 and Yanabi' al-Mawadda V. 3 p. 407 and Isbat al-Hudat V. 3 p. 593 and Nahj al-Balaghah (Ibn Abil Hadid) V. 1 p. 281, 282 and an-Najmu al Saqib V. 1 p. 279 and Al-Fusul al-Muhimmah p. 289-90 and Alam al-Wari V. 2 p. 294 and Umdat Uyun Sahib al-Akhbar V. 2 p. 499 and Mu’jam al-Malahim Wa Al-Fitan V. 1 p. 203-14 and V. 3 p. 76-80)


What Our Prophet (saas) revealed about the End Times?




Age: 25 million years old
Location: Dominican Republic
Period: Oligocene

Specimens of fossilized grasshoppers are identical to those living today. The fact that grasshoppers that lived 25 million years ago were identical to present-day specimens shows that evolution never happened.


Wisdom And Sound Advice From The Torah


We sent down the Torah containing guidance and light, and the prophets who had submitted themselves gave judgement by it for the Jews – as did their scholars (Rabaniyun) and their rabbis (Ahbar) – by what they had been allowed to preserve of Allah’s Book to which they were witnesses…(Surat al-Ma‘ida, 44)

Then We gave Moses the Book, complete and perfect for him who does good, elucidating everything, and a guidance and a mercy, so that hopefully they believe in their encounter with their Lord. (Surat al-An‘am, 154)

But before itthere was the Book of Moses as a model (imam) and a mercy. And this is a corroborating Book in the Arabic tongue so that you may warn those who do wrong, and as good news for the good-doers. (Surat al-Ahqaf, 12)

We sent Moses with Our signs: “Bring your people from the darkness to the light. and remind them of the Days of Allah.” There are certainly signs in that for everyone who is steadfast, thankful. (Surah Ibrahim, 5)

He (Allah) said, “Moses, I have chosen you over all mankind for My message and My word. Take what I have given you and be among the thankful.” We wrote about everything for him on the Tablets as an admonition and making all things clear. “Seize hold of it vigorously and command your people to adopt the best in it. I will show you the home of the deviators!” (Surat al-A‘raf, 144-145)



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