Ramadan 2011 - The 22th Day


Those who fear their Lord in the Unseen will have forgiveness and an immense reward. (Surat al-Mulk, 12)


Fear of Allah and Hell is an important sign of a believer

Allah has commanded human beings to fear Him in many verses of the Qur’an. Some of the verses are as follows:

You who have faith! Have fear of Allah and let each self look to what it has sent forward for tomorrow. Have fear of Allah. Allah is aware of what you do. (Surat Al-Hashr, 18)

… So have fear of Allah, people of intelligence – those who have faith –Allah has sent down a reminder to you. (Surat At-Talaq, 10)

In another verse, Allah advises human beings to fear Him as much as they have the strength to, and to increase their fear of Allah as best as they can:

So have fear of Allah, as much as you are able to, and listen and obey and spend for your own benefit... (Surat At-Taghabun, 16)

People who do not know or live the morality of the Qur’an in its true sense are not able to comprehend the importance and entailment of fear of Allah well enough. This is because they possess inadequate knowledge of the Qur’an and don’t know the real meaning of fear of Allah.

Fear of Allah is not like some type of fear, which are fundamental in societies where the morality of the Qur’an is not experienced. Communities that maintain a life far off the morality of religion have become slaves of many types of fear in line with their pessimistic state of mind. People who fall into the trap of fear of future, growing older, being alone, death, catching a sudden disease, being mocked, being unsuccessful, earthquake, catching a deadly disease and many other types of fear lead very unhappy lives and live in very stressful states with the anxiety that they may get into trouble any moment.

These people fall into the error of supposing that fear of Allah is just as the fears they live in their dark worlds. However, fear of Allah does not have any similarity with the types of fear listed above. Fear of Allah is a very noble feeling that composes enthusiasm and excitement for someone who knows the mighty morality of Allah, who knows Allah and who deeply loves Him. Contrary to the fears listed above, it is a fear that directs people to great peace and happiness, increases the intelligence and courage of the person, ensures a never-ending enthusiasm and an overwhelming faith and that gives the person a deep understanding, wisdom and solemnity. A person who fears Allah does not possess worldly fears like the fear of future, death, disease or being alone. Because he knows that, no matter what happens, Allah Who is his best friend creates the most blessed destiny for him. He lives the comfort of Allah’s being his minister and for his every issue, he turns only to Him.



What if you never got thirsty?

Almighty Allah created all of our bodily needs with perfect systems. The two examples you will read on this page are of the best proofs of this…

“Have you considered the water which you drink? Is it you that send it down from the clouds, or are We the senders? If We pleased We would have made it salty; why do you not then give thanks?”  (Surat al-Waqia, 68-70)

While a person can live for one to two weeks without food, he cannot live more than three or four days without drinking water. The human body, which consists of 55 to 75 percent of water, loses two to three liters of water per day depending on activities such as respiration and breathing. The water lost is compensated with the water that is drunk after the sense of thirst.

What If You Never Got Thirsty?

Water is the most important source of life for human beings, as it is for all living beings. It is used in almost all functions in the body from the regulation of body temperature, the transportation of nutrients and oxygen, expelling waste products from the cells and easing digestion. In addition, it protects the organs and tissues. For example, when we lose only two percent of the water that surround our cells, we face a 20% loss of energy and feel tired. Even this is enough to understand how important water is for human life. (Harun Yahya, The Miracle of Human)

The Water Detective: The Hypothalamus

There are systems which detect even the smallest changes taking place in the amount of water that is so important for the human body. The most notable of these is the hypothalmus, a region in our brain no larger than a bean. The hypothalamus immediately senses when the water level in our blood drops. And as a precaution against this, the pituitary gland, itself only one centimeter in size, and located just underneath the hypothalamus begins to secrete a hormone called “ADH.”

This hormone takes a long trip via the circulatory system and reaches the kidneys. In the kidneys, there are special receivers that fit this hormone, like a lock and key combination. When hormones reach these receivers, water disposal is applied and kept at a minimum level.

If the pituitary gland and the kidney cells, which understand and carry out the command “decrease water consumption” brought by this hormone, did not exist, we would need to drink 15 to 20 liters of water per day simply not to die of dehydration. Since we would need to dispose of the water continuously, it would not be possible to sleep or stay in one place for too long.

The Sense of Thirst

This perfect system established by the hypothalamus, pituitary gland and ADH working together flawlessly is not enough for us to survive. We need to know that we have to drink water – and how much we need to drink. Therefore, Allah created man with the sense of thirst. Let us assume that everything is flawless in our body, but that we did not get thirsty. We would die of thirst shortly  after we were born. Since we did not have a sense of thirst, we would not realize why our bodies were in a state of crisis, and we were at risk of dying through dehydration . However, a person knows that he needs to drink water from  the moment of his birth and how much water to drink, because we get thirsty in a perfect ratio to restore balance to our bodies. By means of this vital system created flawlessly the water balance in our body is protected.

Besides all of these, water, which is created according to this want of the body, is only one of the evidences of Allah’s infinite Creation.


Are you aware that you?



Hazrat Mahdi (as) will beautify the world with the power of his lofty art, and the joy and beauty of the Qur'an will rule all places


(Al-Mahdi Al-Mawud, Vol.1, p. 264)


Miracles that take place every second in the universe



Why these constant efforts to use Denisovan fossils as a vehicle for evolutionary propaganda?

What is it that induced Darwinists, whose lies have been constantly exposed for years now and who have thus been totally belittled and humiliated, to keep telling the same lies? The reason, of course, is their despair, defeatism and lack of any other way out.

Another important indication of Darwinists’ despair is the way that they keep bringing up frauds they already propagandized months before, as if nothing had happened and these had never been refuted. This is absolute proof of how Darwinism has collapsed. Because Darwinists have nothing more to speculate about and no more instruments with which to deceive people.

NTV, the most fanatical defender of Darwinist deceptions and the reports in question in Turkey, and other media organizations like Darwinist Science Daily website, are all trying to deceive people by again bringing up the issue of a fossil they refer to as Denisovanand herald as a third species in the fictitious evolution of man. They are waiting for time to pass and trying to make people forget the replies we have already issued on this subject. The fact is, however, that we produced several comprehensive exposures of the invalidity  of this claim when they brought it up before and revealed the deception going on here in a very detailed manner. You can read our previous rebuttal here.

To summarize;

  • A fossil finger and tooth dating back 30,000 years were discovered in the Altay mountains in Siberia.
  • The tooth and bone fragment belonged to two different people living at the same time.
  • Darwinists said that the bone fragment and tooth bore similarities to Neanderthals, and even to Homo erectus.
  • DNA analysis of the finger showed that these life forms had the same genetic characteristics as today’s Polynesians (people living in New Guinea and other nearby countries).
  • On the basis of these findings, and of the fact the fossil was discovered in Siberia, and since it was thus incompatible with the mythical migration out of Africa scenarios that evolutionists espoused, Darwinists then claimed that this life form was a “third species” that had evolved in a fictitious way.
  • The fact is, however, that both Homo erectusand Neanderthalsare both normal human races. There are many people today who possess many characteristics of the races in question. It is therefore perfectly normal for the fossil discovered to also possess characteristics of these races.
  • Migration out of Africa is a scenario fabricated by evolutionists themselves. (Darwinists claim that monkeys first began evolving into humans in Africa, from where they migrated to Europe having completed that evolution.) Darwinists maintain that this life form discovered in Siberia must have lost all characteristics belonging to Neanderthals and earlier human races. For that reason, the fossil in question does not fit into this false Darwinist scenario.
  • Out of a state of despair, and because the fossil completely refutes their claims, Darwinists refer to it as “the cousin of the Neanderthals,” a “third species” that evolved in different places. Yet genetic research shows there is no difference between the fossil and human beings alive today. This fossil openly refutes evolution, despite these efforts to depict it is evidence for it.

As we have stated many times before, Darwinists employ many propaganda techniques. Since they are unable to directly employ science and scientific evidence, they use science for their propaganda and tell blatant lies. It appears that Darwinists’ new technique consists of constantly repeating propaganda tools that  have already been discredited before. They hope that with the passage of time, people will forget the rebuttal that has already been issued. There is nothing surprising about this, bearing in mind that Darwinists have been relying on this fraud for their survival for the last 150 years.

What Darwinists fail, or pretend not to understand is this; if you tell someone in a sealed room that it is dark outside, they may perhaps believe it. But if you lift the curtains for just a second so they can see the Sun outside, they will never again believe that it is dark out there. There is no point trying to convince them otherwise. Because verbal suggestion is invalidated by concrete evidence. That is how people stand now. Everyone in the world has woken up to the fact that Darwinism is a deception. Whenever they see reports about evolution, they know they are being lied to. The one method of deception that Darwinists relied on for years, “suggestion with no supporting evidence,” no longer works. Because people have seen the Sun.

Darwinists must realize how demeaning this is and put an end to these hollow endeavors. They will always be confronted by the sublime and immaculate creation of Almighty Allah, Lord of the Worlds. Darwinism has been routed. Any efforts to resuscitate it will just humiliate Darwinists still further.


When love dominates, all laws are implemented very nicely




Age: 5 to 1.8 million years
Period: Pliocene
Location: Asia

The fox is a species of mammal belonging to the family Canidae (canines). The fox skull in the illustration is around 5 million years old and possesses exactly the same features as modern-day foxes. Every new fossil discovery demolishes evolutionist beliefs and obliges evolutionists to come up with new scenarios, since all fossils unearthed to date are incompatible with their imaginings. But their new scenarios are immediately refuted, and evolutionists continue to strive in vain.


Photosynthesis: The Green Miracle

Plants have an indispensable place in human life. With more than 500,000 species and an even greater number of varieties and hybrids, plants are a limitless resource placed at mankind’s disposal by Allah. They are the source of the fresh air we breathe, the food we consume to survive, and much of the energy we use. Plants are also the source of strikingly beautiful views, delightful scents and stunning colors.
Plants’ special photosynthetic factories turn light into food, constantly give off oxygen, cleanse the air and ensure ecological equilibrium. Their aesthetic features such as taste, scent and color, which appeal mainly to human beings, were created by Allah, and reveal His infinite knowledge, artistry, and compassion and affection for human beings. By examining photosynthesis, the characteristic feature of plants, this book will demonstrate the miracles that Allah performs in these living things.


Fossil - Museum

Darwinism, which maintains that life and the entire universe are the work of blind chance, is the main foundation for all the damaging trends that have inflicted terrible disasters on mankind in our age.

The purpose of this site is to reveal the scientific evidence that demolishes Darwinism, which is being attempted to be kept alive out of ideological concerns despite having been scientifically utterly invalidated, and to warn people against this theory’s sly indoctrination.

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