Mehmet Zahid Kotku


Mehmet Zahid Kotku was  one of the greatest Islamic scholars of the 20th Century, who spent many years helping to spread Islamic moral values and  a blessed individual who illuminated our age.

He was born in Bursa, Turkey, in 1897.

His family came from Nuha, an old khanate center attached to Şirvân. They migrated to Anatolia from this region, at the foot of a mountain in the Caucasus, during the Ottoman-Russian War.

Mehmet Zahid Kotku entered the Gümüşhane Dervish Lodge in 1917, attaching himself to Sheikh Ömer Ziyaeddin Efendi. Upon his death, Mehmet Zahid Kotku continued his spiritual instruction with Mustafa Fevzi Efendi of Tekirdağ, the sheikh of the Gümüşhânevî Dervish Convent, and became one of his leading students.

During his discourses which were instrumental in the guidance of many people, he expounded classic catechistic knowledge using new and contemporary evidence, and also related verses of the Qur’an and hadiths of our Prophet (saas).

Zahid Kotku had a prodigious   memory; his language was very moderate and had a strong emotional impact. He spoke to the public in a highly  effective manner; he always allowed the other person to put forward his point of view, and he listened to them as if he heard them for the first time (even if he certainly knew them all), and he always gave thoughtful, meaningful and accessible replies.

His conversation was very pleasant and his sermons were extraordinarily awe inspiring. He used to give improvised speeches, raise his voice when preaching, and spoke with great fervor and excitement.

ZAHİT KOTKU: There is a certain kind of light in that remembrance of Allah of those who remember Him. There is might in that remembrance of Allah. It cleanses all the filth in hearts. The heart of that servant who remembers Him with His name “Allah” fills with light. Cruelty finds no place where there is light. Wickedness finds no place where there is no cruelty.

In various passages he refers to the need, not just to know, but to apply the knowledge one has to life.

Mehmed Zahid Kotku described howit is only possible to cleanse the soul, to rid it of dirt and rust, by self-sacrifice, in short “by spending on the path of Allah.” He led the way to the founding of the Hakyol [True Path] Education, Charity and Friendship Foundation  for that purpose.

The fact that "Muslims are brothers,” constituted the essence of his advice.  As a requirement of that brotherhood, he wanted to see service fully implemented.

Muslims’ most important hope is the foundation of an Islamic Union. The Master expressed that hope as follows:

"Insha’Allah, very soon ... other Muslims will also attain their freedom, after which they will all come together, help one another and become the greatest and most indestructible state." (Mehmet Zait Kotku, Paths of Paradise, Seha N. Istanbul 1985, p. 207)

The worthy scholar Mehmed Zaid Kotku passed away on the  13th of  November, 1980. In one of his discourses he said the following regarding the subject matter  of the Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh):

“O My People, I tell you the good news of a Mahdi. There will be terrible days in your times. But I tell you the good news of a better day after those terrible times.. "

" Listen well. This individual will appear when ‘People have fallen into dispute, in a time of earthquakes, disasters and rebellions and revolts. This individual will come. With the coming of this person, the world will overflow with justice. Everywhere will be filled with justice. Everyone will enjoy justice, comfort and peace of mind, as in the time of Hazrat Umar’.” 

 ‘In the same way you suffered cruelty, oppression and disasters, so there will be the opposite, his justice.  The Angels in the sky will be pleased with him. The saints will be pleased with him, and everyone in the world will be pleased with him. Goods will be distributed justly with “equity.” 

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