RAMADAN 2006 The 12th Day



An Ayat

Each and every one of you will return to Him. Allah's promise is true. He brings creation out of nothing and then regenerates it so that he can repay with justice those who believed and did right actions…

(Surah Yunus:4)



A Hadith

"The Prophet (saas)said: "Give present to one another, and you will then have love for one another.""

(Imam al-Ghazzali, Ihya' `Ulum ad-Din)




Religion according to Allah, not to People - II

True Love According to Qur'anic Moral Values

Believers love Allah above all things. They behave in the knowledge that in everything, Allah has created something auspicious and beautiful and that every moment of their lives passes according to a particular wisdom, within the course set out in their destinies. They are content with every moment that Allah bestows on them and give proper thanks for all of our Lord's blessings. They rely on, trust and submit to Him alone. Allah is believers' true friend and helpmate. Believers' love of Allah is revealed in these terms in the Qur'an:

Some people set up equals to Allah, loving them as they should love Allah. But those who believe have greater love for Allah. If only you could see those who do wrong at the time when they see the punishment, and that truly all strength belongs to Allah, and that Allah is severe in punishment. (Surat al-Baqara: 165)

In loving the things of this world, they do so knowing that these contain the manifestations of Allah and of the beauty of His creation. In their love, they are steadfast, tolerant and compassionate. Weakness and handicaps cause them to feel even greater affection for the afflicted individual. They know that every thing of beauty in the world has been created together with a great many deficiencies, and that true beauty exists only in the Hereafter. As in every moment of their lives, they never forget that true love is the life of the Hereafter.
All things in this world are flawed. Yet in the Hereafter, perfection prevails.. Even if people are constantly in the company of those they love, even if they study subjects with the greatest interest, and even if everything goes exactly according to their hopes, these delightful things are all finite. With death, everything will come to an end. But the life of the Hereafter is eternal. In this world, believers seek to live by the finest moral values and the profoundest love, in the knowledge that they will enjoy true friendship and closeness in the Hereafter. They attach the greatest importance to their moral values, knowing that the further they perfect these, the deeper will be their understanding, n, and thus, they will draw ever greater enjoyment from all of Allah's blessings. But their desires and expectations are not worldly ones.

Thus they live far removed from the fears and restless insecurities that plague those who lack faith. They turn to Allah alone, knowing that it is He, not other people, who will fulfill their wishes. They are hopeful that Allah will give them the finest reward if they live the kind of lives that He desires. In the light of this awareness and logic, their love, one of the blessings of our Lord, thus becomes very profound and beautiful. In short, there always remain enormous differences between those who behave in the manner imparted by Allah and those who live in the way others tell them to.

Allah has revealed this difference between those who follow the evil of their own desires and those who live according to His commandments:

Is someone on a clear path from his Lord like those whose bad actions have been made to seem good to them and who follow their own desires? (Surah Muhammad: 14)


One can live according to true religious moral values by scrupulously adhering to the values revealed by Allah and to the Sunnah of our Prophet (saas). Setting up logical systems and making interpretations outside what Allah has commanded always inflicts losses on the person concerned. Allah has revealed in these words— "So judge between them by what Allah has sent down and do not follow their whims and desires deviating from the Truth that has come to you . . . " (Surat al-Ma'ida: 48) that Qur'anic moral values and the provisions sent down by Him, are a guide and measure for believers. For those who seek any other path, it is impossible to arrive at the truth.

The successful outcome is for those who guard against evil. (Surat al-Qasas: 83)

In the verse, Allah has imparted the glad tidings that those who abide by the moral values He has revealed will attain the very happiest of ends. By Allah's leave, believers enjoy the happy lives revealed by our Lord both in life of this world and in the Hereafter. However, the end awaiting those who still insist on living in accord with their own whims and desires is perversion:

If they do not respond to you then know that they are merely following their whims and desires. And who could be further astray than someone who follows his whims and desires without any guidance from Allah? Allah does not guide the people of the wrongdoers. (Surat al-Qasas: 50)

Allah has told human beings in great detail about the moral values they should adhere to and what kind of life they should live. True religious moral values are the result of scrupulous adherence to Allah's commandments.




Age: 23 to 5 million years old

Size: 11.4 centimeters (4.5 in)

Location: Santa Ynez Valley, California, USA

Formation: Vaquero Formation

Period: Miocene





Pipefish is a small vertebrate that belongs to the seahorse family. This fossil pipefish, between 23 and 5 million years old, is identical with those of today. This refutes Darwinists, who assert that living beings evolved gradually.





Age: 33 million years old

Size: Skull: 17.8 centimeters (7 in); matrix: 30.5 centimeters (12 in) by 25.4 centimeters (10 in) by 10.2 centimeters (4 in)

Location: Converse County, Wyoming, USA







Fossils reveal that all living species appeared on Earth separately, not all at once. This is the scientific evidence that living creatures are created. The 33-million-year-old lama skull fossil reveals that lamas have always remained as lamas and have not evolved from other mammals.




The Compeller

He is Allah - there is no god but Him. He is the King, the Most Pure, the Perfect Peace, the Trustworthy, the Safeguarder, the Almighty, the Compeller, the Supremely Great. Glory be to Allah above all they associate with Him. (Qur'an, 59: 23)

The worst mistake that people make is to grow haughty in the face of Allah and become caught up in pride. Beneath this lies man's regarding himself as an entity independent of Allah, believe that some of his characteristics have their origin in himself and thus granting himself a "separate identity." This, of course, is totally irrational. If we stop to think, we can clearly see that we did not come into the world of our own accord, that we do not know when our lives will end, and that not one of our characteristics was given to us of our own choice.

In the face of these facts, it is quite obvious how meaningless and unreasonable it is for man to grow haughty in the face of his own Creator.

The fact is that man must understand the greatness of Allah, and realize that it was He who created him from nothing, and He who gives him his characteristics and potential. Neither must he forget that Allah can take all His blessings back whenever He so chooses, and that all living things must one day die. He must accept that it is only Allah who is everlasting, and must submit himself to Him. That is because Allah has the power to make all those who mistakenly grow proud before Him, who are unaware of their helplessness and turn their backs on Him, bow their heads whenever He wishes.




The Creation in the Structure of the Cell is One Proof that Invalidates the Theory of Evolution

Immunity cells (yellow) are seen in a fight with cancer cells

Thanks to their perfect structures, some 200 different kinds of cells perform different functions in the body.. For example, nerve cells have extensions approximately 1 meter long, reaching from the spinal cord down to the feet. This enables stimuli to reach their destination very quickly along a single route. Blood corpuscles, on the other hand, are only 7 micrometers in size, which allows them to pass easily through microscopically small capillary vessels.

Inside the eye's light-sensitive retinal cells, a large number of membranes carry light-sensitive pigments and nerve connections. In this way, the cells become sensitive to light. The intestines contain food-digesting cells with a shape ideally suited to their task. All these cells come into being through the division of one single cell in the human embryo. But did unconscious atoms and coincides assume the responsibility for these cells' flawless shapes so ideally suited to their functions? This extraordinary organization and planning, which the theory of evolution can never account for, is a proof of God's creation.

The Claim that Life Arrived from Outer Space is Wholly Fictitious

Faced with the fact that amino acids could never have formed by chance under the conditions of the primeval Earth, evolutionists embarked on a search for some new way to account for the emergence of life. According to one of their new claims, a meteor fell to Earth. Soon after, organic substances and amino acids inside this meteor reacted together, and thus life sprang into being.

Yet it is now known that the primeval atmosphere was of such a kind that would have quickly broken down any amino acids. In addition, under the conditions of the primeval Earth, even if large quantities of amino acids had arrived from outer space, and even if the world had actually been awash in amino acids, this still would not account for the origin of living things. It would still have been impossible for amino acids to combine by chance and haphazardly give rise to exceedingly complex and three-dimensional proteins, the organelles of the cell, and then for these organelles to give rise to a cell with its own miraculous structure.

According to yet another view, the first life formed not on Earth, but on some other planet. These organisms were subsequently carried to Earth in the form of spores or seeds by meteors, and life thus began here. However, current knowledge shows that it is impossible for spores or seeds in the irradiated vacuum of space to have been withstood the heat, pressure, dangerous rays, etc. through their journey to Earth. Therefore, the claim that the first life formed on another planet does not resolve evolutionists' problems at all, but merely places them one step back. The obstacles to life emerging by chance on Earth will also apply on any other planet.




The Army Inside Man

Every day, a war is fought in the innermost parts of your body unperceived by you. On the one side are viruses and bacteria that aim to intrude into your body and take it under control and on the other are the immunity cells that protect the body against these enemies.

The enemies wait in an offensive state to make their way into the area they aim at and they head towards the target area at the first opportunity. However, the strong, organised and disciplined soldiers of the target area do not easily give in to the enemies. First, the soldiers who swallow and neutralise the enemy soldiers (phagocytes) arrive at the battleground. However, sometimes the fight is tougher than these soldiers can handle. On such occasions, other soldiers (macrophages) are summoned up. Their involvement causes alarm in the target area and other soldiers (auxiliary T cells) are also called to battle.

These soldiers are very familiar with the local populace. They quickly distinguish their own army from that of the enemy. They immediately activate the soldiers assigned to weapon production (B cells). These soldiers have extraordinary abilities. Although they never see the enemy, they can produce weapons which will render the enemy ineffectual. In addition, they carry the weapons they produce as far as they should be taken. During this journey, they succeed in the difficult task of not causing any harm either to themselves or to their allies. Later, the striker teams cut in (killer T cells). These discharge the poisonous material they carry on themselves at the most vital spot of the enemy.

The excellent army discussed above is the immunity system in the human body. Everything explained above is done by microscopic cells unobservable to the naked eye. How many people are aware that they have such an organised, disciplined and perfect army inside their bodies? How many of them are aware that they are surrounded on all sides by microbes that, if unimpeded, would cause them to catch serious illnesses or even die? Indeed, there are many dangerous microbes in the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, and the surfaces we touch. While one is unaware of all that is going on, the cells in one's body make strenuous efforts to save one from an illness that may even bring about one's death.

It is extremely difficult for a person without an immunity system or with an ill-functioning one to survive, since he would be exposed to all the microbes and viruses in the outside world. Today, such people can exist only in special enclosures with no direct contact with anyone or anything outside. Therefore, it is impossible for a person without an immunity system to survive in a primitive environment. This leads us to the fact that an extremely complex system such as the immunity system could only have been created by Allah, all at once and with all of its elements.



Why Do You Deceive Yourself?

The lifestyles and life goals of the millions of people who live in non-religious communities are very similar to one another. The years pass quickly and then all of a sudden, they face the greatest and most inescapable truth of life: The time of death comes. However, until that moment, they have thought of death very little or not at all. They have been unable to understand the true purpose of life by reflecting upon such realities. While in this condition, they meet with death when they least expect it, unprepared for the Hereafter.

There are various mechanisms people use to ignore the truths of life and to console themselves by doing so. One of these, perhaps the most effective, is self-deception. A person who deceives himself believes he can evade all realities including death and all responsibilities. In fact self-deception is not a solution. What a person really needs to accomplish is to avoid deceiving himself by ignoring the truth, and to take the maximum possible advantage of the period that Allah has allotted to him in the world.

Do not forget that waking up and seeing the truth at the moment of death does nobody any good.





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