RAMADAN 2007 The 3rd Day


Those who do good will have the best and more! Neither dust nor debasement will darken their faces. They are the Companions of Paradise, remaining in it timelessly, forever. (Surah Yunus, 26)

"Whatever Allah takes is for Him, and whatever He gives is for Him. Everything with Him has a limited fixed term (in this world), and so people should be patient and hope for Allah's reward." (Sahih Bukhari)





The Golden Age will be a period of great abundance, for each individual's material wants will be satisfied according to need. Technology will produce such an abundance of goods that hunger will be eradicated forever and all people will be provided with the necessities of life. Earth's wealth will serve humanity, and new agricultural technologies will lead to an unparalleled increase in crop production. People of faith will receive great rewards for every good deed they do, both in this world and the Hereafter. Bounty and abundance, which will permeate every moment of life, will be a grace that Allah will grant to those who live by the Qur'an's moral code.

Many hadiths reveal that there will be an unprecedented abundance of crops and goods, all of which will be distributed without measure:

During this (period), my ummah (people) will lead a kind of comfortable and carefree life that they have never known before. (The land) will bring forth its yield and will not hold anything back.1

In those years my community will enjoy a time of happiness such as they have never experienced before. Heaven will send down rain upon them in torrents, the earth will not withhold any of its plants, and wealth will be available to all. A man will stand and say, "Give to me, Mahdi!" and he will say, "Take." 2

The land will emit the treasures within. 3

Someone sowing a measure of wheat will find 700 in return ... A person will scatter a few handfuls of seeds, but will reap 700 handfuls … Despite an abundance of rain, not a drop will go to waste. 4

These hadiths refer to an increase in agricultural production that will occur in the End Times by transitioning to modern agriculture, developing new production techniques, improving seed stocks, and using rainwater more efficiently by constructing new dams and ponds.

Indeed in our day, remarkable improvements in technology have increased both the productivity and quality of field crops. As with all other forms of technology, rapid developments, especially in genetics, is causing a revolution in agricultural technology. Without a doubt, this productivity will continue to grow until it reaches its peak in the Golden Age.

In the End Times, every agricultural development will serve all of humanity. In our own time, only some groups or societies benefit from technology, but in the Golden Age everyone, regardless of their ethnicity, age, gender, or language, will enjoy its benefits. No one will enjoy special privileges, for both rich and poor will have equal access to these services. No one will suffer from poverty or starve, for opulence and welfare will mark this era. Technology will ensure the transition to an agricultural system that secures healthy, tasty, durable, cheap, and abundant yields. Current scientific developments, especially in genetics, already provide hints about the nature of these technological developments and the kind of abundance that they will bring.

Genetics has a vast field of application in food production. Thanks to genetics, genes that cause abnormalities in the genetic codes (DNA) of plants can be eliminated, and those that improve plant quality and durability can be identified. Considering that substantial agricultural products can be obtained only from quality raw material, these methods, which ensure the production of plants resistant to salt and temperature extremes, will lead to an agricultural revolution. A plant's level of protein or vitamin can be increased by injecting DNA pieces into its cells. The same method can produce plants that are resistant to pests, herbicides, disease, severe weather conditions, and poor soil. Genetic studies of seeds seek to minimize anything that might harm a seed and support a year-round agricultural industry. The finalization of these studies will bring great prosperity and abundance in agriculture.

In the End Times, the prevailing Qur'anic morality will ensure that everyone will receive their just share of goods. In fact, these goods will be so abundant that everyone will receive all that they ask for, and much more besides. Like genetics, scientific researchers are working to produce fruits and vegetables that can stay fresher longer and field crops that can thrive in extreme climates. Long-term storage and preservation of food, as well as eliminating the factors that cause rot and decay, will be the sign of the abundance that people will experience in the End Times. Recent breakthroughs in technology and new methods (e.g., radiation, high temperature, high pressure, and genetic studies) render bacteria ineffective and thus make months-long food storage possible. Gamma or electron radiation, for instance, reduces or eradicates such disease-producing agents as microbes, bacteria, and nits. Food that is treated according to such methods become durable and carries no risk of food poisoning. Furthermore, processed food can maintain its flavor, freshness, taste, and color in a form very similar to its natural state and never lose its juice. A radiated strawberry can be safely stored in a refrigerator for months, and a potato can be kept for an extended period of time without budding.

Such processes will end waste and ensure the optimum employment of resources. Such technological developments, which are still at a very early stage, have only limited applications today. However, they will be very effective in maintaining the land's abundance in the End Times. People will be able to allocate resources wisely and minimize waste, and farmers will be able to produce huge amounts of long-lasting and quality agricultural products. (For further reading see, "The Golden Age" by Harun Yahya.)

1. Ibn Majah.
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The human brain has a system that can carry out many tasks at the same time. For example, because of the perfect structure of the brain, a person, while driving a car, can both adjust his cassette player and turn the steering wheel easily. Although he does several different things at the same time, he does not run into other cars or passengers. In addition, he can operate the accelerator pedal with his foot. He can understand what is said as he listens to the radio. He can continue to speak from the point where he left off. And, most importantly, he can direct all of these things in a perfect way, at the same time. In short, by means of the extraordinary capacity of the human brain, man can handle many things at the same time. What provides this harmony are the connections of the nerve cells in the brain.

Millions, even billions, of stimuli coming to the brain from the outside world are analyzed in the brain in harmony, then are evaluated and the necessary responses are given to each one. The operation of this complicated system continues to function all through one's life without any interruption. Thus, we see, hear, feel and continue our lives.

One of the most important elements constituting this perfect system in the brain is that of the nerve cells, which number approximately 10 billion. The nerve cells of the brain, unlike other cells, transmit and process information through creating and conducting small electrical currents.The force that makes connections among cells and, therefore, harmony in the brain is found in the special structure of nerve cells.

About 10 billion cells in the brain have about 120 trillion connections. And these 120 trillion connections are in just the right places. If any one of these connections was in the wrong place, the outcome would be very serious.

In fact, it would be impossible for people to carry out their vital functions. Yet, such a thing does not happen and human beings, except for exceptional illnesses, lead a life which comes very naturally to them while, in reality, there are trillions of miraculous processes taking place behind the scenes.

This structure working interdependently in the brain is also, like all the other systems in the humanbody, one that has a perfect design at every stage. The reason for the brain's performing its millions of functions without any mistake or disorder is the fact that Allah, the Owner of endless wisdom, has created it along with all its features.






The neo-Darwinist model argues that life has evolved through two natural mechanisms: "natural selection" and "mutation". The origin of evolutionary modifications lies in random mutations that take place in the genetic structures of living things. The traits brought about by mutations are selected by the mechanism of natural selection, and by this means living things evolve.

When we look further into this theory, we find that there is no such evolutionary mechanism. Neither natural selection nor mutations make any contribution at all to the transformation of different species into one another.

Natural selection holds that those living things that are more suited to the natural conditions of their habitats will prevail by having offspring that will survive, whereas those that are unfit will disappear. For example, in a deer herd under the threat of wild animals, naturally those that can run faster will survive. That is true. But no matter how long this process goes on, it will not transform those deer into another living species.

In 1986 Douglas Futuyma published a book, The Biology of Evolution, which is accepted as one of the sources explaining the theory of evolution by natural selection in the most explicit way. The most famous of his examples on this subject is about the colour of the moth population, which appeared to darken during the Industrial Revolution in England. According to the account, around the onset of the Industrial Revolution in England, the colour of the tree barks around Manchester was quite light. Because of this, dark-coloured (melanic) moths resting on those trees could easily be noticed by the birds that fed on them and therefore they had very little chance of survival. Fifty years later, in woodlands where industrial pollution has killed the lichens, the barks of the trees had darkened, and now the light-coloured moths became the most hunted, since they were the most easily noticed.

The example of the moths of the Industrial Revolution is advanced as the greatest evidence for evolution by natural selection. However, evolution is out of the question in this example, as no new moth species is formed. On the left are trees and moths of the pre-Industrial Revolution era, and on the right are those of the post-Industrial Revolution era.

As a result, the proportion of light-coloured moths to dark-coloured moths decreased. Evolutionists believe this to be a great piece of evidence for their theory. They take refuge and solace in window-dressing, showing how light-coloured moths "evolved" into dark-coloured ones.

However, although we believe these facts to be correct, it should be quite clear that they can in no way be used as evidence for the theory of evolution, since no new form arose that had not existed before. Dark colored moths had existed in the moth population before the Industrial Revolution. Only the relative proportions of the existing moth varieties in the population changed. The moths had not acquired a new trait or organ, which would cause "speciation". In order for one moth species to turn into another living species, a bird for example, new additions would have had to be made to its genes.

There is nothing that natural selection contributes to the theory of evolution, because this mechanism can never increase or improve the genetic information of a species. Neither can it transform one species into another.

Another of the misleading methods that evolutionists employ on the issue of natural selection is their effort to present this mechanism as a conscious designer. However, natural selection has no consciousness. It does not possess a will that can decide what is good and what is bad for living things. As a result, natural selection cannot explain biological systems and organs that possess the feature of "irreducible complexity". These systems and organs are composed of a great number of parts cooperating together, and are of no use if even one of these parts is missing or defective. (For example, the human eye does not function unless it exists with all its components intact). Therefore, the will that brings all these parts together should be able to foresee the future and aim directly at the advantage that is to be acquired at the final stage.

Natural selection only selects out the disfigured, weak, or unfit individuals of a species. Darwin accepted this reality by saying:

"Natural selection can do nothing until favourable variations chance to occur".(1)

(For further reading, see "The Evolution Deceit" by Harun Yahya)

1. Charles Darwin, The Origin of Species: A Facsimile of the First Edition, Harvard University Press, 1964, p. 189




As a verse of the Qur'an reveals, "… Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah and the Final Seal of the Prophets." (Surat al-Ahzab: 40), the Prophet Muhammad (saas) was sent to mankind as the last prophet. He was a living example of the sublime morality of Allah's last revelation. He was a friend of Allah and inspired humanity by his nearness to Him. He was His representative, noble in His eyes, and a friend to all believers.

The aim of this site is to introduce various characteristics of the Prophet Muhammad (saas), by showing the superior features and qualities a society may enjoy when it adopts such a morality, thus encouraging others to adopt that same morality. As the Prophet (saas) has revealed in the hadith, "Verily, I have left amongst you the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of His Apostle which if you hold fast, you shall never go astray," a Muslim's two truest guides are the Qur'an and Sunnah (the practice of the Prophet Muhammad (saas)). The Prophet Muhammad (saas) was an example to all humanity with his morality, to which he called on mankind to live by. It was the Prophet (saas) who said "I was sent to perfect good character" and "By One in whose hand there is my life: None shall enter Paradise except one who has got good conduct."

Those Muslims who follow the way of the Prophet (saas) need to be foremost in their morality and behavior, and to invite others to adopt that same morality. Visit the site >>

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