RAMADAN 2007 The 7th Day


Allah commands justice, doing good, and giving to relatives. And He forbids indecency, doing wrong, and tyranny. He warns you so that hopefully you will pay heed. (Surat an-Nahl: 90)

O people! Your God is one and your forefather (Adam) is one. An Arab is not better than a non-Arab and a non-Arab is not better than an Arab, and a red (i.e. white tinged with red) person is not better than a black person and a black person is not better than a red person, except in piety. Indeed the noblest among you is the one who is deeply conscious of God. (Prophet Muhammad (saas)) 1




According to our Prophet (saas), before the Golden Age a great degeneration and injustice will prevail in society. Theft and fraud will grow, people will not seek to meet the needs of the needy, and only a small group of people will enjoy the benefits of affluence. But during the Golden Age, when the Qur'an's morality will prevail, every strata will benefit equally from justice, security, and peace. In such a secure environment, people will not commit any form of fraud, wickedness, and unlawful acts. The following sayings are only a few that describe the justice unique to the End Times:

Earth will be filled with equity and justice, just as it was previously filled with oppression and tyranny. 2


... There will be no injustice or oppression under his [the Mahdi's] rule. 3


The earth fills with justice. 4


He [the Mahdi] will distribute wealth evenly among people. His justice will permeate everywhere. Earth, replete with violence and wickedness, will overflow with justice upon his arrival.

Allah commands the believers to be just under all circumstances. For this reason, when the Qur'an's morality prevails, they will exercise justice in its true sense. Their system will ensure that all people take advantage of all benefits and will receive what they request, and that everyone will be protected and guarded. For this reason, people will no longer have an attitude that does not comply with the Qur'an's morality, and injustice and violence will disappear completely.

In the Golden Age, people will comply scrupulously with each Qur'anic verse and thereby bring about a Paradise-like environment of peace and security. One of the most telling attributes of a Muslim living in such an environment is his or her commitment to uphold justice under all circumstances, provide justice to others, and never to swerve from it. In such a society, the believers will maintain justice at every instant of life. No one will be allowed to live in misery or be subjected to injustice, for all people will receive a just recompense for their work, and no one will need to suffer to make ends meet. Everyone will be asked to accomplish things in line with his or her own ability and will be provided with all kinds of opportunities. Allah commands His believing servants to rule with justice. Some of the related verses are as follows:

Allah commands you to return to their owners the things that you hold on trust and, when you judge between people, to judge with justice. How excellent is what Allah exhorts you to do! Allah is All-Hearing, All-Seeing. (Surat an-Nisa': 58)

O you who believe, show integrity for the sake of Allah, bearing witness with justice. Do not let hatred for a people incite you into not being just. Be just. That is closer to heedfulness… (Surat al-Ma'ida: 8)

At present, we can see clearly the existence of great injustice and an unequal allocation of resources. Images of children starving to death or of people murdering one another for a loaf of bread bring to mind social justice. That the wealth of the 200 richest people amounts to the wealth of 2.5 billion fellow human beings is the most explicit indication of the prevailing unjust system. When there are so many people in need, many affluent people still strive to hoard even more goods to add to their fortunes. Money spent only for pleasure and debauchery, or for no purpose at all, may well become the way out for hundreds of thousands of people dying of hunger. However, some miserly people still turn their faces away from those who are suffering. In the Qur'an, Allah describes these people as follows:

No indeed! You do not honor orphans or urge the feeding of the poor; you devour inheritance with voracious appetites and have an insatiable love of wealth. (Surat al-Fajr: 17-20)

Such moral corruption is the result of being selfish and losing the feelings of cooperation and solidarity. In this case, the only solution is to establish the Qur'an's morality throughout society, for those people who display its morality are just, compassionate, and seek to help those in need. Only through the existence of such morally excellent people can this Earth be filled with justice, abundance, and blessings.

Some Qur'anic verses regarding the establishment of social justice on Earth are as follows:

You will not attain true goodness until you give of what you love. Whatever you give away, Allah knows it. (Surah Al 'Imran: 92)

If you give your alms in public, that is good. But if you conceal it and give it to the poor, that is better for you, and We will erase some of your bad actions from you. Allah is aware of what you do. (Surat al-Baqara: 271)

Those who give in times of both ease and hardship, those who control their rage and pardon other people-Allah loves the good-doers. (Surah Al 'Imran: 134)

They give food, despite their love for it, to the poor and orphans and captives [saying]: "We feed you only out of desire for the Face of Allah. We do not want any repayment from you or any thanks." (Surat al-Insan: 8-9)

The Golden Age will be a blessed period during which people will comply scrupulously with Allah's commands, and, as a result, justice, self-sacrifice, and charity will prevail. In this blessed period, the rich will not hesitate to give to the needy, and everyone will think of the good and comfort of others. This spirit of sharing will make everyone enjoy the same level of welfare and will solve many age-old problems, such as poverty and hunger.

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(For further reading see, "The Golden Age" by Harun Yahya.)
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Think of a building where very strict security measures are enforced; nothing harmful is allowed to enter, extraordinary controls are exercised and only then may newcomers be admitted. Yet, suppose that this building performs these functions all by itself. Suppose it acts like a living organism without any interference or assistance. With today's technology, it might be possible for a building to act like a conscious entity, in other words, to execute security controls using the aid of computers and do identity checks. What, then, would you think if we tell you that such a system actually already exists in a place which measures only one-hundred-thousandth of a millimeter? Even with today's technology, such an achievement is clearly beyond us. Yet, this does not mean that such a system does not exist anywhere on Earth.

This extraordinary system, which you might imagine impossible when you hear of it for the first time, has existed since it first came into being. Such a system already exists in the membrane of every one of the approximately 100 trillion cells which make up the human body.

The cell membrane demonstrates characteristics such as making decisions, remembering, and evaluating, which are some of the basic features of human beings. It maintains connections with adjacent cells and also controls incoming and outgoing cell traffic in a very sensitive way.

Because of its great decision-making skills, its memory and the wisdom it shows, the cell membrane is considered to be the brain of a cell. Yet, the cell membrane is so thin that it can be detected only by using an electron microscope. The membrane looks like a two-sided wall. This wall is equipped with gates that enable getting in and out and with receptors that enable the membrane to identify the outside environment. They are located on the cell wall and cautiously control all traffic.

The first job of the cell membrane is to keep the cell organelles together by wrapping around them. In addition, it provides necessary substances from outside in order to enable these organelles to function properly. While doing this, the cell membrane behaves very economically; it does not let in a greater amount than it needs. It determines harmful waste material without losing time and expels it right away. The role of the cell membrane is very crucial; it does not accept the slightest error, as any error or defect means the death of the cell.

It is obvious that such intelligent acts and conscious decisions of the cell membrane, a layer composed of lipids and protein molecules, are not generated by itself alone. Anyone who possesses wisdom and consciousness can easily see that that such a system cannot originate by chance. Both the cell and the membrane that covers the cell have been created by Allah, the possessor of ultimate knowledge. And they serve the purposes that Allah, Who has created them perfectly, has determined for them.

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Since evolutionists believe that birds must somehow have been evolved, they assert that they were transformed from reptiles. However, none of the distinct mechanisms of birds, which have a completely different structure from land-dwelling animals, can be explained by gradual evolution. First of all, the wings, which are the exceptional traits of birds, are a great impasse for the evolutionists. One of the Turkish evolutionists, Engin Korur, confesses the impossibility of the evolution of wings:

The common trait of the eyes and the wings is that they can only function if they are fully developed. In other words, a halfway-developed eye cannot see; a bird with half-formed wings cannot fly. How these organs came into being has remained one of the mysteries of nature that needs to be enlightened. 1

The question of how the perfect structure of wings came into being as a result of consecutive haphazard mutations remains completely unanswered. Moreover, just having wings is not sufficient for a land organism to fly. Land-dwelling organisms are devoid of many other structural mechanisms that birds use for flying. For example, the bones of birds are much lighter than those of land-dwelling organisms. Their lungs function in a very different way. They have a different muscular and skeletal system and a very specialised heart-circulatory system. These features are pre-requisites of flying needed at least as much as wings. All these mechanisms had to exist at the same time and altogether; they could not have formed gradually by being "accumulated". This is why the theory asserting that land organisms evolved into aerial organisms is completely fallacious.

All of these bring another question to the mind: even if we suppose this impossible story to be true, then why are the evolutionists unable to find any "half-winged" or "single-winged" fossils to back up their story? Evolutionists pronounce the name of one single creature in response. This is the fossil of a bird called Archæopteryx, one of the most widely-known so-called transitional forms among the very few that evolutionists still defend. Archæopteryx, the so-called ancestor of modern birds according to evolutionists, lived approximately 150 million years ago.

However, the latest studies of Archæopteryx fossils indicate that this creature is absolutely not a transitional form, but an extinct species of bird, having some insignificant differences from modern birds.

The thesis that Archæopteryx was a "half-bird" that could not fly perfectly was popular among evolutionist circles until not long ago. The absence of a sternum (breastbone) in this creature was held up as the most important evidence that this bird could not fly properly. (The sternum is a bone found under the thorax to which the muscles required for flight are attached.) However, the seventh Archæopteryx fossil, which was found in 1992, caused great astonishment among evolutionists. The reason was that in this recently discovered fossil, the breastbone that was long assumed by evolutionists to be missing was discovered to have existed after all.

Moreover, the structure of the bird's feathers became one of the most important pieces of evidence confirming that Archæopteryx was a flying bird in the real sense. The asymmetric feather structure of Archæopteryx is indistinguishable from that of modern birds, and indicates that it could fly perfectly well. As the eminent paleontologist Carl O. Dunbar states, "because of its feathers [Archæopteryx is] distinctly to be classed as a bird." 2

Another fact that was revealed by the structure of Archæopteryx's feathers was its warm-blooded metabolism. Reptiles and dinosaurs are cold-blooded animals whose body heat fluctuates with the temperature of their environment, rather than being homeostatically regulated. A very important function of the feathers on birds is the maintenance of a constant body temperature. The fact that Archæopteryx had feathers showed that it was a real, warm-blooded bird that needed to regulate its body heat, in contrast to dinosaurs.

Two important points evolutionist biologists rely on when claiming Archæopteryx was a transitional form, are the claws on its wings and its teeth.

It is true that Archæopteryx had claws on its wings and teeth in its mouth, but these traits do not imply that the creature bore any kind of relationship to reptiles. Besides, two bird species living today, Taouraco and Hoatzin, have claws which allow them to hold onto branches. These creatures are fully birds, with no reptilian characteristics. That is why it is completely groundless to assert that Archæopteryx is a transitional form just because of the claws on its wings.

The most important point is that the tooth structure of Archæopteryx and other birds with teeth is totally different from that of their alleged ancestors, the dinosaurs. The well-known ornithologists L. D. Martin, J. D. Steward, and K. N. Whetstone observed that Archæopteryx and other similar birds have teeth with flat-topped surfaces and large roots. Yet the teeth of theropod dinosaurs, the alleged ancestors of these birds, are protuberant like saws and have narrow roots. 3

All these findings indicate that Archæopteryx was not a transitional link but only a bird that fell into a category that can be called "toothed birds".

(For further reading, see "The Evolution Deceit" by Harun Yahya)

1) Engin Korur, "Gözlerin ve Kanatlarýn Sýrrý" (The Mystery of the Eyes and the Wings), Bilim ve Teknik, No. 203, October 1984, p. 25
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The greatest fraud in the history of science is unveiled...

Many people think that Darwin's Theory of Evolution is a proven fact. Contrary to this conventional wisdom, recent developments in science completely disprove the theory. The only reason Darwinism is still foisted on people by means of a worldwide propaganda campaign lies in the ideological aspects of the theory. All secular ideologies and philosophies try to provide a basis for themselves by relying on the theory of evolution.

This web site clarifies the scientific collapse of the theory of evolution in a way that is detailed but easy to understand. It reveals the frauds and distortions committed by evolutionists to "prove" evolution. Finally it analyzes the powers and motives that strive to keep this theory alive and make people believe in it. Anyone who wants to learn about the origin of living things, including mankind, needs to read this web site.

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