RAMADAN 2007 The 11th Day


Allah does not want to make things difficult for you, but He does want to purify you and to perfect His blessing upon you so that hopefully you will be thankful.
(Surat al-Ma'ida: 6)

"The most loved person by God Almighty on the Day of Judgement and nearest to Him is a just ruler. And the most hated person by God Almighty on the Day of Judgement and farthest from Him is an unjust ruler." (Tirmizi)




In the Golden Age, all heretical misunderstandings that entered Islam after our Prophet (saas) will be eliminated, and the original religion will be restored: "Just as in the case of the Prophet, the requirements of the religion will be fulfilled." 1

After the death of our Prophet (saas) and his Companions, history records that unrelated heresies and forms of worship were introduced into the original religion, and that countless hadiths and judgments, most of which have survived to our day, were fabricated and attributed to our Prophet (saas). Despite the best efforts of true Muslims to eliminate these fabrications, many practices done in the name of Islam today are not based upon the Qur'an.

As the Qur'an is the only source that can distinguish between the correct and mistaken practices, only its guidance can expose and remove these fabricated heresies. This way, the true religion will resurface.

Today, many people embrace the understanding of Islam that they inherited from their ancestors as the true religion. Both some pious people and those who oppose Islam consider this understanding to be the true Islam. However, in many respects this understanding of religion contradicts with the Islam described in the Qur'an. This traditional understanding is comprised of baseless myths and countless bigoted beliefs and rituals. This religion's adherents base their knowledge of religion on myths and stories, rather than on the Qur'an.


The fact that many people considered to be pious by the public are unaware of the Qur'an's verses reveals this perversion. Rather than adopting the Qur'an as their guide, they adhere to the rituals of a particular tradition. As a result, they are far removed from such concerns as pondering the verses of the Qur'an and trying to understand their divine purposes. They drift further from the Qur'an and become suffocated in details. However, in an environment where the Qur'an is disregarded, no one can know and live by Islam in its true sense. Indeed, as the Qur'an informs us, on the Day of Judgment our Prophet (saas) will say that his people have treated the Qur'an as a forsaken thing:

The Messenger says: "My Lord, my people treat this Qur'an as something to be ignored." (Surat al-Furqan: 30)

Allah warns those who turn away from the Qur'an as follows:

In this way We give you news of what has gone before, and We have given you a reminder direct from Us. Those who turn away from it will bear a heavy burden on the Day of Rising, remaining in it timelessly, forever. What an evil load they will bear on the Day of Rising! (Surah Ta Ha: 99-101)

The main reason why many people remain far from religion is the presentation of Islam in this perverted form. Most people notice that this religion, which is based on various traditions, harbors irrational elements and countless contradictions, and so wait for the facts to surface. In the End Times, Allah will restore the religion to its original state and make the Qur'an's morality prevail. When this times comes, He will remove all deviations that hinder people from living by His religion, and will purify Islam from all heresies, false beliefs, and forms of worship. :

... He [the Mahdi] will practise the religion just as in the time of Our Prophet. He will eliminate the sects from the face of the earth. No sect except for the original true religion will remain.. 2

In our own time, Muslims fail to agree even on some fundamental issues. Contrary to this situation, Allah commands Muslims not to disagree about issues concerning their religion:

This faith of yours is a single faith and I am your Lord, so heed Me. But they disagreed and split up, dividing into sects, each party exulting in what it had. (Surat al-Mu'minun: 52-53)

In the Qur'an, Allah says that Islam is an easy religion to live by and that its commands are clear and easy. The Qur'an lays down what is right and what is wrong, as well as what kind of attitudes and behaviors lead one to Paradise or Hell. The fact that the Qur'an contains the basic knowledge that people may need at any time is stressed in many verses:

We have sent down the Book to you, making all things clear and as guidance and mercy and good news for the Muslims. (Surat an-Nahl: 89)

Allah warns those who proclaim their own laws on behalf of religion as follows:

O you who believe, do not make unlawful the good things Allah has made lawful for you, and do not overstep the limits. Allah does not love people who overstep the limits. (Surat al-Ma'ida, 87)

In other verses, Allah makes it clear that Islam is easy to live by:

He has chosen you, and has imposed no difficulties on you in religion. (Surat al-Hajj: 78)

On no soul does Allah place a burden greater than it can bear. (Surat al-Baqara: 286)

Allah desires to make things lighter for you. Man was created weak. (Surat an-Nisa': 28)

The verses below reveal that one of the reasons why Prophet Muhammad (saas) was sent was to relieve people of their heavy loads and chains:

Allah showed great kindness to the believers when He sent a Messenger to them from among themselves to recite His Signs to them, purify them, and teach them the Book and Wisdom, even though before that they were clearly misguided. (Surah Al`Imran: 164)

The Golden Age will be a time when people will truly live by Allah's religion. Sincere Muslims will restore the religion to its original state.

1) Ismail Mutlu, Kiyamet Alametleri (The Signs of the Last Day), Mutlu Publications, Istanbul, 1999, p. 163
2) Muhammad ibn 'Abd al-Rasul Barzanji , Al-Isha'ah li-ashrat al-sa'ah, pp. 186-187

(For further reading see, "The Golden Age" by Harun Yahya.)
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All the people around you have come to their present state after months spent in their mothers' wombs. For each of them the same perfect system was prepared in their mothers' body, and each of them passed through the same stages.


Birth is a great miracle. The baby who develops in its specially protected chamber prepared in the mother's womb, comes into the world after a certain period of time. The details of this miraculous event will lead every man who ponders it to very important conclusions. Let us reach this conclusion together by looking at a detail that is important for a baby's development:

The placenta is a flesh tissue formed by the woman's body in order to attach the fertilized egg to the uterus wall. It contains a soft structure of blood vessels destined to serve the developing baby. These vessels are like the branches of a tree. In the placenta, the mother's and baby's blood vessels intertwine and exchange materials. The two bloods never mix, but nutrients and oxygen cross from the mother's blood into the baby's blood while wastes move out of the baby's blood, ultimately to be excreted by the mother.

This function of the placenta is very important because this tissue must both meet all the needs of the baby and also be selective in order to protect it. What makes this exchange possible for the placenta is a thin membrane called the "chorion." This membrane separates the baby's blood circulation from that of the mother. By virtue of this membrane, the blood of the mother cannot enter the baby's vessels. The baby receives only oxygen and nutrition through this membrane.

The nutrition a baby needs in its first months is different from what he needs in the eighth and ninth months, on the verge of birth. The placenta must also adjust for this in the consumption of nutrients. As a matter of fact, the placenta carries out all these functions in a flawless way. It is always sensitive to how much it should take from what in a selective and careful way. Here, there are some questions which should be asked and points to be remembered.

First of all, there is the question of how a placenta that is a tissue consisting of cells can make these computations. Also, the question of how the placenta is aware of the needs of the baby needs an answer too. A person with intelligence will immediately see that a piece of flesh called a placenta cannot do these things on its own and could not have acquired such features by chance. In this case, the fact we come across is again very obvious: Allah created the placenta with characteristics that meet the needs of the baby in the mother's womb. The miracle of birth is another example that displays the magnificence of Allah's artistry in creation. We are reminded of this fact in the Qur'an:


O man! What has deluded you in respect of your Noble Lord? He Who created you and formed you and proportioned you and assembled you in whatever way He willed. (Surat al-Infitar: 6-8)

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If one believes that a living cell can come into existence by coincidence, then there is nothing to prevent one from believing a similar story that we will relate below. It is the story of a town:

One day, a lump of clay, pressed between the rocks in a barren land, becomes wet after it rains. The wet clay dries and hardens when the sun rises, and takes on a stiff, resistant form. Afterwards, these rocks, which also served as a mould, are somehow smashed into pieces, and then a neat, well shaped, and strong brick appears. This brick waits under the same natural conditions for years for a similar brick to be formed. This goes on until hundreds and thousands of the same bricks have been formed in the same place.

When the number of bricks is adequate, they erect a building by being arranged sideways and on top of each other, having been randomly dragged along by the effects of natural conditions such as winds, storms, or tornadoes. Meanwhile, materials such as cement or soil mixtures form under "natural conditions", with perfect timing, and creep between the bricks to clamp them to each other. While all this is happening, iron ore under the ground is shaped under "natural conditions" and lays the foundations of a building that is to be formed with these bricks. At the end of this process, a complete building rises with all its materials, carpentry, and installations intact.

If you have managed to sustain your belief in this story so far, then you should have no trouble surmising how the town's other buildings, plants, highways, sidewalks, substructures, communications, and transportation systems came about. If you possess technical knowledge and are fairly conversant with the subject, you can even write an extremely "scientific" book of a few volumes stating your theories about "the evolutionary process of a sewage system and its uniformity with the present structures". You may well be honoured with academic awards for your clever studies, and may consider yourself a genius, shedding light on the nature of humanity.

The theory of evolution, which claims that life came into existence by chance, is no less absurd than our story, for, with all its operational systems, and systems of communication, transportation and management, a cell is no less complex than a city.

The complex structure of the living cell was unknown in Darwin's day and at the time, ascribing life to "coincidences and natural conditions" was thought by evolutionists to be convincing enough.

In Darwin's time, it was thought that the cell had a very simple structure.
Darwin's ardent supporter Ernst Haeckel suggested that the above mud pulled up from the bottom of the sea could produce life by itself.

The technology of the 20th century has delved into the tiniest particles of life and has revealed that the cell is the most complex system mankind has ever confronted. Today we know that the cell contains power stations producing the energy to be used by the cell, factories manufacturing the enzymes and hormones essential for life, a databank where all the necessary information about all products to be produced is recorded, complex transportation systems and pipelines for carrying raw materials and products from one place to another, advanced laboratories and refineries for breaking down external raw materials into their useable parts, and specialised cell membrane proteins to control the incoming and outgoing materials. And these constitute only a small part of this incredibly complex system.

W. H. Thorpe, an evolutionist scientist, acknowledges that "The most elementary type of cell constitutes a 'mechanism' unimaginably more complex than any machine yet thought up, let alone constructed, by man." 1

A cell is so complex that even the high level of technology attained today cannot produce one. No effort to create an artificial cell has ever met with success. Indeed, all attempts to do so have been abandoned.

The theory of evolution claims that this system-which mankind, with all the intelligence, knowledge and technology at its disposal, cannot succeed in reproducing-came into existence "by chance" under the conditions of the primordial earth. To give another example, the probability of forming of a cell by chance is about the same as that of producing a perfect copy of a book following an explosion in a printing-house.

The English mathematician and astronomer Sir Fred Hoyle made a similar comparison in an interview published in Nature magazine on November 12, 1981. Although an evolutionist himself, Hoyle stated that the chance that higher life forms might have emerged in this way is comparable to the chance that a tornado sweeping through a junk-yard might assemble a Boeing 747 from the materials therein.2 This means that it is not possible for the cell to have come into being by coincidence, and therefore it must definitely have been "created".

One of the basic reasons why the theory of evolution cannot explain how the cell came into existence is the "irreducible complexity" in it. A living cell maintains itself with the harmonious co-operation of many organelles. If only one of these organelles fails to function, the cell cannot remain alive. The cell does not have the chance to wait for unconscious mechanisms like natural selection or mutation to permit it to develop. Thus, the first cell on earth was necessarily a complete cell possessing all the required organelles and functions, and this definitely means that this cell had to have been created.

(For further reading, see "The Evolution Deceit" by Harun Yahya)

1) W. R. Bird, The Origin of Species Revisited., Nashville: Thomas Nelson Co., 1991, pp. 298-99
2) "Hoyle on Evolution", Nature, Vol 294, November 12, 1981, p. 105

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The belief in karma is one such characteristic of these religions that are currently attracting interest in our countries. Although it encourages people to adopt certain positive moral qualities, the philosophy of karma also contains several erroneous and superstitious beliefs. It is not possible for these superstitions, which form the basis of the belief in karma, to become a way to freedom for humanity or to bring people genuine inner certainty and peace of mind. On the contrary, they cause even greater spiritual confusion.

The way to ensuring real happiness and peace of mind in this world is the religion of Islam and its source, the Qur’an which our Lord, Allah, the One and Only Lord of the universe, chose for humanity in order to restore the truths previously revealed to Prophets and Messengers among all peoples on earth but forgotten and corrupted to some extent almost everywhere.

This site deals both with those aspects of the belief in karma that concern good ethical practices that accord with the teachings of the Qur’an, and with those erroneous aspects that accord neither with the Qu’ran, nor with human reason and nor with human conscience.

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