Darwinists never realize -2-

1- Darwinists never realize that the bone cells, which they maintain came into being through unconscious coincidences, are cells that form the hardness, length, shape, protrusions and interfaces of every bone in the body, and that they do this without ever making an error.

2- The density of the universe, the speed at which it expands, the star systems, the features of the galaxies, their forces of gravity, orbits, courses, speeds and the substances they contain are all built on highly delicate balances and calculations. In the same way, our Earth, the atmosphere that surrounds it, and the way it possesses the ideal structure for human life, are all examples of an extraordinary creation. Yet Darwinists never realize that the slightest variation in these calculations and balances would totally disrupt the entire universe.

3- Darwinists never realize that 500 highly complex functions are carried out in a single liver cell, that the majority of these, which are performed in a flawless succession in a matter of milliseconds, cannot be replicated even under laboratory conditions, and that it is impossible for these functions to have come about by chance.

4- Darwinists never realize how surplus, flawed or diseased cells in the living body destroy themselves, how some dead cells are specially not cleared away by other cells since they can still be of use, or how unconscious cells decide which dead cells they will eliminate and which they will keep, just as if they were intelligent entities.

5- Darwinists never realize that if the speed of expansion of the universe in the wake of the Big Bang had been just one part in a billion billion different (1/1018), the universe would never have emerged at all.

6- The average distance between one another of the stars in our galaxy is 30 million miles (48.280.000 kilometers). Darwinists never realize that if this distance were just slightly less the planets orbits would be destabilized, and that if it were any greater the planets would be scattered all around, and that there is an immaculate creation in the universe.

7- Darwinists never realize that if the force of gravity were slightly greater all the large stars in the universe would turn into black holes.

8- Darwinists never realize that a small, pink piece of flesh no larger than a chickpea, known as the pituitary gland, controls all the hormones in our bodies and the hormonal system itself.

9- Darwinists never realize that the growth hormone secreted by the pituitary gland controls the division and growth of trillions of cells in a perfect order, and how it is again this tiny piece of flesh that decides at what stage the body and all its organs should stop growing.

10- Darwinists never realize how mothers milk meets all the newly born baby?s needs, while baby food manufacturers are still unable to manufacture an equivalent to mother’s milk.

11- Darwinists never realize how the receptor cells in the hypothalamus monitor the level of water in the body 24 hours a day, and that they take the requisite precautions when they determine a deficiency.

12- Darwinists never realize that the universe is not eternal and that it came into being out of nothing with the explosion of a single point of zero volume.

13- Darwinists never realize that the Big Bang, which led to the formation of the universe, also brought about an order possessing an extraordinary sensitivity that pervades the whole universe.

14- In claiming that life came into being as the result of unconscious coincidences, Darwinists never realize how a light as efficient as that produced by fireflies, which obtain the maximum energy from light and lose almost no energy, can still not be reproduced in a laboratory environment despite all the long years of research by scientists.

15- Darwinists never realize that under the second law of thermodynamics, all systems left to natural conditions gradually become disordered, for which reason the universe and everything in it are moving towards an inevitable end.

16- In claiming that the intelligent behavior and altruism in living things, which they refer to as instinct, came into being by chance, Darwinists never realize that they have no explanation for such matters as how this concept of instinct first emerged in living things, how it is directed, and how it is maintained over the course of generations.

17- In claiming that all living things on Earth acquired their characteristics from an imaginary force they refer to as ?Mother Nature,? Darwinists never realize that this ?Mother Nature? to which they ascribe divine status actually consists of stone, soil, grass, trees and flowers and is devoid of any intelligence or consciousness.

18- In claiming that the way living things in nature are able to treat their own disorders is a feature that emerged by chance, Darwinists never realize how the Angora goat knows, without using the trial and error method and eating all the herbs around, it is the herb spurge that will neutralize the effect of the venom when it is bitten by a snake.

19- In claiming that the different organs in living species emerged gradually, Darwinists maintain that, for example, a reptile?s legs gradually turned into wings, yet they never realize that an organ which is half-foot and half-wing will serve no purpose at all, that a creature with such an organ could not survive, and that therefore such a species would be eliminated before it could develop at all. 

20- Darwinists never realize how the stomach, itself a piece of flesh, secretes acids that digest flesh but is not digested by them itself, and how this is incompatible with claims of chance.

21- Darwinists never realize that there are extraordinarily complex sub-atomic particles of just 0.0000001 of the atom?s volume, and that these act in an extraordinary sensitivity and order.

22- Darwinists never realize how the way that light falling reversed on the ocular network is converted into a regular image inside the brain is a manifestation of an extraordinary complexity and a perfect design.

23- Darwinists never realize that they can only perceive the images established by electrical currents in their brains throughout their whole lives and that they can never actually experience the external original of an image.

24- Darwinists never realize that the sounds they hear, the people they see and the scents they smell are merely an entirety of perceptions formed in the brain, and that they can never prove the material existence of any of these.

25- Darwinists never realize that they have no answer to the question of ?who is it who perceives? the outside world?

26- Darwinists never realize that the high quality sound forming inside the brain consists merely of electrical signals and that these can very definitely not be accounted for in terms of chance.

27- Darwinists never realize that materialism cannot explain the entity that does the perceiving in the human mind, and cannot account for the superior awareness of man.

28- Darwinists never realize that the human brain, the most complex structure in the world and which they imagine to have been brought about by chance by unconscious atoms, presents us a perfectly clear and vivid world, and that this sublime mechanism cannot be replicated in any manner whatsoever.

29- Darwinists never realize that the brain they claim came into being by chance functions hundreds of times faster, and in a much more complex manner than the fastest computer, and that the brain?s functioning cannot be replicated electronically.

30- Darwinists never realize that the attributes that make human beings human, concepts such as human emotion, thought, feeling, love and belief, are not the result of activity of the neurons in the brain and that there can be no material explanation for these.

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