RAMADAN 2008 - THE 27th DAY

The Eternity Has Already Begun-1 


In the section related to timelessness, we mentioned that all our information is in the memory. All the details pertaining to one’s life, everything one sees, hears, knows or feels are bits of memorized information. So are our sensations about time. Now, we will deal with the concept of memory more fully.

As mentioned in the preceding pages, we rely on our five senses to live. We perceive only what our senses allow and we can never succeed in stepping out of the boundaries of our senses. The time and space we live in is similarly perceived.If our brain cannot detect a being through our five senses, we simply say that that being has "disappeared." Accordingly, for us, events, images or sensations, which are stored in our memory, exist, i.e., they are alive, while those that are forgotten no longer exist. To put it another way, beings and events, which are not in our memory, become past events for us;they are simply dead and non-existent.

Yet, this holds true only for human beings; that is because it is only human beings who have a limited memory. The memory of God, on the other hand, is superior to everything.It is boundless and eternal. Yet one point deserves mention here: the concept "the memory of God" is used only for clarification purposes. It is definitely unlikely that any comparison or similarity could be drawn between the memory of God and the memory of a man. God is surely the One Who creates everything from nothingness and Who knows everything down to the last detail.

God introduces Himself in His book through His attributes.One of them is al- Hafiz (The Preserver), "He Who preserves all things in detail". Behind this attribute, there are very important hidden mysteries.


God, the al-Khalig (the Creator), is the One Who creates everything from nothing and Who creates all things with the knowledge of what will happen to them. As a manifestation of this attribute of God, by the time He creates man in his mother's womb, eternity has begun for him. Surely, man does not recall the stages of his own development in the womb. However, every moment of this progress is present in the sight of God and they quite definitely never disappear. Similarly, it is unlikely that those initial phases and developmental stages of a human being remain in his memory. Unless informed by God, man never manages to see these moments. Some moments, however, remain only as memories. The moments we experience are purely sensations presented to our soul. Yet, in the infinite memory of God, everything remains as it is. Everything people encounter in life, all details pertaining to one’s experiences, are all created by God and they never disappear. As stated in the following verse, everything down to its last detail remains in the sight of God.

".... This is so you will know that God knows what is in the heavens and in the earth and God has knowledge of all things." (Surat al-Ma'idah: 97)

Let’s take the Prophet Adam as an example; all the details pertaining to Adam’s creation in paradise before he was sent to earth, and the way he was tested in paradise are all present in the Main Book. Adam’s initial creation from clay, the angels’ prostration to him, as well as the moment he was sent to earth and all the events he experienced are all vivid and existing right now. None of them has disappeared, they all exist right now in the sight of God, right down to their finest details.

As another example, let’s think of someone who is sorry for the death of his cat. In fact, the moment the cat died and the period that that same cat was still a kitten, in fact, its entire development from the moment of its birth are kept vivid in the memory of God. Besides, the moments the owner of this cat when he was at work or all the moments he did not spend with the cat are vividly stored in the sight of God. Consequently, death does not put an end to the existence of a being. For all eternity, everything exists in the sight of God.

Likewise, the moment the Prophet Solomon (Sulayman) caressed the legs of his horse remains forever. The disappearance of these horses behind a curtain, the letter the Prophet Solomon sent to the Queen of Saba, the moment this letter is read by the Queen and her soldiers, how the Queen is welcomed to the palace of Solomon, the moment she thought the ground of the palace to be a lake and the words of the Queen: "I do now submit in Islam, with Solomon, to the Lord of the Worlds." (Surat an-Naml: 44) currently exist and will continue to exist for all eternity.

These examples deserve a deeper and more detailed reflection. Assume that in the time of the Prophet Noah (Nuh), a man’s shirt became unravelled and that after sometime a tailor sewed it up. This shirt, the loom on which it was initially woven, the state of the shirt before it became unravelled and the state in which it was sewed, and even every second the tailor spent on using the needle to sew this shirt, the process by which this shirt became utterly unusable, in brief, every stage, every second, every moment the shirt went through are retained in the sight of God. Right at this moment, this shirt is being woven, it is still sewn and it is still worn by its owner who lived in the time of the Prophet Noah.

For someone who crosses the street from one side to the other, there is a certain distance to be crossed. A person, however, who looks at this street from a bird's eye view, feels no difficulty in seeing every point in this street from one end to another.
Let’s also think about the antique clock in your home. All the stages of manufacturing which took place 200 years ago along with the manufacturing stages of a single wire in the clock, the moment its hour and minute hand were placed in it, the time this clock was sold to a shop and a customer purchased it, then the moment the clock went out of order and was given to a rag-and-bone man, the moment your grand-grandfather purchased it from him and the time this clock was inherited first by your grand father and then your father, and then you, the way you placed the clock in your living roomand watched it with admiration, briefly, every second in the history of the clock still remain in the sight of God. In absolute terms, this clock is working right at this moment, it has stopped again right now, it is being placed by you in your living room and it is purchased by your grandfather at this moment. All these happenings are present in the memory of God. Furthermore, not only what the clock went through in the past but also its every future-related moment — surely this is the "future" for you — is known by God and is preserved in His sight. The way this clock will be placed in your son’s home in forty years' time and the collapse of the clock in three hundred years' time is also included in the Mother of the Book.

The verse "He knows what is in front of them and what is behind them. But their knowledge does not encompass Him." (Surah Ta ha: 110) refers to this fact (Surely God knows best). That is because God knows every being moment by moment. He knows their previous states as well as their latter states, that is, in the words of the Qur'an, "what is in front of them and what is behind them", at all stages. In another verse, God once again reminds us of the fact that everything is within His Knowledge;

God - Him from Whom nothing is hidden, either on earth or in heaven. (Surat Al 'Imran: 5)


SOME creatures undergo physical changes to allow them to survive and adapt to different natural conditions at different times. This process is known as metamorphosis. People with insufficient knowledge of biology and evolutionist claims also sometimes try to portray the process as evidence for the theory of evolution. Those sources which cite metamorphosis as "an example of evolution" are superficial, narrow-based works of propaganda which seek to mislead those who do not possess sufficient information on the subject, juvenile evolutionists, or a few ignorant Darwinist biology teachers. Scientists who are considered experts on evolution, and who thus know more about the dilemmas and contradictions inherent in the theory, hesitate to even refer to this ridiculous claim. That is because they know how senseless it is…

Some creatures that undergo metamorphosis: the frog, the butterfly, the bee, the mosquito.
Butterflies, flies, and bees are some of the best-known creatures that undergo metamorphosis. Frogs, which start life in water and then live on land, are another example. This has nothing to do with evolution, because the theory tries to account for the differentiation between living things in terms of chance mutations. Metamorphosis, however, bears no similarity at all to that claim, being a pre-planned process which has nothing to do with mutation or chance. It is not chance that brings metamorphosis about, but genetic data which are built-in in the creature from the moment it is born. The frog, for example, possesses the genetic information to allow it to live on land while it is still living underwater. Even while still a larva, the mosquito possesses the genetic information regarding its pupa and adult states. The same thing applies to all creatures that undergo metamorphosis.

Metamorphosis is evidence for creation
People who try to portray metamorphosis as "evidence of evolution" know nothing about biology and the theory of evolution. Metamorphosis is a "planned change" encoded inside genetic information, and bears no similarity to evolution, which means "coincidental change." Metamorphosis is an example of "irreducible complexity," and is evidence that disproves evolution.

Recent scientific research into metamorphosis has shown that it is a complex process controlled by different genes. As regards the metamorphosis of the frog, for instance, the relevant processes in the tail alone are controlled by more than a dozen genes. This means that this process comes about thanks to several components working together. This is a biological process that bears the feature of "irreducible complexity," which shows that metamorphosis is proof of creation.

Prof. Michael Behe
"Irreducible complexity" is a concept that has been given its place in the scientific literature by Professor Michael Behe, a biochemist who is known for his research proving the invalidity of the theory of evolution. What it means is that complex organs and systems function by the working together of all the component parts that make them up, and that if even the smallest part ceases to function, so will the whole organ or system. It is impossible for such complex structures to have emerged by chance, with tiny changes over time, as the theory of evolution maintains. That is what happens in metamorphosis. The process of metamorphosis happens through exceedingly sensitive balances and timings in hormones which are in turn affected by different genes. The creature will pay for even the tiniest error with its life. It is impossible to believe that such a complex process could have come about by chance and by stages. Since even a tiny error will cost the animal its life, it is impossible to speak in terms of a "trial and error mechanism," or natural selection, as evolutionists maintain. No creature can hang around for millions of years waiting for its missing components to come about by chance.

Bearing this fact in mind, it is also apparent that the subject constitutes no evidence at all for evolution, as some people who are ill-informed about metamorphosis assume it to do. On the contrary, when the complexity of the process and the systems that control it are taken into consideration, animals which undergo metamorphosis can be seen to be clear evidence for creation.

Birds That Deactivate Poison: Macaws

When a person is infected with poison, his only recourse is to take a drug to counter the effects of the poison or to remove the poison from his body through medical intervention. Otherwise, a person who lacks specialized knowledge about poisons will be unable to cure himself through using a plant or some other kind of counteractive substance. 

Yet, some creatures innately have this knowledge that most people must learn through education. Certain animals, which do not possess minds to be educated, any intelligence and, in short, any consciousness at all, can cure themselves very easily. The striking feature about the methods animals use to cure themselves is that they know what to do very well and have determined what is good for each particular illness. Is it really the animals themselves who have determined these things? How have animals come to possess such knowledge? Evolutionists claim that most animal behavior such as this is instinctive. However, they cannot explain the origin of these behaviors or how they originally came to exist.

First of all, it is not possible for creatures to learn these behaviors over time. An animal that is poisoned, for example, will die right away. In this case, it is not possible for it to imagine how it might remove the factor that caused it to be poisoned. Besides, we should by no means forget that animals lack the consciousness capable of thinking up such a solution. 

Let us see, by giving an example, how animals display conscious behavior while curing themselves. Macaws, which are a kind of parrot, are found in the tropical regions of Central and South America. One of the most striking feature of these creatures, besides their truly dazzling colors, is that they feed on poisonous seeds. These birds, who can break even very tough shells with their hooked beaks, are experts on the subject of poisonous seeds. This is a somewhat surprising situation because, when the bird eats a poisonous seed, normally it should suffer harm. Yet, amazingly, this does not happen. Immediately after the bird eats the poisonous seeds, it flies directly towards a rocky place and begins to gnaw and swallow the clayey rock pieces there. The reason for this behavior is that the clayey rock pieces absorb the toxins in the seeds, and so neutralize the effects of the poison. In this way, the birds can digest the seeds without experiencing any harm. 

It is certainly impossible for macaws to know on their own how to neutralize or counteract the poison found in the seeds they eat. It is evident that such conscious behaviors in creatures do not originate from themselves, and that their origin cannot be sought in some other force or factor that exists in nature either. An invisible power controls the behavior of all creatures and, in other words, inspires them with what to do. This matchless power belongs to Allah. Allah, Who is the owner of a superior knowledge, is the Preserver of all things.

"The Famous Islamic Creationist Harun Yahya" - 18.09.2007
Italy/il Riformista

The Italian political daily il Riformista carried a report about Atlas of Creation headed “Darwin, the Qur’an and the Irrefutable Theory of the Herring” on 18 September, 2007. The report carried extracts from the article published by the magazine The Economist and went on to say:

Adorned with gold leaf, one of seven volumes comes with illustrations and a CD-Rom, and consists of eight hundred glossy pages. It’s got hologram on its cover… In our century, Harun Yahya is the best-known author to espouse Islamic creationism under the name of Adnan Oktar… The second volume is long since ready and has been sent by courier to university professors, businessmen and politicians in France, Germany and Great Britain…

Of course, fossils. In this book, they show that transitional forms have never been found… Fossils from many species are displayed and you can see that they have not changed much. The plane tree leaf and the herring for example… The book emphasizes that, just like other fish, the herring is a species that has not changed over millions of years…

The Age of a Return to Faith / Daily Vakit / 30.10.2006

An article describing how in the wake of the September 11 attacks 25 people a day are turning to Islam in the USA, went on to say this about the rise of Islam in other parts of the world:
"The sound of the call to prayer is now heard five times a day in Europe and the USA. There are 2000 mosques in the USA, 1000 in Britain, 1554 in France, 2200 in Germany, 300 in Germany, 400 in Holland, 130 in Italy and 76 in Austria…According to figures prepared by the U.S. intelligence services, Islam is the fastest growing religion today and Muslims now represent just about one-third of the world population. The spread and expansion of Islam is not limited to the USA and Europe. Islam has reached as far as Latin America, Africa, China, Japan, Korea and Australia.”


Age: 144 to 65 million years

Period: Cretaceous

Location: Cannonball Formation, North Dakota, USA

Sequoias presently growing in North America can reach more than 100 meters in height; there are countless fossil specimens showing that these trees' foliage has remained the same for tens of millions of years. The fossil in the picture is around 140 million years old. These specimens once again condemn evolutionists, who cannot explain scientifically how plants first emerged and why there is such a variety of them, to a profound silence. 

It is clear that each species of plant which appears suddenly in the fossil record, together with its own unique features and which has survived completely unchanged for millions of years, has been created by Almighty God.


He Who Keeps His Word, He Who Pays In Full

So be in no doubt about what these people worship. They only worship as their ancestors worshipped previously. We will pay them their portion in full, with no rebate! (Surah Hud, 109)

All of our acts and thoughts are recorded in Allah's Sight. He forgets nothing, even the most insignificant detail. Since “… even if something weighs as little as a mustard-seed and is inside a rock or anywhere else in the heavens or earth, Allah will bring it out. Allah is All-Pervading, All-Aware” (Surah Luqman, 16), on the Day of Judgment each of us will see our acts, as recorded upon their Pages, and will be repaid accordingly. Allah relates the following fact:

That Day, people will emerge segregated to see the results of their actions. Whoever does an atom's weight of good will see it. Whoever does an atom's weight of evil will see it. ( Surat az-Zilzal, 6-8)

On that Day, all of a person's acts will be weighed in balances specially prepared for the Day of Judgment. In the face of Allah's Justice, no one will be wronged in any way:

We will set up the Just Balance on the Day of Rising, and no self will be wronged in any way. Even if it is no more than the weight of a grain of mustard-seed, We will produce it. We are sufficient as a Reckoner. ( Surat al-Anbiya', 47)

Every act will be weighed to determine one's reward, for:

As for him whose balance is heavy, he will have a most pleasant life. But as for him whose balance is light, his motherland is Hawiya. And what will convey to you what that is? A raging Fire! ( Surat al-Qari‘a, 6-11)

Allah's justice demands that everyone receive full payment for what they have done. Allah's repayment according to people's prayers and acts also takes place in this world. While this is a great blessing for believers, it is a fearsome trap for unbelievers, who do not realize the enormity of their spiritual blindness, for:

As for those who desire the life of the world and its finery, We will give them full payment in it for their actions. They will not be deprived here of their due. But such people will have nothing in the Hereafter but the Fire. What they achieved here will come to nothing. What they did will prove to be null and void. (Surah Hud, 15-16)

Details of Darwinist Forgeries

On this site you will find the unveiled forgeries of Darwinism and its effect on the societies. Darwinism seeks to construct a world where humans live and behave like animals. Social Darwinism's teachings and practices make this quite clear. According to its twisted views, it is perfectly acceptable for an elderly, needy person to be dragged out of his home and taken away to be killed; or for handicapped people to be rounded up and left to die in concentration camps. According to this distorted thinking, those in the “inferior" classes can be ruthlessly persecuted, exploited and eliminated. Those who believe that human society can progress only when these savage policies are implemented regard such slaughter, genocide, cruelty and ruthlessness as a kind of success. They maintain that individuals and societies indeed, entire cultures and nations unable to achieve that success, must be done away with.

Sending the Atlas of Creation to France... Secularism is a guarantee for religion. Let Creationism also be taught, so that everyone can decide... Being afraid of any idea is an uncivilized attitude. Banning books is a constraint of freedom... The current Pope does not believe in Darwinism... The current Pope does not believe in Darwinism... We have received many thank-you letters and letters of appreciation from professors, researchers and important politicians... In 10 to 15 years, the Theory of Evolution will be an obsolete... The end of Darwinism will also put an end to terrorism... Then the nations will enter an era of peace that some call the Golden Age..


Eyesight cannot perceive God, but He has spread boundless evidence of His existence before the eyes of man. He has made manifest His infinite intelligence and knowledge in His chosen beings. With His endless grace, He gives unimaginable tasks to the most unexpected, humble, even brainless creatures.

As a result, many creatures, whether large or small, from birds to reptiles, from whales to insects, exhibit unexpected behaviour and actions that fill people with admiration. These behaviours are surprising to most people. Even man, who sees himself as an intelligent, knowledgeable and conscious being, is humbled in the face of many of these skills—for example, the spider’s ability to produce strands stronger than steel—and does not even have the power to imitate them.

The subject of this book, the mosquito, is just one such creature, aspects of whose behaviour fill us with admiration.However, it is the creature we are most used to and encounter most commonly of these, and possibly the one we give the least thought to and consider as worthless. So, why the mosquito? The answer to this question is given in the Qur’an:God is not ashamed to make an example of a mosquito or of an even smaller thing. As for those who believe, they know it is the truth from their Lord. But as for those who disbelieve, they say, “What does God mean by this example?” He misguides many by it and guides many by it. But He only misguides the deviators. (Surat al-Baqara, 26)


1-Darwinists never realize how the 5-6 liters of blood in the human body represents some 7-8% of body weight, and that if the cells inside the blood were laid out end to end they would form a line 96,500 kilometers long, and that this would be enough to stretch twice around the Earth.

2-Darwinists never realize that while the human eye has only three photoreceptors to distinguish colors, the mantis shrimp has 16 photoreceptors, and can even perceive ultraviolet light, and that these creatures could not have come into existence by chance.

3-Darwinists never reflect on how stem cells comprise just one of the ten thousand cells manufactured in bone marrow, and how although these cells look no different from any other cells they have the sublime ability to determine the body’s needs and give rise to different types of cell, nor how these new cells they give rise to replace damaged ones inside the body.

4-Darwinists never realize how the mechanism in the human hand that enables them to perform countless actions, from drinking to driving a car, from writing to sewing, has been equipped with 27 bones and a perfect muscle and nervous system that controls these, that human beings open and close their hands at least 25 million times during their lives, nor that it is impossible for such a mechanism to be replicated artificially.

5-Darwinists never realize that the heart constantly pumps blood, from birth to death, that this pump began working by using its own electrical system in order to be able to meet our bodies’ needs, and that in one hour it produces enough energy to lift an average-size car one meter off the ground.

6-Darwinists never realize how a person’s heart starts beating all of a sudden while it is still a fetus in its mother’s womb, how right from that moment it causes the blood to flow through the body by constantly expanding and contracting, and how it pumps blood at every moment of our lives, without our being aware of it, and beyond our will and control.

7-Darwinists never realize that there is a double-layered membrane around the heart that enables it to function comfortably and protects it against blows, and that there is a viscous fluid between these two layers, and that it is thanks to this layer that the heart is able to expand and contract for a whole lifetime.

8-Darwinists never realize that even a single one of the components that make up the heart cannot come into being spontaneously, and that no matter what perfect features it may possess, a heart with no circulatory system or blood to pump will serve no purpose at all. They never reflect that according to their own logic an organ with no function should disappear and so such a complex organ as the heart could have never come into existence with all its features by chance.

9-Darwinists never realize that the heart requires an electrical impulse in order to contract, that the cells permitting that contraction will not work without electricity, nor how the heart, a mere piece of flesh, is able to produce the electricity required.

10-Darwinists never realize that human beings and animals have no system in their bodies to permit them to make direct use of Solar energy, but they are able to employ that energy thanks to the foodstuffs produced from plants.
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