RAMADAN 2008 - THE 28th DAY

The Eternity Has Already Begun -2


Moment by moment, every picture above shows an image of the vehicle crossing the bridge. A person travelling by this vehicle supposes that a particular period of time is spent in crossing the bridge. However, we can see all of these pictures at a single moment.
An example will lead us to a better understanding of the fact that, in the sight of God, every incident takes place in a single moment. Assume that you have the picture of a big city spread in front of you. Streets, vehicles, buildings lined up side by side and people are clearly seen in this picture. Let’s also imagine that there is a man tryi
ng to reach the other end of this city. From the point of view of this man, there is a certain distance to be crossed from one end of this city to another in a definite time. It surely takes some time for this man to reach his destination.It is unlikely that he can be present at two distinct places at the same time. Yet, this is not the case for a person like you who looks at this picture from the outside. At a first glance, you can see all the details of the city in a single moment. Moreover, you do not even need a specific time in which to do this.

This state outlined in the above example also holds true for people like us confined to a specific dimension. For us, reaching a destination becomes possible only with the passage of time and by expending some energy. However, for God, the Creator of all dimensions, it takes only a single moment for all events to occur.

The second important fact is the simultaneity of these events. As stated earlier, in the sight of God, it is not possible to talk about the notion of time; everything takes place and ends in a single instant.

The Prophet Adam is created from clay right at this moment, angels are prostrating themselves before the Prophet Adam right now. Likewise, he is now being sent to earth. Furthermore, the "moment" we are talking about is the "moment" you are reading these lines.

Another example will further clarify this explanation. Let’s think about the Prophet Moses (Musa). The moment his mother decided to place the baby Moses in a box and set him adrift on the water is still present; that moment never disappeared and will continue to exist forever. The moment the Prophet Moses went to Pharaoh (Fir’awn) and conveyed the message of God to him still exists. In reality, just at this moment, the Prophet Moses is inviting Pharaoh to accept the religion of truth. It is a fact that this is also the moment the Prophet Moses is receiving the revelations of God in the sacred valley of Tuwa. It is also this instant the Prophet Moses is running away from Pharaoh with his people, and at this moment the Red sea opens a way for the Prophet Moses and his people to walk across. For all eternity, this moment when the sea opens will remain and exist in God's memory.

The moment Mary became pregnant, the moment she gave birth to Prophet Jesus ('Isa) under a date palm, the moment she returned to her people, the moment the Prophet Jesus talked to them while he was still in his cradle, as well as the moment he asked the question "Who will be my helpers to God?" to his disciples, and was resurrected by God, are all happening right at this moment. Indeed, not only the past events we are familiar with, but also the ones of which we have no idea because they will happen in the future are, in reality, happening just at this moment. Every second the Prophet Jesus spent in this world, his communication of the message of God to his disciples, his return to the earth, every speech he delivered to call people to the path of God, his death and his resurrection on the Day of Judgement as well as the moments he will be greeted by angels in his entrance to Heaven are actually happening at this moment.

The same also holds true for someone who lived 3,000 years ago. A man who sat under a tree at noontime in 3000 BC, reflecting on a ladybird perched on his finger and who therefore glorified the creation of God, is actually performing these actions right at this moment.Moreover, the moment the ladybird returned to its nest, as well as all the phases the ladybird went through, from the moment it was in its egg to its death, are all kept in the memory of God. Consequently, all these happen in a single moment, at the very moment you are reading this passage.

Each incident, each moment in timelessness exists simultan eously everywhere and will continue to exist for all eternity. None of the moments, none of the events, none of the living beings which existed in the past have disappeared, nor will they ever disappear. The Prophet Noah is building the ark right at this moment. The flood at the time of Noah, too, is making its impact right now; everything, every moment related to the flood is taking place during the time you read these lines. These are certainly not the incidents of the past. The ongoing events, as well as the aforementioned incidents, all happen at the same time, since each one of them is fated to remain in the memory of God for all eternity.

All these examples indicate, once again, an important fact: None of the moments, none of the events, none of the living beings which existed in the past ceased to exist and they will never disappear. A film we watch on television is recorded on a filmstrip and the moving pictures composing the film are not lost, whether we watch them or not. The same thing also holds true for each and everything which has to do with life relating to the past or future.

It is essential that this point should be well grasped. None of these occurrences are similar to a memory, reminiscence or an image. They are all vivid, everything being preserved as it is, and are just like the moment we experience right now. We perceive them as incidents of the past simply because God does not present these perceptions to us. However, whenever He wills, God may display these images to us, making us believe that we truly experience them.


All construction stages of these buildings as well as their current state are in the sight of God. Every deed engaged in by the former dwellers of these buildings is kept "right now" in the sight of God.
As has already been clarified, in the sight of God, all events, which have occurred on earth so far, take place at a single moment. What the Prophets Moses, Abraham (Ibrahim), Noah, Solomon, and Muhammad, together with all the other prophets, went through is experienced in the time we actually live in. Likewise, the experiences of our grandsons, of their grandsons, as well as of all the people who will live until the Judgement Day take place at one and the same moment. Among these people those who believe are now in heaven, while the disbelievers are in hell, suffering agonies.

What our Prophet went through, too, will remain in the sight of God forever. These events are presented to our sensations as if they happened 1400 years ago. However, the truth is, right at this moment, our Prophet Muhammad is ascending to heaven, right now, he is taking refuge in the cave with his friend. Again, this is the moment our Prophet is communicating the message of God to disbelievers. Actually these are not events, which occurred in the past. On the contrary, they are incidents doomed to exist for all eternity. The reason why we do not see, witness or experience these events is simply because they are not present in our memory.

The same thing holds true for all the events that took place and the people who appeared on earth throughout history. Philosophers in ancient Greece, those Sumerian people who cuneiform writing, Cleopatra, the Egyptian Queen, artists of the renaissance period, scientists of the 19th century, dictators of the 20th century and all other people, even your grandfather, his grandgrandfather and you are, in reality, living at the same moment.

None of these events disappear; they continue to exist without changing. The Crusades, the great migration, World Wars I and II, though seemingly distinct historical events, are actually events happening right at this moment and they will continue to do so for all eternity. Likewise, Egyptian, ancient Mexican, Greek and Anatolian civilisations all existed at the same moment.

The rain, which watered the field of a man who earned his living as a farmer in 1000 BC in Mesopotamia, and the very moment this farmer got wet in this rain are also present in the sight of God. A spider which wove a net in the branches of a willow in the Akkadian period is, likewise, weaving this net just now. The same spider, in a corner of this net, is also waiting for its prey right at this moment. Furthermore, the very same moment you try to visualise this spider in your mind, it is laying its eggs, collecting them on its back, and also taking care of them. Also, at this very moment, the eggs are cracking and its many offspring are hatching.

Nothing is left out or forgotten; the creation of God serves various purposes. So, nothing disappears, vanishes or is wasted. That people do not see, know or experience these various occurrences does not mean that they are not happening right now. As God is unbounded by time, everything has already taken place and finished in His sight. However, being bound by time, the experiences of an individual appear to be arranged in a series of events the order of which is apparently based on the criterion of the past, the present and the future. However, as also mentioned earlier, "events not yet experienced" are not "yet experienced" for us. Past, future and present are all the same to God. That is why God knows everything. This fact is also stated in the following verse:

"My son!" (said Luqman), "Even if something weighs as little as a mustard-seed and is inside a rock or anywhere else in the heavens or earth, God will bring it out. God is All-Pervading, All-Aware." (Surah Luqman: 16)


As we have shown in all the questions we have considered so far, the theory of evolution is completely at odds with scientific discoveries. This theory, born of the primitive level of science in the nineteenth century, has been completely invalidated by successive scientific discoveries.

Those evolutionists who are blindly devoted to the theory look for a solution in demagogy, since no scientific foundation is left to them. The most frequently resorted to of these is the clichéd slogan that "creation is a faith, so it cannot be considered part of science." The claim goes that evolution is a scientific theory, whereas creation is just a belief. However, this repetition of "evolution is science, creation is a belief" stems from a totally erroneous perspective. Those who keep repeating that are confusing science and materialist philosophy. They believe that science must remain within the borders of materialism, and that those who are not materialist have no right to make any statements at all. However, science itself completely rejects materialism.
Studying matter is not the same as being a materialist

Like contemporary materialists, Democritus was deceived into thinking that matter had existed forever, and that nothing existed but matter.
Let us first briefly define materialism in order to examine the matter in more detail. Materialism is a philosophy that has existed since Ancient Greece and is based on the idea that matter is all that exists. According to materialist philosophy, matter has always existed and will continue to do so for all time. Nothing exists apart from matter. This is not a scientific claim, however, because it cannot be subjected to experiment and observation. It is simply a belief, a dogma.

However, this dogma became mixed up with science in the nineteenth century, and even came to be the basic foundation of science. Yet science is not compelled to accept materialism. Science studies nature and the universe, and produces results without being limited by any philosophical classification.

In the face of this, some materialists frequently take refuge in a simple word game. They say, "Matter is the only subject of study for science, so it has to be materialist." Yes, science only studies matter, but "studying matter" is very different from "being a materialist." That is because when we study matter, we realise that matter contains knowledge and design so great that they could never have been produced by matter itself. We can understand that this knowledge and design are the result of an intelligence, even if we cannot see it directly.

For instance, let us imagine a cave. We do not know if anyone has been in it before us. If, when we enter this cave, there is nothing in it but dust, earth, and stones, we can infer that there is nothing but randomly distributed matter there. However, if there are expertly produced pictures in stunning colours on the walls, we may assume that an intelligent entity has been there before us. We may not be able to see that entity directly, but we can infer its existence from what it produces.
Science has refuted materialism

Science studies nature in the same way as shown in that example. If all the design in nature could only be explained by material factors, then science could confirm materialism. However, modern science has revealed that there is design in nature that cannot be explained by material factors, and that all matter contains a design brought into being by a Creator.

For example, all experiments and observation prove that matter could not by itself have given rise to life, for which reason life must stem from a metaphysical creation. All evolutionist experiments in this direction have ended in failure. Life can never have been created from inanimate matter. The evolutionist biologist Andrew Scott makes the following admission on the subject in the well-known journal New Scientist:

Take some matter, heat while stirring and wait. That is the modern version of Genesis. The "fundamental" forces of gravity, electromagnetism and the strong and weak nuclear forces are presumed to have done the rest... But how much of this neat tale is firmly established, and how much remains hopeful speculation? In truth, the mechanism of almost every major step, from chemical precursors up to the first recognizable cells, is the subject of either controversy or complete bewilderment.1

If matter were capable of giving rise to life on its own, as materialists claim, then it should be possible to synthesise life in laboratory conditions. However, not even one organelle in a cell can be reproduced in the laboratory, let alone a complete cell.

Prof. Fred Hoyle
The root of life is based on speculation and debate because materialist dogma insists that life is the product of matter. Yet the scientific facts show that matter has no such power. Professor Fred Hoyle, an astronomer and mathematician who was knighted for his contributions to science, makes the following comment on the subject:

The cover of the July 27, 1998, "Science Finds God" edition of Newsweek.
If there were a basic principle of matter which somehow drove organic systems toward life, its existence should easily be demonstrable in the laboratory. One could, for instance, take a swimming bath to represent the primordial soup. Fill it with any chemicals of a non-biological nature you please. Pump any gases over it, or through it, you please, and shine any kind of radiation on it that takes your fancy. Let the experiment proceed for a year and see how many of those 2,000 enzymes [proteins produced by living cells] have appeared in the bath. I will give the answer, and so save the time and trouble and expense of actually doing the experiment. You will find nothing at all, except possibly for a tarry sludge composed of amino acids and other simple organic chemicals. 2

Actually, materialism is in an even worse dilemma. Matter cannot even form life when combined with human knowledge and time, let alone form it by itself.

The truth that we have briefly glanced at is the truth that matter cannot form design and knowledge by itself. Yet the universe and the living things in it contain extraordinarily complex design and knowledge. That shows us that this design and knowledge in the universe and living things are the works of a Creator Who possesses infinite power and knowledge, Who existed before matter and rules it.

If we look carefully, this is an entirely scientific conclusion. It is not a "belief," but a truth acquired through observation of the universe and living things in it. That is why the evolutionists' claim that "Evolution is scientific, whereas creation is a belief that cannot enter the domain of science" is a superficial deception. It is true that in the nineteenth century materialism was confused with science, and that science was led off course by materialist dogma. However, subsequent developments in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries have completely overthrown that hoary old belief, and the truth of creation, that had been concealed by materialism, has finally emerged. As the banner headline "Science Finds God," used by the famous magazine Newsweek in its historic July 27, 1998, edition makes clear, behind all the materialist deception, science finds God, the Creator of the universe and all that is in it.

1. Andrew Scott, "Update on Genesis," New Scientist, vol. 106, May 2nd, 1985, p. 30.

2. Fred Hoyle, The Intelligent Universe, Michael Joseph, London, 1983, p. 20-21.

The Incalculable Size of the Universe

The delicate balances in the magnificently large universe prove that this flawless order came into being as the result of God's superior creation.

American scientists have discovered the furthest planet from the Solar System, of which our Earth is a part. According to a report on the Internet space site, the planet, the same size as Jupiter, revolves in a narrow orbit around a star 5,000 light years away from the Milky Way. The scientists stated that the planet revolves around the star in as little as 29 hours, and recorded that its surface is very hot, several thousand degrees. Astronomers at the Harvard Smithsonian Center located the star as the result of minute variations emitted by the star around which it revolves. The astronomers revealed that the planet passed in front of the star every 29 hours, during which times there was a reduction in the amount of light emitted by the star. The variation in that light, they announced, was the equivalent of a mosquito passing in front of the headlight of a car 186 miles away. Astronomers have also so far determined more than 100 stars outside the Solar System by this method.

The above scientific discovery indicates a very important truth; the magnificent size of the universe!

Bearing in mind that light travels at approximately 186 411 mps, the distance it travels in 5,000 light years is beyond human comprehension. In addition, that distance is only very small in proportion to the size of the universe, within the Solar System of which we are a part.

Even more astounding dimensions emerge when we consider the size of the universe.

Let us now continue this examination in order to understand the size of the universe... The planet Earth is a part of the solar system. In this system there are nine major planets with fifty-four satellites, and an uncounted number of asteroids all revolving around a single star called "Sun", a middle-sized star compared with others in the universe. Earth is the third planet from the sun.

The diameter of the sun is 103 times that of the earth. To visualize this, the planet Earth has diameter of 7581 miles. If we scaled that down to the dimensions of a glass ball, the sun would be about the size of soccer ball. But the interesting thing is the distance between the two. Keeping to the same scale, the two balls should be 919 feet apart. Some of the objects representing the outer planets would have to be set several kilometers away.

Big though this might seem, the solar system is a quite miniscule in size compared with the Milky Way, the galaxy in which it is located. There are over 250 billion stars in the Milky Way-some similar to the sun, others bigger, others smaller. The star nearest to the sun is Alpha Centauri. If we wanted to add Alpha Centauri in our model system, it would have to be located 484, 669 miles away.

That's too big for almost anyone to grasp, so let's reduce the scale. We'll assume the earth to be as big as a dust-particle. That would make the sun as big as a walnut about three meters from the earth. On this scale, Alpha Centauri would have to be located 398 miles from the sun.

The Milky Way consists of about 250 billion stars with similarly mind-boggling distances between them. The sun is located closer to the edge of this spiral-shaped galaxy than it is to the justify.

Even the Milky Way is dwarfed by the vast size of the whole universe. It is just one of many galaxies-nearly 300 billion of them according to recent calculations. And the distances between galaxies are millions of times greater than that between the sun and Alpha Centauri.

George Greenstein, in The Symbiotic Universe, comments on this unimaginable vastness:

Had the stars been somewhat closer, astrophysics would not have been so very different. The fundamental physical processes occurring within stars, nebulas, and the like would have proceeded unchanged. The appearance of our galaxy as seen from some far-distant vantage point would have been the same. About the only difference would have been the view of the night time sky from the grass on which I lie, which would have been yet richer with stars. And oh, yes-one more small change: There would have been no me to do the viewing…All that waster space! On the other hand, in this very waste lies our safety. (George Greenstein, The Symbiotic Universe, p. 21)

Greenstein also explains the reason for this. In his view, the huge distances in space makes it possible for certain physical variables to be arranged so as to be exactly suitable for human life. He also notes the importance of this huge space in allowing Earth to exist while minimizing the risk of collision with other stars. (For more details, see Harun Yahya's The Creation of the Universe, Al-Attique Publishers Inc., Canada: 2000)

Doubtlessly, the design of the universe is evidence of God's power to establish. The precise balances and all the human beings and other creatures are the evidence of God's supreme power and act of creation. This result discovered by modern science is just a reworking of a truth revealed fourteen centuries ago in the Qur'an:

Your Lord is God, Who created the heavens and the Earth in six days and then settled Himself firmly on the Throne. He covers the day with the night and, each pursuing the other urgently; and the Sun and Moon and stars are subservient to His command. Both creation and command belong to Him. Blessed be God, the Lord of all worlds. (Surat al-A'raf, 54)


In recent interviews with various television stations and newspapers, Adnan Oktar has noted the vital importance for world peace and security of the establishment of a Turkish-Islamic union. The importance of the subject is also set out in announcements in newspapers based on the works of Harun Yahya.

One of the aspects Adnan Oktar stresses in these announcements is the commercial and economic benefits the founding of a Turkish-Islamic Union will provide. For that reason, in his works and press announcements Mr. Oktar has particularly emphasized the importance of Turkish-Islamic countries making joint investments, the reinvigoration of trade between these countries, and the making of the necessary technological and infrastructural investment.

The recent increase and strengthening of steps being taken in the direction of such a union is a sign of the impact Adnan Oktar's works and activities are having. Leading Turkish nongovernmental organizations are issuing statements noting the importance of co-operation in the Turkish-Muslim world, and various civil initiatives are taking significant steps along those lines. One of these is the statement issued by Rıfat Hisarcıklıoğlu, president of the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB), at a meeting of the Organization of the Islamic Conference held on 5-6 July, 2008.

The following is a selection of the statements made by Mr. Hisarcıklıoğlu, who said that:
  • With their different economic structures and capacities, Islamic countries, which represent 28% of the surface of the world, have very rich resources and potential, especially in labor force terms;

  • These great human and material resources leading to an equivalent measure of economic success is everyone's common ideal, and that 
  • High-quality and high-technology-based production and productivity need to be raised to the desired level.

"The economies of Muslim nations contain differences in structure and functioning. Some nations' economies depend upon mineral resources, such as the members of OPEC, while other nations' depend upon agriculture. These differences are also reflected, to some extent, in their social structures, such as the widely varying degrees of rural and urban populations. Developing complementary relationships and helping each other in their respective areas of expertise can turn these differences into a source of riches. All of this will be possible with the Islamic Union."

"Economic cooperation is necessary on two counts: stability and development. Muslim nations must bring stability and solidity to their economies. Developing industries and making the required investments is vital, as is the need for a comprehensive development plan and the simultaneous development of education, economy, culture, science, and technology. While various sectors are developed technologically, the labor force's educational levels and standards must be raised accordingly. Society must be motivated to become more productive..."

"Joint ventures and project partnerships will be an important step in the right direction, for they will enable countries to benefit from one another's experiences and the income earned from investment projects will benefit all of the participating countries."

"Joint ventures that realize the Islamic world's unification of opportunities and means will enable Muslims to produce hi-tech products. The Islamic common market will make it possible for Muslim-made products to be marketed in other Muslim countries without the hindrance of customs, quotas, and other cross-border obstacles. The marketplace will grow, the market share and exports of all Muslim nations will rise, industrialization will speed up, and economic development will bring progress in technology. When all of this comes to pass, Muslim nations will operate as a consortium against other investment groups and will become an important part of the global economy."

Newspaper announcements based on the works of Adnan Oktar have stressed the importance of co-operation in the Turkish-Islamic world as follows:

The Turkish-Islamic Union will revitalize trade and strengthen the economy. Union among Muslim countries in the economic, political and cultural arenas will permit the less developed to make rapid progress and those countries which already possess the requisite means and infrastructure to use these as efficiently as possible. Economic growth and investment in science and technology will rise. With economic development will come a natural rise in education levels, and society will make progress on a number of fronts.

The Turkish-Islamic Union will regenerate the Muslim world. Thanks to the Islamic common market to be established, products manufactured in one country will be able to be marketed in another without the hindrance of customs, quotas, and other cross-border obstacles. The trade zone will widen, all Muslim countries' market share will increase, exports will grow, and this will accelerate the industrialization process in Muslim countries, and economic regeneration will lead to technological development.

An economically powerful Turkish-Islamic Union will also represent a major source of well-being for the Western world and other societies. These will find themselves facing a power with which they can co-operate with no misgivings and which they can engage in economic activities with. In addition, there will be no more need for the funds Western institutions and organizations keep pouring in for the economic regeneration of the region, and these funds can be used to strengthen the global economy instead.


Presenter: What can you tell us about the Turkish-Islamic Union? Many people regard this as a utopian dream. That is what many people think. Do you really believe it will come about?

Adnan Oktar: If the Turkish cities of Konya, Izmir and Adana were autonomous from one another, Allah Forbid, we would say, "This is no good, we need to unite." And if someone then said, "That is impossible, it is a utopian fantasy, they are separate and that is the end of it" that would be totally illogical. In the same way, it is illogical for the Turkic states to remain divorced from us. We share the same faith, language and culture. We are exactly the same. We have the same culture and forebears, so there is no need for such separation. That is why the passport and visa requirement between the Turkic states and Muslims needs to be lifted. People must be free to come and go as they wish. Commerce must be freed as much as possible, and ties must be strengthened. There is the European Union, so why not the Turkish-Islamic Union? People can travel and settle within the EU as they wish. They do not use passports and visas. And we are brothers, so why should we not do the same? There is no reason, and it is perfectly possible. These are the countries with finest territories. The lands of the Turkish-Islamic states are the world's richest in terms of mineral resources. They have the richest oil reserves. We have the flour and sugar, all we have to do now is bake the cake. That is what all the Turkish people want. We talk to the Azeris, and they are dying to be unified with Turkey. If Turkey were to give the green light they would accept the offer that same day. If Turkey were to suggest that it and Syria unite, Syria would agree at once. The matter will be resolved, by Allah's leave, if the Turkish people strongly express that wish, and if it is raised by nongovernmental organizations in particular and put to the government.


Europe and the realm of Islam have had close relations with each other for centuries. First, the state of Andalusia (756-1492) on the Iberian Peninsula, and later the Crusades (1095-1291) and the Ottoman capture of the Balkans (1389), brought about a constant interrelation between the two societies. Many historians and sociologists assert today that Islam was the leading cause of Europe's movement from the darkness of its Middle Ages to the brilliance of its Renaissance. At a time when Europe was backward in medicine, astronomy, mathematics, and many other fields, Muslims possessed a vast treasure of knowledge and great possibilities of development.

The first event that made Europeans aware of Islam's coming important place in their lives was the caliph 'Umar ibn al-Khattab's capture of Jerusalem (638). This caused Europe to realize for the first time that Islam was spreading and approaching its own borders. The main reason for the Crusades, launched four centuries later, was to take Jerusalem back from the Muslims. But the Crusaders who set out for this purpose gained something else, for the contact they made with the Muslim world was the first step toward Europe's rebirth. Dominated by darkness, conflict, war, and despotism, Europe encountered the Islamic world's advanced civilization and saw that its inhabitants were both highly prosperous and civilized, as well as quite advanced in the fields of medicine, astronomy, and mathematics as in their social lives. They also saw that values rarely found in Europe at that time (e.g., pluralism, tolerance, understanding, compassion, and self-sacrifice) were aspects of the high morality expressed by Muslims, who were aware of their religious responsibilities.

A painting named "Sunset in Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives.Jerusalem, when it entered the Islamic fold during the reign of 'Umar ibn al-Kattab, enjoyed a brand new period of peace and tolerance. The Islamic morality formed the basis of this exemplary environment.
"Those who, if We establish them firmly on the earth, will establish salat and pay alms, and command what is right and forbid what is wrong. The end result of all affairs is with God.(Qur'an 22:41)

Our Word was given before to Our slaves, the Messengers, that they would certainly be helped. It is Our army which will be victorious.(Qur'an, 37: 171-173)
Meanwhile, as the Crusades continued, European societies also had relations with a Muslim society much closer to home: the Muslim kingdom of Andalusia, located in the southern part of their own continent. Andalusia had a great cultural influence upon Europe until its demise in the late fifteenth century. Many historians who have studied Andalusia's influence upon Europe agree that this kingdom, with its social structure and high level of civilization, was far more advanced than the rest of Europe, and that it was one of the principle factors in the development of European civilization. The prominent Spanish historian Blanco Ibañez writes that:

Spain's famous Cordoba Mosque, built during 784-86.

Rather We hurl the truth against falsehood and it cuts right through it and it vanishes clean away! Woe without end for you for what you portray!
(Qur'an 21:18)
Defeat in Spain did not come from the north; the Muslim conquerors came from the south. This was much more than a victory, it was a leap of civilization. Because of this, the richest and most brilliant civilization known in Europe was born and flourished throughout the Middle Ages between the 8th and the 15th centuries. During this period northern peoples were shattered by religious wars, and while they moved about in bloodthirsty hoards, the population of Andalusia surpassed 30 million. In this number, which was high for the time, every race and religion moved freely and with equality, and the pulse of society was very lively.1

Interior view of one of the towers of Andalusia's famous Alhambra Palace.

We appointed leaders from among them, guiding by Our command when they were steadfast and when they had certainty about Our Signs.(Qur'an. 32:24)
With its well-illuminated streets, the capital Cordoba provided a striking contrast to the European cities and according to the English historian John W. Draper, "Seven hundred years after this time, there was not so much as one public lamp in London. In Paris, centuries later, whoever stepped over his threshold on a rainy day stepped up to his ankles in mud."2

Andalusia finally ceased to exist in 1492 with the fall of Granada, the last Muslim kingdom on the Iberian Peninsula. But now, Europeans came face to face with the Ottoman Empire, which was beginning to advance in the Balkans during the fifteenth century as a result of several victories and mass conversions among the Balkan people. This conversion was never forced or obtained by pressure. In time, the Islamic morality put in place by the Ottomans brought those who witnessed it to choose Islam freely. Ottoman civilization, built on the Qur'anic moral values of justice, equality, tolerance, and compassion, remained in the Balkans for 400 years, and its traces can still be seen there. (A large number of these remains were destroyed by Serbian troops and missiles during the war in Bosnia, but this does not change the facts of history.) This Qur'anic-based civilization made Islam an important part of Europe. Even today, quite a large number of European Muslims live in the Balkans.

One person who believes that European civilization has learned much from Islam and that the two civilizations have always been intimately connected is Charles, Prince of Wales. Prince Charles describes Islamic civilization and what Andalusia and the Ottoman experience in the Balkans has taught Europe:

Diplomacy, free trade, open borders, the techniques of academic research, of anthropology, etiquette, fashion, alternative medicine, hospitals, all came from this great city of cities. Mediaeval Islam was a religion of remarkable tolerance for its time, allowing Jews and Christians to practice their inherited beliefs, and setting an example which was not, unfortunately, copied for many centuries in the West. The surprise, ladies and gentlemen, is the extent to which Islam has been a part of Europe for so long, first in Spain, then in the Balkans, and the extent to which it has contributed so much towards the civilization which we all too often think of, wrongly, as entirely Western. Islam is part of our past and present, in all fields of human endeavour. It has helped to create modern Europe. It is part of our own inheritance, not a thing apart.3

The Swedish ambassador Ingmar Karlsson, known in Turkey for his book Islam and Europe, says that in the Andalusian period, Christians, Muslims, and Jews lived together in peace and that this should be taken as a model in Europe.

High representative for the International Community in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Wolfgang Petritsch, stresses in an article in the November 20, 2001 edition of the New York Times that the struggle against terror must not be directed against Islam and that it must never be forgotten that Islam is actually a part of Europe. In his article, "Islam is Part of the West, Too," he states: "When we step beyond the us-and-them paradigm, we might remember that Islam is part of the European tradition."4 Keeping this historical fact in mind is one way to prevent the chaos desired by those provocateurs who put forward the "clash of civilizations" thesis. Differences in civilization are not reasons for conflict; rather, they can be an important means of advancing dialogue.

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Age: 50 million years

Period: Eocene

Location: Green River Formation, Utah, USA

The fossil findings that most clearly refute the idea of plant evolution are those belonging to flowering plants. These angiosperms—to give them their biological definition—are divided into 43 separate families, each one of which emerges suddenly in the fossil record with no trace of any primitive "intermediate form" behind it. 

This fact was realized in the 19th century, and Darwin described the origin of angiosperms as "an abominable mystery". In his book Palaeobiology of Angiosperm Origins, the evolutionist paleobotanist Norman F. Hughes makes the following admission: 

". . . the failure to find a satisfactory explanation has persisted, and many botanists have concluded that the problem is not capable of solution, by use of fossil evidence." (N. F. Hughes, Palaeobiology of Angiosperm Origins: Problems of Mesozoic Seed-Plant Evolution, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1976, pp. 1-2)) 
This admission means that no fossil capable of being represented as proof of plant evolution has been found. And neither is it possible for any to be discovered in the future. As the 50-million-year-old sumac fossil pictured here shows, plants did not evolve, but were created.

AL-MUSAWWIR, (The Shaper; The Giver Of Form)

He is Allah—the Creator, the Maker, the Giver of Form . To Him belong the Most Beautiful Names. Everything in the heavens and Earth glorifies Him. He is the Almighty, the All-Wise. ( Surat al-Hashr, 24)

Our planet contains thousands of different species with entirely different appearances and amazing features. Let's examine the flawless symmetry on a butterfly wing. The surface of each wing is embellished with different patterns and impressive colors. No matter how complicated these patterns and colors may be, they never harm the perfect symmetry between the two wings. Indeed, just like a painter's masterpiece, all butterflies have astonishing appearances. Clearly, the wisdom manifested in such beauty has a source, for even an ordinary painting is painted by someone; it could not have come into existence by itself. This being the case, how could such a perfect living being, one that is as aesthetic as a work of art, come into being by coincidence? Allah, Lord of the universe, created, designed, and formed all of those beings.

Allah, Who created human beings and designed their bodies' internal and external systems, manifests His superior creativity and power on every detail of this complex structure. For instance, the skeleton (the body's structural support system) is an engineering marvel in its own right. It protects such vital organs as the brain, the heart and lungs, and upholds the body's internal organs. In addition, it gives the body a superior capacity for movement, one that cannot be imitated by any artificial mechanism. Bone tissue is not inorganic, as many people think. In fact, it is the body's mineral bank and thus includes many important minerals, among them calcium and phosphate. In accordance with the body's needs, it either stores these minerals or delivers them to where they are needed. Moreover, bones also produce red blood cells. Yet this multi-functional system is only one of the perfect systems existing in the human body.

This is the way of Allah, Who created—and Who continues to create—all of these systems with an unparalleled design so that we may see wherever we turn the manifestations of His unique creation. One verse relates that believers say the following words:

... “Our Lord gives each thing its created form and then guides it.” (Surah Ta Ha, 50)

National Academy of Sciences Refuted

In 1999, the National Academy of Sciences, USA, published a booklet called Science and Creationism: A View from the National Academy of Sciences. The aim of this booklet was to respond to the creation/evolution debate by bringing together "the most important proofs" of evolution... Those who read this book with an objective eye will see the fact that the theory of evolution is being supported with a blind and totally dogmatic determination. This site is an answer and refutation of NAS' claims.


You can watch the whole of the interview given by Adnan Oktar to al-Jazeera TV on 6 August, 2007, from here. You can listen to his replies to questions regarding his life, family and books, and to significant statements by him such as the importance of the intellectual struggle against the communist, separatist organisation in Turkey.


There are people who claim they have faith in Islam and are fairly acquainted with the Qur’an, yet they readily disregard some of its rulings. According to popular "religion," those violating the fundamental commandments may be plagued by pangs of conscience, but neglect of those to which people give little importance will not cause such discomfort, although they are also part of the Qur’an.The purpose of this book is to remind people who have not realized their error or considered the penalty such an attitude will entail and summon them to live by the true principles of Islam, for Allah declares that man is responsible for all the commandments in the Qur’an, and warns that those who do not pay heed to His commandments will face torment in the Hereafter:So do you believe in part of the Scripture and disbelieve in part?  Then what is the recompense for those who do that among you except disgrace in worldly life; and on the Day of Resurrection they will be sent back to the severest of punishment.  And Allah is not unaware of what you do. (Surat al-Baqara; 85)


1-Darwinists never realize how the protein keratin constantly produces structures with completely different properties, such as hair and nails, over the course of a whole lifetime, and how it never makes a mistake.

2-In maintaining that a protein by the name of collagen, which produces both smooth, elastic skin and hard, tough bones at one and the same time, came into being by chance, Darwinists never realize that this protein is in just those regions in human body where it will be needed, in a literally intelligent manner and shape, and that it produces skin in some places and bone in others.

3-Darwinists never realize how proteins know such vital functions as DNA replication, production of information and cell division.

4-Darwinists never realize that the proteins that they maintain came into being by chance, devoid of any consciousness or intelligence, construct all the chemical components of the cell by working as a team, break the cell down when necessary and reconstitute these small components as simple compounds for later use. 

5-Darwinists never realize that in order for the countless proteins involved in the process of seeing to function, they need to have the appropriate molecular structure, and that this could never come about by chance.

Proteins are highly complex molecules that not only constitute the building blocks of living cells but also undertake various tasks within the cell. They are made up of specific numbers and particular sequences of molecules known as “amino acids.” So delicate is this sequencing that the absence of one single amino acid, or its being in the wrong place, will make the protein functionless. Every amino acid must therefore be in exactly the right place and in exactly the right order. There is no possibility of such an arrangement forming by chance. The odds of an average protein molecule emerging by chance are 1 in 10950. (In practical terms, that means a “zero” possibility.) Mathematicians have thus dealt one of the most serious blows to Darwinism.    10950 =

6-Darwinists never realize how the molecules in the cone cells in the retina come together to constitute proteins that make color vision possible, nor how it is that these proteins have had the same structure and have functioned impeccably in all the human beings who have ever lived over millions of years.

7-In claiming that molecules came into being by chance, Darwinists never realize how they could have given rise to the protein melanin that protects the eye from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays.

8-Darwinists never realize that proteins are made up of only 20 of the more than 200 amino acids in nature, and that they can never account for such an intelligent selectivity.

9-Darwinists never realize how not a single right-handed amino acid is to be found in living organisms, nor how such an intelligent selectivity could have come about.

10-Darwinists never realize how 20 from the more than 200 amino acids in nature need to be accurately selected in order for proteins to be able to form, how they are all left-handed and in the correct sequence, nor how this intelligent selection consisting of various stages could have come into being.
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