The Darwinist techniques of clamor and demagoguery

There is not one single piece of evidence for Darwinism. For that reason, for the last 150 years Darwinists have used a different technique to providing evidence; clamor and demagoguery.
-          Darwinists resort to all possible means to cover up the fact that the theory of evolution is a deception. Academics and scientists questioning evolution and espousing anti-Darwinian views are hurriedly removed from their posts and silenced.
-         They attempt to portray the fraud of Darwinism as a highly complex scientific reality. They try to deceive people with complicated formulae and unintelligible terminology. They take advantage of science and people’s respect for it, even though there is nothing scientific to the theory whatsoever.
-         They engage in loud and long demagoguery and resort to charlatanry instead of giving scientific responses to people holding other views. Since they are unable to provide any real scientific evidence at all, they imagine that they can invalidate the definitive proofs of Creation by making so-called jokes and using a mocking, improper tone. They imagine they will thus be able to deceive people, even though the evidence is plain for everyone to see.
-         They try to prevent people thinking and investigating the true facts. They imagine that only in this way can they prevent the fraudulent nature of Darwinism being exposed. They try to prevent people thinking by means of demagogic accounts and complicated, incomprehensible articles adorned with grotesque-looking formulae.
-         Some foreign pro-Darwinist publications are the best example of this. None of these can ever say, “Yes, there are 100 million fossils that prove Creation, and we rebut these in any way.” They never mention the amber containing organisms exactly as they were millions of years ago. They never raise these issues because they know only too well that they all totally refute Darwinism. They merely resort to plenty of unintelligible demagoguery of no scientific value.
-         They apply pressure to ensure that students holding anti-Darwinist views are expelled from their schools. For example, in a report on the subject in the British weekly The Observer, Darwinist scientists are reported to say that “if religion stops their students accepting evolution, there is no point in them staying at university.” This is a clear statement from the mouths of Darwinists regarding the Darwinist technique of menaces and intimidation.
-         One of the demagogic techniques most frequently employed by Darwinists is the claim that the financing for Harun Yahya’s matchless works that have stunned the whole world comes from outside Turkey. A report that recently appeared in The Observer claimed that the activities in question were backed from Saudi Arabia. Yet it is quite evident that Saudi Arabia attaches no importance to the subject of evolution and that the state has no anti-evolutionary policy. If the Saudi Arabian administration really wanted to engage in anti-evolutionary activity there is no doubt that it would not do this in Turkey. That would be meaningless. The Saudi government has sufficient money and resources to carry out wide-ranging activities in its own country. The demagoguery that Darwinists engage in on this subject is highly illogical and utterly ludicrous.
-         It was also suggested in the same paper that poor schools in Turkey were grateful for Harun Yahya’s books. This is another demagogic technique. Harun Yahya’s books are read right across the world because they are of scientific value and make the true facts crystal clear. It is wealthy European countries and America that read these books the most. People buy and like these books because they tell the truth. But Darwinists are unable to swallow this.
-         Another aspect of the same demagoguery is the claim that Darwinist scientists are afraid to speak out. In fact these scientists have no fear at all of speaking to the proponents of Creation. Their fear lies in having no evidence in favor of Darwinism despite all the millions of proofs of Creation. There is no reason why they should not take part in debates of this kind if they did have any scientific evidence of their own. They are unable to respond to the 100 million fossils that prove the fact of Creation, and are unable to admit that proteins cannot form by chance. They know that they will be faced with clear and incontrovertible scientific facts during the course of any debate. And they have no answers to them.
-         The Council of Europe’s attempt to have the teaching of the Atlas of Creation in schools banned, also described in The Observer, is one of Darwinists’ best-known so-called intimidatory techniques. They imagine than banning books will stop people accessing the scientific facts. The fact is, however, that permitting no alternative view to the one-sided teaching of Darwinism in schools is a disgrace to Darwinists themselves. Fascism is still taught as an opposing view in schools of philosophy that teach communism. Alternative theories to the Big Bang are still taught regarding the formation of the universe. The situation in this example is even more terrible, because Creation is a fact proved by scientific evidence, whereas Darwinism is just nonsense.
             If Darwinists had the evidence to prove their theory, and if they genuinely believed that their theory was true, then they would very definitely feel no need to resort to demagoguery, to try to hide the evidence for Creation, and to attempt to intimidate scientists and other proponents of Creation. The main reason for Darwinists’ banning books, mockery, long demagogic accounts and unwillingness to engage in debates is that Darwinism is terrible nonsense that has deceived the world for the last 150 years.
But all these measures, clamor and demagoguery have come to an end now that the existence of 100 million fossils supporting Creation has been made public. People have now seen the daylight. And there is no point in trying to tell them it is still dark outside. The scientific facts are in front of everyone’s eyes. The Darwinist lie has been unmasked. From now on, by the will of Allah (God), Darwinists will always be defeated no matter what demagoguery they resort to.
2008-11-05 11:37:35

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