Darwinism is a false belief destined to be destroyed in the end times

Ever since Allah (God) created the first human being, and throughout the course of history, He has created the world in the form of a place where two negative forces fight. There have been messengers and righteous believers who have preached the true faith of Allah at all times and in all societies. On the other hand, leading deniers engaged in propagandizing irreligiousness have waged a ruthless struggle against the true faith. This is a law of Allah He revealed in the Qur’an.
The power of these two negative forces in the End Times will be one of the most striking phenomena in history. Allah has charged the blessed Mahdi with bringing the moral values of Islam to prevail over the whole world in the End Times, which will take place shortly before the Last Day. The Mahdi, who assumes such an honorable and glorious responsibility awaited with hope and enthusiasm by the Islamic world for fourteen centuries, will of course be opposed by a powerful negative force that will pave the way for the greatness of this task. That force created by Allah in direct opposition to the Mahdi is the Dajjal (the Antichrist).
In order for the Mahdi to appear, and as part of the test that is the law of Allah, there must be various instruments to cause a climate of degeneration to arise in the End Times, and denial and irreligiousness must spread. These special negative forces created in order for the Mahdi to appear undertook very special tasks in the 20th and 21st centuries in order to turn people away from the way of Allah. The main source of these is Darwinism, which represents the basis of all the intellectual systems of the Dajjal and is the worst deception of the century.
Darwin is one of the greatest representatives of the system of the Dajjal in the End Times. It was Darwin who spread the greatest deception of the century across the whole world. The whole world was made captive by that mass deception. Hundreds of thousands of people, hundreds of thousands of university professors, hundreds of thousands of academics were taken in by this fallacy, which intellectually made the entire world’s great countries’ universities captive. People who were unwilling to explain the world in terms of Allah’s creation resorted instead to the theory of evolution -- the hardest thing to believe but the easiest to talk about. “Initially, there was muddy water on Earth,” they said, and claimed that the raw material for proteins emerged by chance in that muddy water. They said that all these then combined together by chance and gave rise to proteins, which cannot possibly form by chance. Then they said “the proteins combined together to form the cell, and the cell came to life and multiplied. Arms and legs appeared, and then eyes and ears.” They then went on to say, “The eye began to see by chance, and the ear to hear.” They then claimed that the fingers began to possess the sense of touch by chance, and the nose began to smell, again by chance, and the tongue coincidentally began to experience the sense of taste. And they kept this lie up for years, convincing people of this nonsense in the most astonishing way.
This is rather like saying: “Let us put all kinds of chemical substances into a bowl. Then let us watch over it for millions of years, bequeathing it from one generation to the next. Finally, let us see giraffes, tigers, apricot trees, melons, mynah birds, peacocks, cats, elephants, cherries and human beings emerge from it!”
That is essentially what Darwinism says. And it has deceived the whole world by hypnotizing it with this false and facile idea. Hundreds of thousands of professors, hundreds of thousands of lecturers and hundreds of thousands of teachers all signed up to this nonsense. Psychological pressure was put on those who refused to believe it, along the lines of “Don’t tell us you don’t believe it!” and they were intimidated as they were expelled from their schools or removed from their posts. Darwinism literally established a system of terror across the world.
Actually, the proponents of the Darwinist lie themselves know that Darwinism is a fallacy, in exactly the same way that the people of the Prophet Abraham (pbuh) continued worshiping idols despite knowing they had absolutely no power at all. Almighty Allah describes the position of that idolatrous people in verses:
He [Abraham] broke them in pieces, except for the biggest one, so that they would have it to consult! (Surat al-Anbiya’, 58)
They said, “Did you do this to our deities, Abraham?” He said, “No, this one, the biggest of them, did it. Ask them if they are able to speak!” They consulted among themselves and said, “It is you yourselves who are wrongdoers.” But then they relapsed back into their unbelief: “You know full well these idols cannot talk.” (Surat al-Anbiya’, 62-65)
              Darwinists are also in the same position, or even worse than the logic of the idolaters of the past, since this distorted mindset even makes idols out of quadrillions times quadrillions of atoms.
               Darwin also produced other dajjals with this perverted and feeble claim. Darwin is the great shaman priest who raised up such blood-shedding communist and fascist dictators as Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Hitler and Mussolini who made mass killings.
               But Darwin emerged with the weakest atheist belief that a human mind can conceive of. So much so that it depends on an exceedingly rotten logic that could be demolished by the slightest puff of wind. This system was specially created for the emergence of the Mahdi. The reason why it is so wide-ranging is for people to see how easy it is to fall captive to satan and how easily the system of the Mahdi will tear that other system down. This is a system that the blessed Mahdi will demolish with a single breath. Indeed, this system is already collapsing today due to the activities of those preparing the way for the Mahdi.
               Our Prophet (saas) has also stated that the intellectual system of the Dajjal that deceives the whole world will be demolished with a single breath from the blessed Mahdi:
“... It is impossible for any unbeliever who scents his breath not to die. The fact that the Dajjal is a liar will radiate out in waves. Dajjalism will be overthrown and his intellectual system destroyed.”[1]
Our Lord reveals this fact in another verse:
Rather We hurl the truth against falsehood and it cuts right through it and it vanishes clean away! Woe without end for you for what you portray! (Surat al-Anbiya’, 18)
Darwinists never expected to one day be confronted by 100 million fossils that totally discredit their theory. They never anticipated scientific proof of the fact that it is impossible for proteins to form by chance. They never foresaw the fact that there are no intermediate forms would eventually come out. They never admitted the slightest possibility that all the fossils heralded as transitional forms were actually perfectly formed, extinct organisms, or that the whole world would learn that the skulls depicted as proof of evolution were false. Darwinists are currently literally in a state of shock. They never expected this fallacy they disseminated across the world to be obliterated so quickly and easily.
This atheist nonsense imposed on vast sections of society, Darwinism in other words, has indeed come to an end. This lie that deceived the entire humanity was specially created for the blessed Mahdi to combat, and has been equally specially eradicated. It is Almighty Allah, the certain Creator of all things, Who has both created and destroyed it. He reveals in another verse:
You did not kill them; it was Allah Who killed them; and you did not throw, when you threw; it was Allah Who threw: so He might test the believers with this excellent trial from Him. Allah is All-Hearing, All-Knowing. (Surat al-Anfal, 17)

[1] Sunan Ibn Majah, 10/323
2008-11-05 23:17:38

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