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The Topics That are Scariest for Darwin and Evolutionists

As we mentioned at the beginning of our book, the eye is a very complex and perfectly designed organ. It is made up of 40 components, and it cannot function if even one of these components is missing.

All of these components have such intricate detail that it is impossible for them to have come about by chance. If just one of them, for example the lens, were missing, the eye could not function. Moreover, if just the lens and the pupil were to exchange positions, the eye could not function.

Even the tear that seems such a simple fluid is essential for the eye to function. An eye that does not produce tears will soon dry up and become blind. Furthermore, the tear's antiseptic properties protect the eye from germs.

The structure of an eye can be compared to that of a car. Many pieces make up a car. If all of its pieces were together but the gas pedal was missing, you would not be able to drive it. If one of the wires in its motor is cut, the car won't move. Eyes, just like a car, cannot function if even one piece is missing.


Darwin did not even want to think about the eye. It is impossible for the eye to happen by coincidence because the eye is perfect and yet so complex. It is the obvious truth that Allah has created the eye.

Evolutionists, however, are unable to explain how eyes formed, because it is impossible for even a single eye to happen by chance. Just think, is it probable that 40 different pieces come together at the same time and at the same place? This implies that pupil, lens, retina, eyelids, eye ducts, and others had to form by chance and join by themselves. This, of course, is impossible!


If you saw a car while you were out walking in the woods and asked how this car got there, and someone told you that some materials from the woods came together and formed this car, would you believe him?

If you saw a car while you were out walking in the woods and asked how this car got there, and someone told you that some materials from the woods came together and formed this car, would you believe him? Is a person in his right mind if he says that the motor, accelerator pedal, steering wheel, brakes, handbrake, windshield, chassis, and other pieces of a car happened to come into existence by chance and came together to form a vehicle?

The eye's structure is much more complicated and flawless than that of a car. Then we should wonder as well about the sanity of those who claim that the eye happened by chance.

Darwin was also not able to understand how the eye came about and he said, "I remember well the time when the thought of the eye made me cold all over." (Norman Macbeth, Darwin Retried: An Appeal to Reason, Boston; Gambit, 1971, page 101) The author of the theory was helpless when it came to explaining the perfect structure of the eye.

Darwin Also Did Not Want To Think About The Feathers of The Peacock...

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Did you ever closely examine the feathers of a bird? The feathers of birds have very complex features that help them to fly. The feathers of each species of birds have different colours and we enjoy looking at them quite a lot. For example, the feathers of the peacock are so beautiful that people have made them the subjects of paintings or needlepoint canvases.

However, someone did not like the feathers of birds at all, especially those of the peacock. That someone was Charles Darwin. This is because Darwin believed that the feathers of the peacock have happened by chance. However, these feathers are so breathtakingly beautiful that a person cannot believe that they have been formed by chance. Darwin said about these feathers, "Now, trifling particulars of structure often make me very uncomfortable. The sight of a feather in a peacock's tail, whenever I gaze at it, makes me sick!".


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