What awaits Syrians in the post-war period

It is probably an understatement to say that the situation in Syria is dire.  Take for example a woman who forgets about her hunger and listens to the cries of her children and boils grass to feed them.  In East Ghouta babies cry due to dehydration and exhaustion. It’s important to decide which is better: to maintain the current status quo or to find a way to escape from this whirlpool of destruction and misery. This definitely describes the current situation in Syria where there is no choice but to leave.

Russia, Iran and Turkey have been planning and coordinating efforts to stabilize Syria for some time. These three nations have made compromises to bring peace to the region and come to common ground in order to end this conflict. They first created the Astana peace process which represents the most important initiative to date to bring an end to the Syrian conflict. Since then there has been intense diplomatic efforts among leaders of the region, especially in the last 10 days preceding the Sochi Summit. The top officials including the Chiefs of Armed Forces of these three countries made frequent visits to each other trying to find a quick solution to the ones suffering in Syria. On November 22, 2017, the Presidents of these three countries gathered in the Black Sea resort city of Sochi to hold the Sochi Summit. Prior to that Turkey opened its air space which has been blocked for four years to Russia.

In terms of the outcomes of the Sochi Summit, the three participant countries determined their priorities for further cooperation on Syria. The trio agreed to pave the way for a future National Dialogue Congress to be held again in Sochi in December, intending to help establish a new constitution for Syria and for new presidential elections to take place. The Sochi Summit is the result of the cooperation of these countries that followed Astana peace talks. As AK Party MP, Berat Conkar, co-chairman of the EU-Turkey Joint Parliamentary Committee, said vis a vis the Sochi Summit: "Based on the same goals pursued by Russia, Iran and Turkey, we are actively moving towards a positive outcome in resolving the Syrian conflictFor our region, such events as the last summit, are of much greater importance, [since they are aimed at] ending the chaos that prevails here and ensuring order and prosperity in the first place."

Turkey has made one very important and sensitive request during these talks and in this agreement; that this upcoming Syrian national dialogue congress must not include PYD terrorist group. The PYD, which is the PKK in Syria, is not the representative of the Kurds. Therefore, the President made a very clear statement regarding that the PYD would never be allowed to partake at the negotiating table by saying: “No one should expect us to be under the same roof with terror organizations that target our national security,” As they reached an agreement at the Sochi Summit, Putin started a phone diplomacy with President Trump, King Salman and Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu to inform them about recent developments in Syria and the outcome of the Summit. 

The significance of this three-way alliance has definitely disturbed some Western powers as analysts consider this alliance as the shift in powers in the Middle East. Hence, there have been a series of political attacks against this trio from many sides.

Nevertheless, this league does not seem to be affected by these negative political maneuvers and is ready to participate in the reconstruction process of Syria. The nexus will keep on striving hard on possible outcomes that are likely to take place in Syria once hostilities completely stop. The most important result it has yielded so far was the decision to keep the territorial integrity of Syria. This topic, on which all three countries refused to compromise, stands as the evidence that no radical or terrorist entity can continue its existence within the Syrian territory. 

Other important developments as a result of this alliance were the permanence of ceasefires and establishing de-escalating zones. This will definitely pave the way for the continuity of the negotiations, accelerating the solution process. Regarding the future Syrian national congress and plans for an upcoming election, it will be the Syrian people who will have a say. This is where democracy will come into play. These countries that are ready to support Syria in the reconstruction process, should organize the construction of homes, hospitals and schools promptly for those who have taken refuge in other countries so they are able to come back. For those who have experienced the bitterness of war to be able to adapt to a normal life, there should be moral and spiritual training courses and these innocent war victims should get all the spiritual and physical support they need from this alliance.

Adnan Oktar's piece in The Jakarta Post (Indonesia):


2017-12-17 20:42:23

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